Do Scandals Affect Your Viewing?


Similar to sending a food truck from a fan club to a celebrity cuz HORRORS he decided to what DATE! It really bothers me that a person’s livelihood can be effected in such a way because people post, photograph, post videos, get behind their computer and spout hate or whatever they do if they feel like they need to destroy a celebrity or whomever - WHY!


I’m worried for his mental health yes! Very much so - you took the words right out of my mouth! Waited until he had a ML roll waited until they could destroy him - I’m not saying bullying is right - I worked in school’s ALOT and I watched it! But he was a middle school kid. I would hate for people to bring up stuff from a lot of people’s skeletons in their closet from when they were a kid. I’m afraid that his career is over - and he might have to compensate through the lawsuit but hopefully he can rise above and learn from it. I will be here to watch his return if he does decide not to retire. It would not affect me viewing a new drama with Ji Soo- I think he is talented and I hope he comes back to the fans that love him…

I also think Lee Seung Gi - shouldn’t be BULLIED by a fan group sending a MEAN Coffee truck to bully him about his relationship - Isn’t that a double standard.?


It was stated that Ji Soo wanted the contract to be terminated, and the agency tried talking to him, but he wouldn’t want them to be criticized and negatively effected because of having him as an actor. The agency said that they will still help the actor with him being sued from the production-company.
I hope everything will be working out for him somehow. I read that he will join the army in October. So let’s hope after that the netizens are leaving him alone.
If there are things touching the law, then it has to be dealt with by the law. Are all those netizens judges, prosecutor or law students.
These psychological “games” are really a phenomenon that is making me sad.
I always feel if someone with like Park Si Hoo could find his way back, then why shouldn’t it be possible for someone like Ji Soo.
I am looking for the Ko actress from Return, she was replaced too, but was she sued? It’s so late already I need to sleep.


Gracious of him also as he knows how it affected his agency.


If I got it right, he was made to leave because the producers of the drama are filling a lawsuit against his company and/or him, since they had more expenses to reshoot his role.
But in the end it was the producing company who made this change, it wasn’t because actor wasn’t willing…
You can blame it on the Korean system and their culture I would think, there are many ways to handle a problem…
It’s also ridiculous when a celebrity is dating/marrying someone, that’s their personal life and all outsiders have no rights to judge, to threaten or bully… it’s beyond my comprehension…


As an actor - Like LSG - would not want THESE people as FANS. If they are going to not wish him well, be happy for him, let him live his life! Don’t be his FAN


I read on another source that he wanted to leave the agency because he didn’t want them to get more criticized for keeping him, and they had a talk and after that said they had a mutual agreement, and he were to leave the agency.
In this soompi article they only talk about a mutual agreement.
The others are about his legal actions and the legal actions taken against him.


Yes, but not because I chose not to watch any because of the scandals. I try to separate scandals from screenplayers (acting, directing, screenwriting, etc). The dramas were either taken down or taken off the air or had changes made (e.g. of cast) that I didn’t like. One recent example: Joseon Exorcist. However, once the scandals were confirmed to be facts, I would then either stop watching or rewatching, or give even more support.


What a circus netizens can create… It doesn’t seem real what they are doing… or are they stuck in a bubble…


I was just looking at info on JiSoo just yesterday now that Strong Woman has rumors to do a 2nd season. Ji Soo should be a part of it! He was railroaded this stuff makes me CRY! Just like so many - Wonho leaving MonstaX and several others are falsely accused but EVERYONE roasts the actor or musician right away as GUILTY! I hope Ji Soo gets back everything he worked hard for…if someone actually had NO CONNECTION to him whatsoever - what stops someone - anyone from going into Instagram or Twitter and typing whatever they want from the comfort of their own home. He owned some bullying from middle school but LEAVE the BOY Alone! It takes YEARS for some of these lawsuits to actually CLEAR the ARTIST. UGH

(what’s funny is now that this is out everyone is backing JiSoo what happened to all those people accusing him of this that or the other when they didn’t even know him - now your for him - people make me mad - I backed him the whole time)


So here is another point in fact, this actor, in his personal life did something that in my opinion should not effect his performance or have him removed from Nevertheless - He’s young he has a life he didn’t break quarantine according to himself. (if he did break quarantine then they have to deal with that) If he cheats, or makes a mistake why is this my business and why does it effect his being an actor. He’s 26. And how long ago did this happen?


I logged in today to comment about this story as well. Goodness. I understand cultural differences but I feel like these punishments cross lines and are arbitrarily enforced. I feel like there is zero incentive for anyone to become famous in SK lol.


AGREED! And all the idols and actors are in fear of someone coming out against them taking away their careers and livelihood when they dare to have a personal life


I think there’re many issues depending on how social media are used nowadays. They enable people to report something without providing evidence, and the readers as well as respective companies simply take it for granted to some extent and act on it. Partly, social media offers a chance due to this, but it can also turn into a risk because these accusatory posts are by no means proper articles or verified reports. Companies still tend to react immediately to them under the pressure of “netizens”. That might be common nowadays in many countries, but I think it would’ve been handled rather differently in my country, since the audience here won’t care much about stuff that isn’t related to actual crime.
Social Media make it rather easy to post stuff like this, but removing borders can as well result in people acting without thinking it through.

Maybe it will change in the future when there’s more protest about the industry’s policies, but it may as well take a while. Anyway, it feels sort of ridiculous if you compare it e.g. to Japan’s handling of an author who was sentenced for purchasing child pornography in 2018. They put his series on hold for a few months and just continued it. Lately, they published the latest film of the manga. I think that wouldn’t have easily happened here either, but in Japan they seemed not to have cared much about it though I guess that might have cultural reasons as well which I won’t try to elaborate on in here.


Once again - it’s his personal life as long as it isn’t a crime …

And another question do Koreans need to write apology letter until they are old and gray?

If it were proven that he violated the Covid restrictions, I could understand it, but really. Koreans can still be happy that so many people want to work in front of a camera, but in this society it brings back some memories of the Stasi in East Germany.

The time, the cheating no clue. The Covid quarantine took place in May.


Nicht wirklich.


Nicht? Das Eingreifen ins Privat- und Berufsleben? Wirklich nicht?


It has been a bit of a culture shock for me, as well, to see how these cases are handled. When I was reading about this particular case, I was also reading up on some others. The speed with which the careers of these individuals are brought to a complete stop (by being dropped or edited out of shows but also being immediately dropped by sponsors and such) - usually based only a random accusation on the internet and without any sort of investigation - is astounding to me. And so many of them have been proven completely fabricated or inaccurate, but the damage has already been done. But that’s also a whole different scenario than this particular case you mentioned because it’s something he has admitted to, so now the question is whether or not the punishment fits the crime, so to speak, or whether there should even be professional consequences for personal misdeeds. It’s not a new debate, and different cultures have different standards. I don’t exactly follow the film and music industry here in the U.S., but I can’t help but feel like they barely bat an eye at these types of scandals.


Ji Soo is a complete and good example! I only saw him in Doctors first then in SWDBS. I like him. Yes he bullied in middle school - middle school and then his other scandal/allegations were FALSE - now they are suing him for the production time after pulling him off and firing him from River Where the Moon Rises.

Amazing the HATE he got until the allegations came back negative! I backed him the whole time. I swear destroying a person is just nasty - down right nasty unless they have committed some kind of crime. Leave them alone. This is why most of our boys don’t date - everything is a scandal.

I hope HE WINS in these suits. The person who fabricated the information may have destroyed his reputation HOW IS THAT FAIR - makes me NUTS.


Something like that wouldn’t effect my viewing, in fact to me it reads like a bitter ex trying to keep him from having a good life.

There are a couple people that I don’t plan on watching/listening to their work, but their actions were criminal in nature.

I wonder if this is partly because he’s the writer and not in the spotlight, people in front of the camera are held to a different moral standard than the people behind the camera.

It’s way too easy to make an accusation and ruin a person’s career. There have been numerous times when someone claimed so-and-so bullied them in high school, and later it turned out to not be true. What is the motivation to falsely accuse an old class mate like that?