Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


Hey Everyone!

I feel like every time I look up, another scandal is making headlines. This time, a dating scandal unearthed a scandal which unearthed another scandal and now Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun are in trouble (two actors I enjoy watching).

I’m curious: Do all these scandals affect what you watch? Do you have a drama that you couldn’t start or couldn’t finish because of an outside scandal?


If I was still watching it’s okay not to be okay, I think it would have affected, like I’m a big fan of the series couple (only in the real life series not) I think I would have stopped and would stay felt sad, but that I already I watched the drama about 2 times and I think that it will not change my view of the whole drama and the couple, but it will be strange to see those intimate scenes and such.


i’m in shock, now i saw that she was supposedly controlling and i’m shocked my god, i didn’t know that she could be like this, but i’ll take it as half truth and half lie in case it is true i don’t get angry and maybe is just a lie maybe I still have empathy for her


Let’s say that I can’t re-watch “Rooftop Prince” and be moved to tears by the romantic and sensitive and loyal male lead, because pictures of intercourse with prostitutes in salon bar toilets would keep flashing into my mind and sort of ruin the illusion.
I mean, we know that actors are human beings and just pretending to be their character, but still…

Dating scandals leave me completely indifferent, though. All the best to them, they have the right to love and be loved and have healthy sex. I don’t even call those scandals. Dating is not illegal and it harms no one - if you’re single, that is.

But the news of this abusive girlfriend were horrifying. We do see all the extremes. On one hand a very macho society where woman is required to be submissive, where she’s sexually harrassed etc. and on the other hand, some couples in which the woman is the tyrant - remember poor Ahn Jae-hyun? That shrew effectively ruined his career.


Depends on what kind of scandal it is. In the case of Seo Yi Ji I’m like come on it’s her ex. And when it comes to Kim Jung Hyun I think his management is very unprofessional throwing with mud while it’s most likely just a misunderstanding.

When it comes to sexual abuse or other abuse towards women and other people that’s a no go. Smoking weed or gambling in Las Vegas no big deal to me while I know it’s against the law there. Since that scandal with Jung Joon Young I cannot listen to the OST song he did for W.

But on the other hand I wonder if we should drop a drama or whatever just because a scandal of one of the actors/actress? Should we ‘punish’ the rest of the cast and crew? That wouldn’t be fair in my opinion.

Just like that scumbag Choi Jong Hoon, should I quit listening to FTIsland for what he did? (please google if you don’t know, I don’t want to mention it here). All the band members dropped him, he’s kicked out of FTIsland and there where idiots pissed off at Lee Hong Ki because he dropped his ‘friend’. While it was the right thing to do.


I definitely agree with this. Honestly, even if there’s cheating, it wouldn’t necessarily stop me from watching.

I also agree with this. Any type of abuse does taint the dramas for me. I recently got into Running Man and couldnt watch the episodes with Seungri on it.

The most recent scandal is disappointing, but I honestly dont want either to lose their career over this. People wont agree with me on this, but from what ive read about the situation, I dont necessarily think it is that huge of a deal. At least not big enough to lose your livelihood.


It really depends on the scandal - Traffic tickets? Secret girlfriend/boyfriend? . Smoking weed? Meh, who cares. Drug addiction is sad - they’d need rehabilitation but that wouldn’t stop my fandom. And all this focus on their personal love lives is horrific. Damn! They are HUMAN BEINGS and have a right to their privacy and should be able to date whoever they want without a shit show going on about it. It’s none of our business but the newsrags make a big deal out of it. So what? - Why are a bunch of immature teenagers/adults allowed to determine the love lives of adults by encouraging tyrannical papparazzi to snoop everywhere? Those papparazzi should be jailed for invasion of privacy. All the above is nonsense and would have no impact on my fandom.

Do they beat children/spouses or rape people? Murder? Are they secretly filming private things about others and then publishing them? Now that is something serious that would make me rethink my fandom.


Yes, I feel sad for them. It’s their private life. This is just a job for them just like someone else going to the office every day. Their personal life should not matter to us at all. I don’t care about their sexlife, how many times someone is divorved and if they want to date and get married in secret it’s all fine.

Unless of course someone is abusive or engages in criminal activities. And then I talk about the really serious things. Not the smoking weed or gambling for fun.


I don’t think I’ve ever stopped a drama because of a scandal or said differently, I don’t think I’ve watched a drama with a scandal while it was on-air, unless it had to do with the long hours that staff members had to work on set and delayed salaries. That is sad (on the other hand, will they get paid if no one watches the drama anymore?)

Like many others have said, it really does depend on the ‘scandal’ and how much (factual) evidence there is. If it’s a fresh story, I prefer to wait till there is more evidence if there is something serious going on :thinking:. Not that I wouldn’t watch the drama, but it’s more to determine if I’ll pay attention to their other projects.

Like you said, I have no problem listening to FTIsland… I just erase CJH’s existence from that band. Same with JJY. Nope, nope. Can’t watch videos with them in it.


Depends on the scandal.

Dating is just a normal scandal BUT if there’s abuse, whether physical or mental, that’s the time I need to re-assess my list.


only one did for me,cause I relly enjoyed his acting, and now you don’t see him except in his old dramas.

so I try not pay attention to the scandals of any actor or actress “Rooftop Prince” so as far as I know his career was destroyed

. and I know they are human too, but discretion is in order, make sure no one sees this and the one you are having sex with or whatever, won’t say or do anything about it

. its disheartening, close to being sick! but abuse also in not a good thing. I can’t watch rooftop prince otr the girl that sees smells, the scandal just ruined it for me.

and as for porky pine, she is so right, MYOB!!! people! they have a life as well, why do we downgrade them> so they made a mistake, pray for them, and let it go!

maybe one day I can watch them again why do they broadcast the “dirty linen” anyway? advertisement? what? som of these people I don’t even know, oops sorry, I get on and they are advertising all the scandles of these people. so whats so famous about Kardasians? don’t reply on that I really don’t want to know. these yuoung people today, something else


Everyone is making great points. It definitely depends on the scandal.

It just makes me think that I could NEVER be famous. The decision to make money based on how you are perceived by the masses is something I wouldn’t be able to handle. Plus, you could never trust anyone. For this recent scandal, how did the media get ahold of those private text messages? Are public figures allowed to have privacy? I enjoy drama on the screen, not in real life.


What scandals?


IKR? I like my life - no one cares and I’m free to do what I want :laughing:


The problem with scandals is the difference and the distance for me between Asia and Europe.
The scandals make a big boom - in your face, not always is it true or all true, but a headline is worth more, than the crucial truth. That problem is not only Asia related.
I am not into gossip not in real life, even less for the life of celebraties and so it can take weeks, months or years till I get to know them.

I more likely stay away watching actors/actresses because I don’t like their play, than scandals. Lately a lot of actors/actresses are pulled out of drama midway and replaced I don’t know, if I like it that much, but it can’t be helped since we all know about netizens and their opinion.
I don’t know if it helps to pillory celebraties or if it just creates another mobbing victim.
So do scandals affect me? I can’t say it doesn’t.


If it did, I wouldn’t have anything to watch. :sweat_smile:


I can not watch any drama or movie with Park Shi Hoo. I can never forget his rape scandal.
And now Seo Ye Ji and Kim Jung Hyun… Poor Seohyun.


Emphasis on scandal and less on what happened because, as soompi well put it, “We don’t really know what happened.” Anyway, the charges were dropped.
Also, neither the Korean public nor the Korean authorities were ever keen on solving the mystery. All they wanted was a good show. They got just that. :roll_eyes:


I don’t know what scandal is going on now. I am watching Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I love Ji Soo and have since I saw him in Doctors. He has apologized and some of the things were not true - he is human and it happened in middle school - yes! He should grow from it. And learn.
But these actors should be able to date who they want. I love love love a Taiwanese actor and stuff was slung at him! He is such a warm and caring person and from what I see as an activist he would probably do anything to support what he believes in. The scandal with the poor actor from Joseon Exorcist. Why did he apologize! And then Yunho had an apology letter on his SM because he dared to walk outside without a mask or something. They are human - and let them BE for goshsakes unless they do something CRIMINAL.

I just recently watched a video posted on Twitter where a guy seems to be accosting Junho in a parking garage. Junho looks uncomfortable and the guy keeps filiming and Junho just says a few things in English like he had his iced coffee and his backpack - Junho was SO POLITE

FOR ME****I am like DUDE get away! I would never go up to one of my IDOLS unless it was a fan meeting

Let’s just let these actors perform their ART and rememeber that they too have heartache, misunderstandings, divorce etc etc. I wish sometimes some of my IDOLS could date without scandal GEEZ how lonely!

Just my two cents - I’ll get off my soapbox.


My poor baby I love him. But I didn’t think his divorce ruined his career DID it? Who could be mean to that sweet face! I’m so sad for him…I want him to find a nice girl.


I don’t know if this counts as a scandal but I like Ji Chang-wook as an actor , but when I heard a lot of disappointing things :scream: about Backstreet Rookie (I’m talking about the misunderstanding of culture in some scenes that can come off as almost racist) , I decided not to waste my money or time on watching that show.
At first I really wanted to watch Vagabond when it first came out , but I heard some scenes were being portrayed in a negative light with the show taking place in Morocco. And I didn’t like anything I heard about Man Who Dies to Live. So , I try to avoid dramas with any stereotypical interpretation of people’s culture.