Do you cook?


Ohhhh, I’ve never, yes, NEVER cooked b4. That’s because I don’t know how and that is because I’ve never learn it. Why? because cooking is…“scary”.Well, I did tried to once. Last time i tried cooking something to eat, the oil splashes on my hand. It BURNS!, I just can’t do it anymore, lol. I’m okay with Not wanting to cook but the problem is I’m “18” but i don’t know how to “cook’, that fact the not knowing how really sucks. LOL, i’ll look it up on 'YOUTUBE”, “GOOGLE”? lol

Share your recipe! :egg:

Yes, frying can be scary. Plus it’s unhealthy. Why don’t you start with cooking things that don’t need frying? Learn to make awesome salads. Of course even then, if you’re that cooking impaired, you might cut yourself. And if you boil water to make pasta, you might still burn yourself with boiling water. And if you reheat frozen meals you can burn your hand touching the oven. The kitchen has hot things and cutting utensils, so it may seem a hazardous place to be.
But still pasta and salads are the easiest things to start with. Every time you get discouraged, think that so many people who are not particularly intelligent, and even some who are very dumb, still know how to cook a few things. If they can do it, you certainly can. Good luck!


I didn’t start cooking until I became an adult, either. There are so many easy to follow recipes online, whether you use Google or YouTube. Frying, especially deep frying, probably isn’t the best thing to do for a beginner though. As you cook more, you will figure out some tricks and will get better and better. Good luck!


I’ll try to make those, what you just mention. i don’t know how it will turn out. lol


I’m like really scare now. I love instant noodles though, haha, easy one huh.


I started cooking when I realized I can just buy my own stuff and cook after everybody else has left the kitchen :sunglasses: (of course only if I didn’t like what my mum made) and now I really like to try out new asian recipes from youtube. Watching gives you a better reference on how everything shoul be than just written recipes :slight_smile:
There’s an Icelandic saying ,Vont en það venst’’ which means it hurts now but you get used to it so don’t give up, teriyaki stir fry is so worth the small burns :wink:


I am learning some of the Asian foods, I have gotten General tso, sweet& sour, that barbeque one, and a few more kimche was so easy!!


I stated to cook at an early age… Don’t know how young but it was below 10. I also had a cookbook for children which mostly contained stuff like baking cookies, cakes or small bread etc. My mom helped me to put things in the oven and such.
Aside baking the first other thing I learned is to fry or boil an egg. My parents where like you are old enough to do that yourself at a certain age. Then from the first year in high school we had cooking class where we made our own dishes on a stove. From a simple dessert, cookies, to a full main dish with meat, potato etc. My best friend was never allowed to cook something before those classes in school and i felt a bit sorry for her that she didn’t even know how to boil an egg properly. So to me it’s a bit strange that people only learned how to cook when they become an adult. Is it a cultural thing or something that people learn it at an early or later age?

Yesterday I made home made pumpkin soup and cut myself by accident. Such a nasty one but normally I don’t cut myself. I like cooking but I don’t do it as much as I would like. I have a few cookbooks too and the last one I got was Maangchi’s real Korean cooking and so far I only made Hotteok from it. Once I also was planning on making the army stew so I went to the Asian supermarket and they normally have ricecakes but at that moment they didn’t. Maybe I should check the store again soon or just make them myself.

I never deepfry, I find it too hot. If needed I ask someone else to do it for me :wink:


I started cooking when i moved out. By now i´m pretty much able to feed me and my family without having to use prefabricated things. I had a book about the Basics- and the rest was “try and error”. And the strong belive that ingredients do not suddenly turn into poisen if you mess up - worst case: it´ll taste bad- so nothing to be scared of :wink:

but i did start baking at an early age. was kind of a hobby,( or therapy :smile_cat: ). my brother loved it, when i was lovesick or heartbroken. Bc. then i would spend my night in the kitchen making cakes or baking stuff - he would always eat them in the morning…


:joy: Brothers are the worst


ok you cooks,chefs etc, I have come across baking cakes and add applesauce instead of the eggs & oil, anyone try that yet? I want to try it but hate ruining a good cake mix. does that make sense? have you tried making coffin bread?


Yes, I love to cook. And I have started to “explore” the kitchen of my mom as a teenager. Actually, I like cooking more than baking. When I bake some cakes, I need quick and easy recipes, otherwise I’m getting impatient. But I can be very patient, when it comes to cooking, I love to try out new recipes and I also love to cook for friends. But I don’t like the typical german kitchen, I prefer the international kitchen and we often have asian food. Mostly korean foods :slight_smile: Because my chilrden and my husband come late home from work, university and school, we cook for dinner. And my children are responsible for the dinner. I help with the preparation of vegetables, cutting meat, preparing stuff. But they cook the dinner. For 3 reasons, they help me at home, they learn to cook and they spend time together. I have seen many families, where the siblings barely spend time together or even dislike each other. In our case, they spend time together, discuss who should do which kind of work and give each other tips how to do it. When I try out a new recipe, they help me with the preparations and I cook. :slight_smile :slight_smile:


Yes I cook. When I was a child my grandma would cook delicious meals, later my mom, as both parents worked, cooked simple meals but mostly home cooked, my job was then food preparation like peeling potatoes or washing lettuce and then drying the dishes :scream_cat: But we had a tradition, baking Czech Christmas cookies during night till early morning, because my mother would make several different doughs and while making them we’d talk about old times, laugh and sip on something like a liquor… those were fond memories. I bake Christmas cookies now with my daughter.:girl:

At 14 I had 2 years in school cooking and home economics including cleaning, oh god the Swiss like it shiny :blush: Till today I still use that cooking book (Berner Kochbuch) and few Czech books for some traditional feast. I had a full series of Betti Bossi books, baking breads, cookies, simple meals, etc. and I didn’t use it much.

After kids flew out I started with “shortcut” cooking… like one pot dish, one pan dish or a big plate of mixed salad. I make meals or dishes according to taste and what the fridge would offer, making sure I would incorporate daily healthy value of food, I have rarely pasta and I cut out sugar unless for baking but also reduced. I think I sometimes prefer baking to cooking because cakes taste always yummy, I love banana breads and I’d love to try the zucchini bread :cake:

I bake my own bread, in winter I cook stews or soups. Make Ferments like Kimchi, Kombucha and Yogurt. My first Kimchi was a really kind of a bizarre veggie ferment not only cabbage and I used Maangchi’s website before she had the videos, it’s so long ago.
Last Christmas I baked Pork Wellington for the 1st time, hmm yummy and I have not mastered the veggie rice wraps, not sure what I did wrong, it kept breaking… I’m glad my kids know how to cook meals, they sometimes cook for me :blush:


I have never tried the alternatives except instead butter coconut oil, I would not use yogurt since it’s a precious pro-biotic and perhaps with apple sauce it could be nicely moist… but would it rise to be fluffy/lightweight, I should try that once :yum: I have never tried or eaten coffin bread… had to google it… that would suit Halloween :jack_o_lantern:


when I was growing up, in the States anyway in my ansas area, mom made thje round center and put an egg in it then fried, was so good! haven’t done that in a very long time, the coffin bread looked kind of interesting, going to still have to try it.


I’ve once made cupcakes using applesauce instead of eggs. It turned out okay, but a bit on a heavy and sticky side. I personally love the taste of eggs in baked goods, so I am sticking with eggs.


me too, eggs and all.


Ok so I would say very similar experience for me but I’m about to move out so I have been forcing myself to cook at least once a month. You want my advice? Buy (or ask for as a gift) a cook book for beginners. My mom got me one that is broken down into sections of recipes: with 5 ingredients or less, that take under 30 minutes, that only require one pan, etc.
Still hate cooking but I feel better knowing there are two decent dinners I can now make off the top of my head.


allfree recipe is a good site to go to, and of course google it. I have found how to make kimchee, general tso, sweet & sour, and a bunch of other recipes I was curious about. oh and yeah easy recipes even for beginners. I do like making things from scratch, at least I know whats going into my food.


You can replace an egg with a banana, the banana should be ripe and for the best result you just squeeze it with a fork till it’s paste-like.