Do you celebrate thanks giving or christmas?

its so good to see how others celebrate their holidays!! cyber Monday? oh my goodness!


Treating myself during this season, Christmas 20221210_184341

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We celebrate Christmas in Sweden it´s on 24/12 not like in the USA that I have lernt from teve celebrates it on 25/12. Strangely many in Sweden watch “Donal duck and his friends wish you all a merry christmas” (always at the same time 15:00) it´s an old tradition that goes back from 1959. I don´t watch it and honestly don´t tell people that I don´t as that would sound strange as almost everyone does it.


this year I got ME something for christmas, I subdcribed to, for the world explorer one, yeah a bit more than I spend on the USA one, but now I can go worldwide and maybe break down some brick walls I have. so Yes celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas
I also learned something from Iceland as well, really neat



Today is Lucia in Sweden and im not going to lie i watched it on teve but i found this clip on youtube that had a Swedish Lucia singing


If you post the YT link on the next line the video snippet will show instead of just the link.
You can try it to change it. Go to your post, click on the pencil icon (edit) and put enter after your sentence “singing” and you should see the video snippet.


Thank you so much! I didn´t think about it, when I post photos it alway end up the way I want.

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A Mazelee Christmas! 2022!!