Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


This is absolutely ridiculous. In Korea, you create a controversy if you cut your hair? Koreans are definitely something.


His scandal is included in the bio


but this is my favorite part of the article

’ Unlike the controversial opinions from fans, Song Ji-hyo showed up with a high standard…’


From what I know, it isn’t really a controversy. She’s just a very popular variety star, so the proportion of negative comments is a lot, that’s all. The word “controversy” is used for no reason, just to make the article sound sensational. It’s the similar reaction people have when an idol or celeb suddenly changes their look. It’s not scandalous or anything… they aren’t going to lose anything connected to their career because of this.

Baekhyun’s Kokobop mullet was very “controversial”, but you can’t call that a scandal, can you? Baekhyun also knows about the amount of hate and teasing he got for it. Some people still comment about it, but his Bambi mullet sort of made everyone forget. He was way ahead of the trends when he had a mullet during Kokobop era, but it had become a popular look during Bambi era.

The same goes for Taemin/Kai and their crop tops. It was once scandalous(Kai still hates it), and now every single kpop boy band has probably tried that style.



"Fans have come to the conclusion that we can no longer sit by.”
“Along with this, they also asked for a replacement of Song Ji-hyo ’s current stylist, hair, and also makeup shops. They emphasized refraining from using clothes that do not fit the concept.”


This is so wrong. I’m against this inclusion in his bio.


Is this controversy from Korean fans?
If so, I might know one reason behind the controversy :expressionless:
It happened to some athletes before because they cut their hair short and they were accused of being “feminist.” Of course, that might not have been the case for SJH.


This video explains a bit more about the feminism thing in Korea.


I think this is COMPLETELY unnecessary and they did it on MDL also - Makes me MAD!!! Has nothing to do with his acting career!!!


That’s the biggest bio I have ever seen at Viki. 7 huge paragraphs… What’s more surprising is… in his bio… his works also include the shows that are only on Netflix. Even the shows that are at Viki are hyperlinked, which is not so normal (shows on other celebrity pages are not hyperlinked.)


SHE LOOKS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! I hope she keeps this look in wardrobe, and (make-up too, please…)

One thing I always found ‘‘scandalous’’ about her; that she tends to not care much about her personal appearance, and although it’s her RIGHT to look /whatever/whenever/however she wants to look, SHE IS a Public figure, An actress, No less (and a good one in my opinion). This is where she crosses the line bc she goes overboard sometimes, and looks very unkempt.

I admire her as an actress, but as a person, she serves as role models for those who are her young fans, and looking so ‘‘disheveled’’ so many times (even in dramas) it’s a real shame on her part. (imo).
I can overlook that bc I’m older, and very open to ppl’s choice in life, but she gets on my nerves sometimes, when she doesn’t even ‘‘try’’ to improve her image because I KNOW that has affected her career so much, and she’s in my Book a great actress, too.

IS NOT that she should/has to be beautiful. BUT THE FACT: That if you got it, flaunt it girl!
As we can see, she GOT IT, and needs to flaunt it and get into more dramas and or movies. I have watched all of them so far.


There are others, Lee Min Ho, Park Seo Joon, their bios are also longer, but others like Park Hyung Sik still have short bios without hyperlinks. Maybe someone updated a few bios and got over zealous on his. I’m also not a fan of having scandals in their bios, scandals usually contain so much misinformation, it’s simply not a good idea to continue spreading it.


way Marcus described some of those scandals, its from the fans themselves, why would fans say stuff about their actors?

so many bad comments, really a shame they do that, these people have a life for goodness sake! pedophile? rapest? gambler? addict t? but just going near a war monument? ridiculous!! I mean if it was something really more horrible I could understand it,

and here in the USA, that alex fella with accidental shooting? what about bruce lee, he was killed the same way. oh, we could go on and on, but gosh, all I can see is these young peoples lives destroyed the cause of lousy pr!! and their people don’t protect them as well. um the ones they are assigned to…

no, the scandal doesn’t affect
my watching, I think about them, even pray for them

and that one just recently, so glad he got out of that, Kim seon ho, and that golden hairpin? sheesh havent even started watching it yet! I think there should be some kind of law or something to protect these actors & actresses! and yes they should be careful of who they see,where they are at and so on, just hate seeing these people get destroyed cause of scams, or whatever else!


I know right! Sheesh!!


Ji Hyo is effortlessly beautiful. She’s so natural and down to earth on Running Man that people forget she’s a celebrity. At the same time, I don’t think even she minds her appearance. She’s just herself.

The comments on her hair probably stems from the anti-feminist action they got going on over in skor. A lot of the men, (I won’t say ALL) are addicted to the uWu/cutesy/aegyo look. They are not fond of women who show a sharper image. i.e. “masculine look” :roll_eyes: As if women do it to appease them anyway.


my hair is short, yeah about that short, so much easier to take care of, and as for some people thinking it looks maleish, I did for a time I do admit, but I have come to like it. and with me being a bit older lot easier to take care of as well. so I do like some of these actresses taking a stand and wear their hair short!!


All my life since I can remember my hair is very short something EXACTLY like the one the actress has now.

I tried several times to keep it long, but it makes me look older, and the ‘‘face too round’’ so I always cut it like that. It has a bit of disadvantage you do have to wear more make up bc if not certain things can happen with misinterpretation.

So I found the perfect solution, and did Permanent Make-up in my eyes, (something like the actress has in the pic) I did my eyebrows, eyeliner and my lips. When I get up, I take a bath. blow dry my hair, and I’m out the door!

I think my story needs mention here. When my now 22 yr. old was in Elementary school I went to pick him up and there was an around 70? lady her hair style was a bit shorter than the actress here and another mother there said out loud: Look at that old lady with such a ridiculous young girl haircut.

I was livid, I was furious and wanted to slap the sh*t out of her bc that lady with very, very short hair, was my elderly neighbor who I adored bc she reminds me of my maternal grandma. I told that lady this words: I hope when you die they bring an extra box for that long tongue you have. That old lady is not trying to look young, and the reason her hair is so short because of her chemo treatments, and her hair is falling off.

I added; you should be ashamed of yourself that at your age, you dare to judge people, and I hope you never have to go through, what she’s going through right now. So people we ALL need to be careful of our ‘‘wagging tongue,’’ and not be so judgemental.


Finally word from Kim Seon Ho from his staff

Popularity Awards and a post on Instagram!!! He’s there!!! And should be working on his new project!

To the fans who gave us a meaningful award
Thank you very much.

Thank you for always supporting us.
Not enough, but in good shape
I will try my best to repay you.


I really do not understand people’s negativ reaction to SJH short hair.
I do remember when Ha Ji Won cut her hair neck short for her role in Secret Garden, I think there was a picture with that new hairdo when she left the salon and there was no negative criticism against her…

It seems Korean society is in this hindsight controversial when it comes to such cancel out celebrities… it’s absolutely ridiculous and childish… their closet must be full of insecurities probably as they have nothing better or positive to say…


I so agree! they don’t have anything better to do!!!


Not everyone is hating on Song Ji Hyo. She’s a long time variety star, so people are just making a noise. I’m sure the people who say they don’t like her haircut are lumped in with the haters. I personally think she could have done it better with a little more styling, but she’s still pretty.

The majority of people still love her very much, no matter what they think of her hair.

SK’s #1 MC
Yoo Jae Suk said, “Now that Ji Hyo’s cut her hair, she’s become the most handsome of us all. For Ji Hyo, it doesn’t matter whether she wears her hair long or short. Now, there are some members among us whose hairstyle plays a big role in whether they’re good-looking or not. I won’t say who it is.”