Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


No offence, but some of your favorite dramas ARE pretty toxic :joy: Though there are some who misuse the word, I’d say toxic refers to dramas where there’s unnecessary use of force without consent/emotional blackmail/stalking/excessive controlling/unnecessary, excessive measures in the name of jealousy/absolutely zero respect for private space and all of this justified by saying the two are “in love.”

Now, I wouldn’t call all wrist-grabbing “use of force” (though some people do, I see it as harmless and not really overpowering/controlling, they’re just stopping someone for sometime and usually let go when the character pushes them away - most of the time). But some dramas do cross the line and you can see the FL character is clearly uncomfortable. Force-kissing when the FL clearly doesn’t want it is definitely toxic.

Sure, many enjoy them and I wouldn’t stop anyone from watching, but that doesn’t excuse them from being toxic. It is what it is.


I personally don’t think so! Scandals doesn’t affect my viewing. For me, I feel bad watching the works of people who are no more! I feel bad for them while watching their works…


That wasn’t exactly what I meant but okie dokie. I meant how a lot of MDL or opinions use this word excessively and about EVERYTHING. Not everything now a days is toxic. What happened to KHS is and lots of friendships can be toxic.

I absolutely don’t condone anyone dealing with sexual harassment. I have had that happen to me in REAL life - — But like in Love Is Phantom - he asked permission-she gave permission although others saw it as toxic - we can all see it differently.

Yes - I understand that kiss in Perfect Match might be offensive - but I know their situation in real life and kind of understood the ML’s frustration & her reaction really ticked me off - as I bailed on the drama for a moment while I cool off over FL…anytime you want to discuss a drama that I enjoy that you see as crossing the line - you know I will always discuss - I just sometimes see things different through the eyes of our Characters -

My main point is to not use words like this to the point they are overused or misused then they become meaningless.


Toxic? I just found him too pushy? That’s why I couldn’t enjoy it … Or maybe I saw it too often before? I don’t know, but I think we can safely agree on him not really being toxic.


Sorry Off Topic!


I just grabbed an example from some of the reviews on MDL - I feel like the new buzz words today are TOXIC and GASLIGHTING - you hear them thrown around A LOT!!! In Love Is Phantom I just found him to be comfortable in who he loved and vice versa - she was just as much into him as he was with her - but I am all about the masculine flirty guy!!! I am watching Love Script right now and he loves being in his girl’s space and flirty (part of it is they were lovers in a past life) BUT I love the extremely flirty male leads and the bad boys who are squishy on the inside!!!

So I agree he is not Toxic!


I actually can’t grasp that word … What is it used for? Something is extra bright, flashy, or what?


It usually means convincing someone that they are CRAZY when they are NOT!

manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity.

I do believe that KSH actual girlfriend might have done this to him



Be aware that there are a lot of accounts out right now on Instagram - TROLLS - that keep saying more articles and news about KSH is coming - hopefully the story will just die down!!!

Well, well ...

Well, I kind of do no longer talk about this topic. Why? I hate it when so-called professional journalists stick their noses too deep into other peoples “dirty laundry”. This whole thing should have been kept between the people involved, but as we all know, not every adult is able to decisions that count as adult behavior. Anyway, if he can recover his career quicker, it’s all good. I am really sick about people obsessing and judging people that are in the limelight. Give them some peace.

How lucky am I not using Instagram … I won’t see it.


I was reading an MDL article about lack of consent and the person mentioned Professional Single, putting it in summary as it’s ep 24 so Spoiler


When they’re stuck because of the typhoon and go to a hotel, he does the signal to the hotel clerk (1 room,) and the clerk says there’s only one room left, so they end up staying in the same room with 1 bed, then when they go to bed she turn him down, there’s playful banter, he says he’s not taking no for an answer (or something like that) and then the next morning everything is fine, they go meet their friends. The article called it ra** but having watched the drama, there’s no way that if she kept up her protests or he ever saw fear in her eyes he would have continued, I chose to believe she did consent and we just didn’t see it. I mean they cut the scene so we didn’t see much beyond what he said.


AGREED! :100: Percent!


If this is TRUE we have good news that his Sad Tropical show will go on and he will start filming in Dec!
Use Google Translate


MDL writers do sometimes exaggerate things. That article and the “Step-Sibling Romance” article really ticked me off. Especially the “Step-Sibling Romance” one, where the writer completely exaggerates the situation in Go Ahead, by saying the main two used to sleep together as kids and other stuff that never even happened in the drama. I will never understand why so many people find it incestuous when they literally lived in separate houses and the writers CLEARLY show the difference in FL’s relationships with the two MLs.


So I have not found official proof yet but 11 Street seems to be adding back KSH - and his movie starting!

Looks like he got back all endorsements except dominos (mostly from reading MDL posts)


They are bringing him back!!!


Even more revelations, with screenshots from Kakaotalk. If those are true, then… what to say!


:exploding_head: I have a log-in for this app, but :joy: because my Korean is limited, I decided not to use it :flushed::flushed: everything is just out there :thinking: It must be the same for Whatsapp, more so, since FB bought Whatsapp.

@irmar this post is really as you said it:

I say they should check if the baby was even his, that I’d like to know! And! I think other people want to know too. . .
It would take a load off the actor, who probably feel guilt for the abortion, but then on the flip-side of this thought, not good, but he can heal at the end of the day.


To be honest with you! This whole thing has affected me to the point where I seriously am concerned for KSH - I do check my MDL on a regular basis hoping that there continues to be positive news - it is just hard to see a person go through such a horrible ordeal in the public eye - WHICH he did not deserve!!! He has me as a SUPER FAN now!
this article is a little easier to understand

I wrote this on MDL this morning:

I feel guilty reading the Soompi article and his PRIVATE messages that NO one should ever have seen! He even wrote them freely and openly knowing that they are archived and could be used against him. My heart is heavy knowing that such a loving kind man was put through such a horrendous ordeal and you can see his love, loyalty, & honor through his words. I REALLY hope KSH gets therapy for what has happened to him. He will have such a hard time ever being intimate again with anyone - his sweet trusting nature I am sure is gone. How hard to trust anyone again! I so hope that someday he finds someone to love him and take care of him like he deserves so he can have the family that he wants and the career that he loves - while sharing it with ALL of us!


You can forgive yourself now, this last post of their messaging really shows his side. This is why critical thinking comes in handy when dealing with main stream media. They give people more than they can handle.


The thing that I am so glad did happen - is I was able to change my view points - I went 360 degrees around the situation and came back strong as his FAN - BEFORE any of the actual articles clearing him came out - I felt very strongly in my heart that he was the person he portrayed himself to be and he definitely is - I only have watched him in 100 Days My Prince - and he is gaining fans right and left from 7.3 million to 7.8 million on Instagram!

I am so glad to say I’m his FAN and still hoping he let’s know how he is soon!

(I HATE Injustice)