Did VIKI give the annual gifts to QCs last year?

I wonder if multiple codes are redeemable in one transaction. If anyone is willing to forgo their code, feel free to contact me.

Can somebody probably clarify the following sentence for me: Shipping costs are not included.
Does that mean that I can buy a 11$-T-Shirt and pay for the 18.50$ (in my case there would be shipping costs of 7.50$) with the coupon or does that mean that even if I only buy a 11$-T-Shirt I will have to pay for the shipping myself?

Yes, you pay the shipping costs.

Let’s say you buy a 11 $ T-shirt, which means that out of the total cost (product price+shipping costs) you will have a discount of 11 $. So for a 11$ T-shirt you would pay only the shipping costs.

Okay, great, so it’s not a present but a shameless way to earn more money from their QC’s while they are already living off of their contributions… Well played, Viki! -.-


Well, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they did this to earn some money. They would in fact be losing money if all QCs would buy something from the store, since the coupon is for 11$ and most shipping costs are around 7-8 $.
It’s just that they give you a product for free (since most QC products are 11$), but you’ll have to pay the shipping costs.
That’s why I said in an earlier post, they should have given something symbolic, just as a thank you. Because this way, with the different shipping costs, people will pay more or less, so it isn’t quite right.

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you can’t add more than one coupon.

shipping cost is the same for me too $7.50. I had a go to see how much it would cost me but what I don’t get is that the site automatically adds shipping costs as $4.99
so when I apply the code though I have noted it is international shipping cost, it doesn’t update the cart, it still shows as I have to pay $4.99.
I haven’t done the purchase, but because of this, now I’m wondering… does that mean that if I go ahead it would cost me $12.49 ($4.99 + $7.50?)

There must be some kind of glitch. First check [Technical Problems with your order][1]
and if that doesn’t work, mail Viki, either the store’s email or the QCs’ email.
And also be careful since you can’t use the code in another purchase, make sure it isn’t seen as already used.

Or… and this is just wishfull thinking, maybe QCs have a universal shipping cost frozen at 4.99$. But surely is just a glitch.
[1]: http://vikiqc.spreadshirt.com/shop/help/index/categoryId/6#jumpto31

Oh my I didn’t even got the coupon :cry:

Surely you’ll get the e-mail soon. The discount is available until April 30th.

You may want to check your Spam folder. Mine went to a Social Folder so I didn’t see it, either, until a friend told me about it.

That’s really stupid that the coupon code doesn’t cover shipping cost. A gift should be a gift. If I pick out a $11 item and the shipping is $4.99, I should be able to use my $20 coupon to cover for the entire cost. But instead, Viki is not covering the shipping cost, even if there is money left over in the coupon code. I am definitely not redeeming this “free gift coupon” if I have to pay my own money to receive it. What kind of thank you gift is that?! I don’t even care for those T-shirts or mugs anyway and I never used the tote bag that they sent the previous year. But it’s the principle. Can you imagine sending a b-day gift or a bridal gift to someone but make the recipient pay for the shipping cost?! That’s just really rude and you just don’t do that!


I have a 1992 Cadillac DeVille that I am giving to Viki to thank them. All they have to do is pay the shipping to get it to Singapore.

I thought that the whole thing was a mistake to begin with. If they wanted to give gifts then they should have just sent something to begin with but the whole thing was unnecessary. Nothing on the list is worth the 4.99 to me. The worst part though was to start talking about it last year and taking this long to do whatever they were going to do. I think Viki’s new masters are not as interested in spending money. The support certainly isn’t as good as it used to be … not saying it was ever all that great.

Anyway, I sure hope they take the car.


Maybe the new owners think that if we get the free VikiPass, it’s more than enough. And it really is.
Thinking that I can save 48$ per year and be able to watch everything on Viki in HD and in my own language is an incredible treat. Plus, I love translating in Romanian, so I’m happy.
But, and there’s always a but, don’t do this, Viki. It’s either no gift at all, considering we’re already saving up 48$, or, a real gift, as in you give me something without expecting anything from me. Because that’s the definition of a gift.

So, all in all, for next year, let’s go for something symbolic so everyone is happy. It should be digital and free. Thus no shipping costs for your viewers (the same viewers who make all the site have such a success) and no losses for you in the making of said gifts.

Edit: Here’s an interesting idea. You could send a PDF with those funny pictures from the T-shirts and mugs and tote bags. And then we could make our own stickers/ bracelets or even T-shirts. Of course, that means we won’t be buying the products from your store, yes, but on the other side, we are putting your products out there by volunteering on the main site.


I would have been okay with a wallpaper, an e-card to put on the profile page or even nothing at all. The only thing that ticked me off was the whole “We promise you a gift and then you have to pay for it” issue.


Like many others said - a gift,is a gift, is a gift …

When Viki announced a “virtual” gift. I thought, maybe you will get some code to download some music or whatever …
Or a “thank you card”. I didn’t wait for something big.
I had received some gifts in the past (t-shirt, headphones, stickers, bag), some without a notification, only for the first one, they needed my address.
I wouldn’t have needed them, but they were a nice surprise. And I did not have to pay for shipping.
Even if Viki doesn’t want to give away a special motif as pdf, they could even send out some transfer stickers by mail, less expensive too.

From an economic view, I am sure the gifts can be “useful” for Viki account books. I don’t care.

I am glad, I got Viki Pass and everything else I get for free is welcome but additional expenses in my eyes are a no go.


I don’t really mind the shippingcosts on itself but to make fully use of my coupon I need to pick the QC Premium Tee.
But I like the 11$ segging tee more… To me it feels a bit strange that at one point you throw away 9$ but have to pay 4,50$ for shipping. But I don’t think Viki can do anything about it because it’s a 3rd party.

Spreadshirt is just an online printing service where people and companies can open a shop or have your own design printed on a shirt, mug whatever. I used spreadshirt before years ago to have something printed on a shirt since that was cheaper then my local copy shop which such printing service.

One advice though: Do not order a white tee, it shines through a lot. Way more then other white shirts I own. Maybe they do use other shirts now to print on but I thought let’s mention it.

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Oh thanks I found my gift on my social folder. Thanks :blush:

If you never own a shop in spreadshirt, never say that Viki is losing money for giving us promo code. it IS a way to earn money from their QC. Yes, they will earn money. Period.

Gift should be a gift. I was dissapointed since I fill up my personal address in google form that they provided and anticipating some kind of physical gift. And by the way, the shipping fee that I have to pay for is around $10 which is means RM30 = I can just buy a custom printed tshirt from local store. Nothing seems special much for me.


I know it’s really late to say this but I got so disappointed by that marketing strategy that I stopped subbing. I find it so cheap. I don’t even live in the US so the shipping cost is more expensive than the “gift”. I don’t think I’d ever see VIKI in a good light after this. And for those who say it’s just volunteering work, don’t lie to yourselves, some people do make big money for what you do for free!

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