Discussion further and further out of the "lime light" + subtitle editor issues + editing issues


Is this happening?
I did click two times on the “community” and found myself here
I realized something wasn’t like it used to. Okay, something is wrong … Discussions was divided into what we have now and the Help Center page. Only now you have to go via this contribute page to get here. I don’t know how many extra clicks my finger had to make all these years thanks to Viki’s special service to make it more and more complicated. I really wouldn’t be this annoyed, if Viki would be more transparent and more open to the needs of the volunteers. Viki’s communication seems to get less, the higher the demand. More people use it. Subtitles get out of sync, videos do not load, … What will be next?
Well, I guess finally it is time for another extra tab. When I think back, when I started at Viki I had 2 max. 3 tabs open. Now? You don’t want to know …
And I am not even active at the moment. Sometimes I just wished …
What about you?
In the past years “Discussion” became the only instrument at Viki for me to check on technical hick-ups with other volunteers. The Help Center page is not that frequented, Twitter is not that helpful either. It seems like playing “roulette” either someone of the Viki staff eyes your post or the “ivory ball” drops somewhere else. Only every 10th or 20th problem seems to be taken care of.
How I miss the strategy plans they made years ago. They were addressing problems, set a date, and marked if the problem was solved. Or if the date needed to be pushed one more time. Yes, something like this existed and volunteers would look up that list and wouldn’t write to the help desk for the 100th time, if there were already techies at work.
I don’t know the past weeks and months, I feel more and more tired coming to Viki. I would really need an uplifting and motivating drama, but something like that is hard to find these days.
P.S. I thought about re-reading my text once more but I might delete too much, or write even more. I might even come with the “brilliant idea” to put Discussion right next to the seg/sub editor …

What? Now Discussions is hidden? Buried inside another page?

Yes, we’re all upset about that! Super upset.
Would you like to migrate your comment here, so we can all talk together in one place?


You would think that they are purposely trying to discourage the volunteers from continuing their volunteer work here at this site. The worst part, how many times now I have to press the retry button so my subtitles get to stay in the segment --be saved-’’

The video is constantly going black and says to reload the page and when I reload the page some of the subtitles get ‘‘erased’’ To add more misery into my life now I write the subs in Spanish and they are saved in English although I wrote them in Spanish! The English subs are complete and channel is locked, why we need them in the Spanish section, too?

No, I will not do any request at the Help Center since that is non-existen for a long time. They have the audacity to write problem is ‘‘solved’’ even before you finish writing the issue.


You too got that black video bug…

I have that all the time since they’ve added the beta version…


About this topic, I too was taken aback by the sudden change. Having to make one more click of one more link is not the problem. Such a move gives rise to unfavorable assumptions such as those already voiced.

If Viki were to consider this ‘discussion’ platform as the place for the gathering of viewers or subscribers and potential subscribers, of volunteers and volunteers-to-be for purposes of forming teams, querying issues, requesting of titles, indulging in drama craze, or simply to connect, I thought Viki should try to facilitate the process rather than hinder it. Viki should perhaps promote it as well. Why not? Why not promote, facilitate and accord an obvious, direct link on the landing page instead?

@angelight313_168 @sonmachinima
I had the same issues for some time now, including frozen video or frozen screen (which just happened again a while ago). I’ve asked a few volunteers (recently) and they don’t have such issues, or at least not as often. I thought it was just my internet connection (residential) or whatever hotel wifi giving me this recurring headache. I also realized some edits were not captured even though they were shown as ‘saved’. These issues are such time-wasters.

For all our sakes, let’s hope the issues would be fixed soon.


I once got an error message while editing saying I am not allowed to change another user’s entry…


Yes, that will happen when you translate/edit with the exact same ‘translation’ that was done by a previous translator. The non-capture of edits I mentioned were those that were ‘accepted’ and indicated as ‘saved’(in green), but when I took a relook, the ‘edits’ weren’t captured. Thankfully, such instances are few and quite rare.


When I edit subtitles, I always delete everything because is easier than trying to fix the mess some ppl. write in their subs sometimes.

Need to clarify: If you are not assigned as the editor, you can’t edit other volunteer’s subs. If you are assigned to edit, you can do edits, even a simple comma. You are not breaking volunteer guidelines.


Once deleting did not work xd that was the problem.

But sometimes it is just a small edit like a missing comma (and yes I do even edit every single wrong comma no matter if it is missing or too much^^)


Although I respect you for making the translations perfect, I think this is against the volunteer guidelines.
I used to do minor edits myself until I read it was not right.
Just thought I should let you know :slightly_smiling_face:


What kind of guideline should that be?

There was a rule that says you are not allowed to add unneccessary stuff to rise your sub counter but really… I have other stuff to do than adding wrong commata just to get more subs.

I would not delete a complete translation and rewrite it when it’s 99% correct and just a slight wrong thing and if some subbers do the same mistake all the time the only thing you can do is to fix it during editing unless you only take subbers who know that commata are also a core part of grammar and sense or that there is a difference between “das” and “dass” so you think if I add or delete a wrong “s” it is against the guidelines because it is just a minor change when the rest of the translation is correct?


It’s not what I meant. If it’s important to the meaning then of course you should change it. I am just saying that there is a rule in the guidelines that says that minor insignificant errors should not be fixed. I don’t know whether it is not to cause conflicts with other subbers or if it is to stop people who raise their sub counts that way.
I am not saying what you’re doing is wrong at all. I personally think that every error even if minor should be fixed. I am just giving you a heads up so you know. But of course don’t stop making perfect subs :+1:
Keep up the good work.


I encountered a person who used to change her own subs just to raise the counter. She used to change words that she herself wrote which do not change the meaning whatsoever.
So I think that’s exactly what the guidelines are against


The only line about editing I found so far - in the guidelines - was this not to change

Editing subtitles that are correct and/or complete

By the way I am sorry to interrupt your lively discussion but since it is not the topic of this post, I would appreciate it, if you would make a new post or would choose one of the many posts about editing in general an especially.


But that does not have to do something with grammar or context editing as an editor.

When you are working as editor and subber for several projects you just won’t have time for unnecessary changes.


I am sorry I didn’t notice. I just replied to what I saw. :sweat_smile:


No, worries! I know that myself, you can get carried away easily. :wink:


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Editing your own subs doesn’t raise your sub number, luckily. Otherwise that would for sure be exploited.

And example…

I think that Viki’s rule is open to interpretation and its application is directly correlating to the OCD status of a moderator :laughing:

But if I see anyone missing a full stop at the end of a sentence, I will find you and will correct your sub :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Editing your own subs (or segments) does not add to your sub count. 1000% sure about that. Try it if you don’t believe me.