Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?



Seo Ji Hye’s And Kim Jung Hyun’s Agencies Deny Dating Rumors | Soompi

Led to this:

Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Statement Addressing Reports That She Manipulated Kim Jung Hyun’s Behavior During His Drama “Time” | Soompi


He is a phenomenal actor and one of my FAVORITES. I hated that this happened in his Backstreet Rookie drama! Not everyone likes everything. Hv you watched him in other dramas!? I’m sure you have. Love my Wookie!:blue_heart:


and as for me, I didn’t know there was a scandal


Lol :rofl: , yes I watched Melting me Softly , Suspicious Partner , Empress Ki and Healer.


Next is Love Struck in the City! And Fabricated City and K2


I heard about K2 storyline , is it a good drama?


It sounds interesting :laughing:


Ah, nah, only scandal that affected me was

Where the main actor got changed after ep6.

I don’t tend to follow what the actors do, I don’t know them personally so. I tend to like the character and story rather than the actor, who anyways isn’t the same as the character. :slight_smile:


It’s pretty good-- lots of action and JCW looking AWESOME, crazy, realistic politics that shocked me…only the romance was a little underdeveloped, but whatever, on the whole, it was an interesting watch!


Our character Badam, acted by actor Kim Nam Gil, from, The Great Queen Seondeok. It was horrible to have read news about his very inappropriate conduct years back, before I got into shows he starred in, it really put me off. This countered with other readings I’ve read, he’s a talented actor, with great reviews.

I’d already watched Inspiring Generation, and Playful Kiss. So when actor Kim Hyun Joong news broke, I was more into digging to finding out all the details. I mean, he was already in my K-Drama family. My dukes were up, who’s trying to mess with family.

Actor Park Shi Hoo, he too had negative conduct news break about him, almost derailing his career. Another K-Drama family, from watching him in The Princess Man, and Iljimae. I followed him on Weibo, checking his post, seeing how he did, during, and after, I’ll tell you, his posts were typically human, when things go wrong in our lives, very somber. He took time to be alone, and quite. Gradually, finally, gradually he returned to life, and living!’_Man


yes suspense, myster really a good one,


Yeah I want to eventually stop following the actors and focus on the art. I’m relatively new to kdramas so I just feel like following the news/articles is a part of the experience, but it is quite unproductive. Its all either irrelevant fluff or scandals. I have definitely grown weary of it so I guess im trending in the right direction


Thank you :grinning:

Thanks , I will watch that next :smile:


It’s a great drama. Don’t miss the bathhouse action scene. :blush:


Thank you for the recommendation , will look out for that scene :wink: :rofl:


please, the whole thing was so blurred everywhere that I didn’t know when one guy started and the other guy ended :rofl: I was staring at my screen wondering what on earth I was watching :see_no_evil:
we have totally diverted from the topic, I’m sorry, topic creator!


Lol :joy: :woman_facepalming:t6:


As we have seen in dramas how quickly you can manipulate the media and public, it is very hard to see what is true and what not… even netizens can write untruth just to make a person or a company look bad… I have no trust in Korean media or whatever, many things are controlled with money or greed. Even truthful events get buried under the carpet.
So any reporting I can only take with a grain of salt since we seldom know what it true, there is lots of hear saying in order to achieve something, whether money or damage to the person or company.

When watching a drama with the person who is accused of something, did it happened “at work” yes or not? What they did in personal life I cannot know, only the law can prosecute those who broke the law, everything else is beyond a doubt.

What the mass is doing to damage accused people is the same form of bullying, how different is this?

And finally, is there a human who never ever did some mistakes in their life and regretted such choice… some mistakes are not intended and some are due to poor judgement… and if it breaks laws there should be consequences…


Stemming from the original scandal from Moon River Rises…

So looks like Ji Soo is no longer under contract…

I wonder if he will ever come back as an actor🤷‍♀️


Whenever I read stuff like this, I imagine a world where unimportant celebrity magazines are in power. I absolutely don’t care, and I’m rather shocked how bored some netizens etc. must be to discuss Chinese food, possible misbehavior in middle school and their own weird relationships. I really doubt that in our country anyone would care about such “scandals”. It’s a scandal if you actually committed a crime or if you say something that’s considered racism - but except for some tiny magazine for young people, no one would care about the rest.

Maybe they have too much money to blow or something, I don’t know. It’s not like I consider actors or actresses as someone to look up to and while I would never justify bullying either for many reasons, I don’t think that this should be the way to deal with it.