Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


The masks sold out after they re-introduced his ads!

Where Can I Buy One!

I wish their statement was a little better but it is happening - I think KSH might be able to CANCEL CANCEL Culture!!!


The CEO refuses to cancel him - BRAVO - He has kept this contract - BRAVO



So I was just reading on MDL that KBS is going to have a lawyer on rehashing the whole situation that KSH has gone through but not sure if it is going to be good for him or not??? Why not let it just die down and go away!?


Many interesting posts. Unbelievable turn of events. Thanks for sharing, everyone!

I hopped back on here to publicly apologize to Kim Seon Ho, even if I’m not l famous and my account is quite anonymous lol. I jumped to conclusions like Michael Jordan, and I was so wrong.

Fictional drama on tv is better than drama in real life. I will stick to that.


I know what you mean, fictional characters can’t feel, but real characters do! Yup!



This has become my Avatar on MDL - to Support KSH.

He has 7.7 M followers on Instagram up from 7.3!
Go join his Instagram Revolution of NOT CANCELLING KSH!!!


"Many netizens left comments on the video saying, " This commercial would have been a waste if they took it down completely," “Canon is a good company, they were loyal,” and " Canon is amazing and Kim Seon Ho is amazing too."

Something Positive!


A screenshot from the comments section of the article in the above post.


FoodBucket and Everwhite - I understand are also back on the bandwagon to bring back KSH.

Maybe KSH has cancelled CANCEL culture!


Ooohhh… did you read this one?


Whow! :astonished:! Shocking! I said it before, if only he’d listened to his parents, and stayed A-w-a-y! from a divorcee. At least in this case, he’d have been spared this downfall experience.


You’re saying this jokingly, right?


In his case, I do mean every word, not all divorcee are like this, but, 이번 한 번만, if only he had listened.
That article you shared irmar, really showed her character from the video her ex-husband retrieved out of their house.


Yesterday I was thinking how very sad for KSH - all though we all are angry and upset by this ex - this is someone he LOVED - sometimes love is blind - and I’m sure the reason he has stayed quiet is because he does not want to hurt her. It is sad all the way around. And sad when someone falls for someone who is manipulative -


What you wrote reminded me of this topic.


Unfortunately - Even Friends can be toxic and manipulative - I have had to let those people go in my life - and I hate HATE that word TOXIC - people seem to throw it around again and again for no reason - especially when it comes to some of my favorite kdramas -

But yes - weird something that KSH said in an interview that I posted above - that his experiences are what makes him a good actor - like trees that he gathers to make him who he is!!! I hope that this experience pulls him forward and someday he finds a beautiful caring person to love and have a family with - as he propels himself back also into his craft.


I was just thinking a lot of my American Actors that I have liked over the years

Tom Cruise
Johnny Depp
Brad Pitt

To name a Few - They ALL had scandals usually - Dating or Marriage Scandals - and
Welp - No One Cancelled Them!!!


I think Johny Depp lost a Disney contract when the Amber Heart scandal popped… I also have my view on her, which isn’t good…


WELL - Disney has lost their minds lately - Jack Sparrow’s new vision is going to be Different let’s just say…I think maybe a female not sure - why they change mid storyline - who knows but always ruins it for me. I loved the first few Pirates…

Yep - there is some interesting stuff there also.

He does have new movies coming out.


again really a shame where scandles take these people! and they lose out with their acting carrers, wonder about Alec now…