Different team names for every language?

When I first came here, I basically had two mentors. An Italian one and a Greek one. The Italian one kept the team name exactly as it was in English, saying that the English team name is valid for all languages. The Greek one used to invent her own Greek team name - and still does.
In the course of the past months, I’ve also seen Spanish teams who give their own team names. For instance, I remember that in Soulmate, the Spanish team name was “Media naranja”

Now that I am a moderator myself, and a Channel Manager for a couple of projects, I would like to have a definitive answer on what is the accepted norm about that. Or isn’t there any, and each team does as they wish?


One CM told me we should keep the original team’s name. Another one said that each team should specify the language, therefore they need another name. Some teams do as they please.

Better go case by case.

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A middle solution is to translate the English team name approximately in our language. But it might not work sometimes, the humour could be lost.


I often translate the team name in French, but sometimes it doesn’t make any sense, so I choose a different name, in french.

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Usually when I’m moderating, I prefer keeping the English team name as it is. But so far most of the teams I’ve been working with as a subber translate the name.

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In all teams I worked as a mod we ether used the English name or a translation.

I agree! How cm I also use the same method. Translate English to the equivalent in Portuguese. :relaxed:

In my opinion they should stick with the English team name but you’re right I work in the spanish team and they always have another team name. I swear, it makes no sense to me. I also HATE long team names bc you have to write so much more is bad enough all the time it takes to sub this only adds more words and time.

Current situation on this topic?

True. I sometimes translate the team name and sometimes make my own. Transliterating team names and drama names just doesn’t work for me.

In case of the CMs who prefer one team name for all of their projects, I invent my own. Translating them just doesn’t work. The team names I choose are often word plays on the drama name.

For these shows, I came up with my own name:
Love in Black Hole - ब्लैक होल का काला चिट्ठा - Black Hole’s Black Letter - Black Hole’s Secret.
Yumi’s Cells - यूमी की खूबी - Yumi’s Specialty
A-Teen 2 - जवानी दीवानी - Romantic Youth