Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


Here’s another case where the bio writer has included scandals in the actor’s bio(Song Seung Heon). They really shouldn’t do it… it leaves a bad taste even though it happened so long ago

“In an apparent show of guilt” is a very subjective phrase; the author is assuming things without a factual basis. But it gives off a very bad impression of the actor to readers. I’ve always loved Song Seung Heon as an actor. All I wanted was his acting history, but MDL forced me to read about his scandal.


His scandal is included in his bio.
Welcome to Waikiki actor.
His bio was filled with his scandal, but now it’s empty, if you look into the comments section you can see it.


wow what a terrible thing to go through :flushed:


Personally I watch dramas with my favorite stars and they become my favorite for their acting skills and to be honest they physical beauty in some cases.i don’t follow their personal lives because I don’t care about that stuff.i watch movies and dramas to get away from reality.why would I need to know whether or not their lives are as messed up as everyone else’


I think the fact that in modern times when we read or hear things we want to research about it. Like, fact checking something before we get into it. If there’s a celebrity that I’m curious about, I will google them and look for the past work. What if, somewhere in the comment section of their drama, someone mentions their “scandal.” I would be interested to know what happened. Just because we’re all human, we will have curiosity.

It may not feel morally right to have their “unproven” scandals in their bio. In the internet era, everything you do will leave a trail. With them being celebrities, it’s even harder to escape from.


Good for Zhang Zhehan Video is 13:58


That was a good review, hopefully Zhang Zhehan’s case will get a turnaround and yes Sword Snow Stride is currently my favorite, but would love to see Luoyang as well…


Yes, I hope he get his win against those who caused him such uncalled for stops in his career.

I’m looking forward to watching too. . .:grinning:


I think some of these atrticles are redicilous about these people! just going close to a memorial and is called a traitor? what about us going to those concentration camps, or anywhere Americans had wars with, are we traitors? even our Mother land England! wow, a lot of stuff there, so are we traitors?

and of course Germany look at the damage they caused world wide, we just look at stuff are we traitors, I mean come on!! and that “kid” just recently, now a year we aren’t going to see him,? sheesh!

this seniors blood does boil!! the countries they are from need to protect these people, don’t care about what they believe in or their affiliation communist or not, they give us enjoyment, pleasure, and whatever else goes with that list. its a shame these countries let this happen


Seriously - this is a scandal!??? I have no words


This is so stupid :unamused:.

Yes, I understand that in Korea there’s a culture of treating hoobae’s and you will get criticized if you don’t do it. They tease Seok Jin about this a lot on Running Man for example.

But to make a whole “scandal” out of it (while there is no evidence yet that it is true)?

Is it a slow news day? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


a former entertainment reporter turned Youtuber.

Lol, this person couldn’t keep his own job and is asking other’s to pay for food for people who can just buy it themselves. Talk about hypocrisy.


OMG!!! thats as strong I will get today, I caused enough damage the other day, these people need to get a life!! and Like I said, they need protection from these scandal-mongers!! ridiculous, yeah a slow day!!

ok I read the article, these people, good grief, they just turn things around and smear these people! tar & feather time I say!!
hopefully something will be worked out!!


Some people will do anything for a few hundred views. The fact that Rain’s new drama is doing well make these insignificant people jealous.


oh a p/s here, the scandles don’t turn me away from the dramas, couldn’t stop Word of Honor or Hometown Cha cha cha!! I just hope for a resolution for them, and I know the results for the hometown cutie, sure will miss him though.


Like why malign someone’s character because you think he didn’t get you a coffee or a donut!

So dumb - maybe he is busy - maybe he didn’t feel good that day - maybe he has something happening in his life that is stressing him out!!! Geez leave Rain alone!



yes! Lea ve Rain alone!!!


I read what you wrote wrong the first time :laughing:
I thought you meant that the poster was having a bad day. So I wanted to write: They are dealing with negative emotions and need to express those somehow. It’s too bad that they choose this way to vent :cry:.

Seeing how things are going these days, they are just inviting more hate towards themselves this way.

What you wrote is totally valid. You (general “you”) have no insight in what’s going on with that person that day, so maybe you are catching them at a bad time. He’s allowed to have those.

Also, you might not know if that person is having financial difficulties. Either way, it’s not something to comment on publicly :neutral_face:


idk if my reasoning is wrong, but wouldn’t this jobless, unreliable YouTuber be buried under all the other YouTube garbage if news agencies didn’t pick it up and report about it? Don’t these news outlets have way more viewers than that unknown youtuber? They’re basically just throwing a whole tank of gasoline onto a tiny little fire. I would never even have heard about this if they hadn’t reported it. At least Soompi didn’t throw out all the dirty details - they just said Rain would be taking action against these youtubers. The article posted above was just spreading more gossip. Do we even know whether it’s really a huge scandal in Korea that will harm him, or are these merely embellishments to blow this out of proportion? Rain is well-loved and a veteran in the entertainment industry. Young teen fans will find anything to latch onto and spread. This goes for both international and Korean fans.


I’m so over fans or anti-fans trying to bring down stars!