Disqus, using it outside Viki

Hello all !

I’ve been wanting to use Disqus on other websites than Viki but I’ve got no idea how this works.

I’d like to keep the same Disqus account I have here on Viki to use it elsewhere. Don’t know if I’m clear ^__^.
So when I login on Disqus website, they ask me an email and password. Problem is, I don’t know what to enter (nothing seems to work), I don’t even remember opening an account with Disqus, I just got one automatically with Viki.

How can I have access to my Disqus account that is linked to Viki?

If anyone could please take the time to explain this whole thing to me, it’d be great ! :slight_smile:

I’m afraid I’ll have to sign up for a new Disqus account. I’d rather prefer keeping the one I already have with Viki.

Thanks A LOT for your help ! :slight_smile:

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I just asked Disqus about it, I’m also interested to use only 1 Disqus account :slight_smile:


I suggest you black out your unique account number on the screenshot.

Why? Anyone has access to everyone’s account number just clicking on the profile?

Your nickname, but not your unique account number. Maybe I’m wrong.

If you click on anyone’s Disqus icon, they open a new window with their @_number, last comments on Disqus, etc.
I don’t think it’s dangerous :slight_smile: Thanks for the thought though :slight_smile:

That’s the first time I hear this, and I have two Disqus accounts (one here and one for elsewhere). :open_mouth:

I tried and I can’t see another person’s in neither account, only mine.

I’ll dig around. :slight_smile:

But you gave me a new idea!!!

If I follow people on Disqus avatar, I can access to their @VikiDisqusnumber and summon them in Team Notes even though they’re not in the team or if they never participated in the Team Notes of a specific drama :smiley:
Hehe, let’s try :slight_smile:

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Love how Viki displays half content in your language and half in English…

Can you tell me where you can see my unique number? (I might be dumber than I thought)

Scratch that, I found it.

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Yes, I don’t know why my Disqus has French and English, maybe because I put Viki parameters like Site: French and Content: English?

Great, you found it, I was preparing a screen :slight_smile:

The test didn’t work out well XD Total failure! People have to participate in the conversation to be @

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Did you try with an existing member of the team? (sorry, I’m always curious)

Hi, Pi! :slight_smile: Nope, you can still @ them using
(I found out by accident lol) :grin:

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I just saw where you post it XD It’s because I’m in the team!
But I have clicked on “Follow” on your viki disqus profile and went on a unknown drama to @you and it works! I can summon you :slight_smile:

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LOL You right-click on the name, copy their vikidisqus thingy:
Remove the “https://disqus.com/by/” part and replace it with a @
And then add a :disqus at the end of the whole thing.
You should end up with something like this:

PS: But I haven’t tested if the person needs to be part of the team…


When you click on the avatar of someone who posted on Viki Disqus:
The yellow thing is your @VikiDisqus number :slight_smile:

This is not possible. Viki doesn’t create Disqus accounts for its users.It’s like if we were guests.

Thanks piranna !!!
Should’ve thought of contacting them myself >__< !

Makes it all clear now.
I’ll have to create another Disqus account.

Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Thank you mas4 !
Yep, that’s what I now understand.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Disqus and Viki are complicated. Somehow my Viki disqus got way many followers outside Viki so I once asked Viki if there was a way to block that. They couldn’t help me because it was 3rd party. So I went to disqus and explained the situation and the only thing they could do for me is setting my Viki account to private so you need to approve before following. But that isn’t really handy either so I didn’t let them do it. But I still don’t feel comfortable that people who are not on Viki and might not even know what it is can read what I post in their feed on disqus. Feels like I have a bunch of stalkers.
I have no clue why so many people follow my viki account.