Do you Cook?


I make a blueberry bread yesterday, its to die for( nhot literally) but it ios so good! going to do more baking here , the cakes & bread, yeah think that will be the ticket.


anytime you cook with oil (especially in a wok or deep frying in a pan) you MUST wear oven mitts, long pants and an apron so the hot oil doesn’t burn you or stain your clothes…besides youtube you can watch cooking shows like Semi-homemade by Sandra Lee since her recipes are easy, cheap and half of the items are usually either fresh or items you can buy partially made (sauces, canned items) or other show on the Food Network…I often find recipes on pininterest by typing in either a main word like chicken or a specific type of recipe like Pad Thai and save them on there too…I started with easy recipes like spaghetti, tacos, macaroni and cheese, tuna casserole when I was your age… I admit I use a bottled spaghetti sauce NOT from scratch so all you have to do is brown the meat (drain the oil out) add canned mushrooms (if you like them) and then add the sauce, simmer and cook the pasta and then drain the noodles and pour sauce over the noodles…a rice cooker is also a great item to have since I hated having to check the rice all the time and sometimes I burned it…I have never had a problem with my rice cooker and mine also has a steamer basket you can use to steam veggies…crock pots (slow cookers) are also wonderful since you can just put meat, veggies, spices, liquid inside and set it for either 4 or 6-8 hours and then relax and watch TV and then it cooks for you without having to sit over a stove or oven


I cook a lot. I create foods using leftovers or frozen meals and such.
I was taught basic cooking skills.
I cook when I am in the mood to be creative.


A list of substitutions if you don’t find ingredients like flour, eggs or butter and more.


I started replacing the eggs in my pancakes years ago. Any kind of carbonated drink works. Sparkling mineral water is neutral and the cheapest option, but cola, beer, whatever … it all works.

Btw, at some point I also heard about some kind of machine people can attach to their car to make carbonated water … don’t remember the details though …

I heard about aquafaba, but never tried it.

And now we’re talking about pancakes: have you tried using flavoured soy milk (for example vanilla, banana or chocolate) instead of regular milk? Mmmm …


I cook and bake too. I’ve learned a few basic things as a child and helped my mom mix her cakes when she was baking them. Although she is a great cook, I’ve never learned directly from her, only by watching her and I have picked up some of her habits (such as not cooking with recipes, but only using them as a reference).

Cooking has it’s risks, yes. My hands are full of cuts and burns. But cooking is fun. Safety is also important, so it’s best to make sure your tools are sharp, your work surface is stable and wear gloves or have a towel in your hand when grabbing hot things :blush:


I used to bake muffins when I was living in Finland. But nowadays I don’t have an oven.

Same here. I mostly create my “own” recipes and if I do use them I often have to adjust them anyway, since I’m a vegetarian.
And depending on mood, energy, circumstances etc. it can be varying from quite labour intensive to extremely simple.


Yes, I know what you mean. I was meat intolerant for 2 years till I switched to a different way of getting my groceries (supermarket meat still makes me physically sick, although not as bad as those 2 years). Due to allergies I couldn’t eat most of the readily available vegetarian options so I made everything from scratch and I’d never been so exhausted from cooking everything…

En tegenwoordig zijn er veel meer vegetarische opties. Vroeger was het veel moeilijker om bepaalde producten te vinden :blush:


Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration here… so many tasty dishes!
Don’t look at them at night, you’ll get hungry!



And this is a sweet Kitchen: JunsKitchen (and his 2 cats :heart_eyes:)


Ja, en als je vroeger in een restaurant vroeg naar de vegetarische opties, zeiden ze steevast: “We hebben wel een kaassouflfé”!


Lovely cats! :heart_eyes: And they seem quite disciplined too, haha.


Oh I love Jun and his cooking skills haha. It’s nice to see that Poki is able to watch the food without trying to eat it nowadays :smile:

Also, Dianxi Xiaoge is super relaxing to watch and I love Dawang.

(The subtitles usually show up after a few days)


Ik moest echt lachen toen je dat zei haha :rofl:
Ik vind een restaurant pas echt goed wanneer hun groenten mijn favoriete onderdeel zijn van de maaltijd :smirk:

Natuurlijk mag de proteïne ook lekker smaken, maar als ik het groentegerecht blijf proeven om erachter te komen wat er allemaal inzit omdat ik het zelf wil maken, vind ik dat echt geslaagd haha.


I just tried this recipe:


You can make this with matcha too, but use whipping cream, egg white or aquafaba to get it more foamy :slight_smile:


being we are sooo bored this past few weeks, I have decided to do some cooking, but I want to do something, other than our Americanized stuff.
Well, this morning I found something on youtube, I have always wanted to find that rice ball recipe I always see on our Korean dramas. well, I found one. can’t wait to try it!
also the raman ? I think I spelled that right) 9 different recipes with that. I sure don’t remember seeing this guy before. I did find that lady cook again, been trying to find her for quite some time.

used to cook a lot, but with family gone and just me, I haven’t done any mega cooking for quite some time! so I ask a favor to all you, how about some recipes hey maybe exchanges! help ME learn some of cusines of different countries. oh I know I could google it, but what better way than doing it thios way??


there are many recipes out there, find somethihng that is for a beginner, bake broil, parbroil, so many ways to cook . and just take your time, no rush! just learn it, thats all


@frustratedwriter Got some ingredients that must go? Or you might want to eat?