Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


I am a hobby gardener (Hobby Gärtnerin) and I have really many plants… from orchids to carnivorous plants you can ask me anything if you want to buy a cactus or maybe a succulent plant?

Here are some picture of my babys :cherry_blossom: (last year)

Care: I alternately water my orchids every two weeks and submerge them completely (1 hour)

(3 years ago)
Carnivorous plants they will kill every fly and fruit flies for u :ant:

In 2019 when my plant was in bloom

Care: Thise plants wants clean water like distilled water if you give them normal water from the water tap they will die. My aunt did this, for example…

A bromelia (also called pineapple plant) which I bought 2-3 years ago and now I have two kindel’s XD

Care: I give them one time in a week water if the weather is very sunny sometimes more than 1 time but in the winter I give them every two weeks water.

This was two years ago where I cultivated many butterwort’s but the most ones died because of the low sunshine unfortunately :cry:

My alltime favorit :heart:

A cactus that blooms surprisingly (I only noticed this later)

Care: Thise succulent’s don’t want much water so I give them every two weeks some water not much and since then they bloom everytime like my cactus did. :heart:

I guess I will stop now I spammed a lot sorry :sweat_smile:


Wonderful post I also have a lot of plants in my window mainly succulent plants because they are easier to take care of and don’t die on me since I’m not gifted with my ‘‘planting hands’’ although I put all my heart into it.

I add coconut dirt to my succulent plants bc they make the plant grow healthier on YT they have videos about that.


I have two aloe veras that have grown so much since I’ve had it that they went from a 1 liter pot to a 10/15 liter pot in the span of multiple years. Funnily enough, they grew most when I didn’t pay too much attention to them and one of them has even flowered two years in a row (not these years though T.T).

I also have a ginger plant & a mint plant.

I try to not give them too much water, give them some plant vitamins once in a while and to clean their leaves with a damp cloth when they accumulate dust.


Yay Güli, another thing we have in common besides Viki stuff, lol :heart_eyes::joy:
My balcony is full of green stuff, strawberries, tomatoes, cukes, zucchini, chili, basil, lemontree, potatoes, and herbs (don’t look that great)… I have ginger too, but they suffered when it got cold…

I’m propagating my mom’s plant she got from her mom… we never knew what it was, she just liked the smell, it is easy to propagate just in water and it grows fast… too bad you are far away, I’d share it with you like I do with so many…

My daughter loves succulents and raises “babies” too :wink:


I would like to see some picture’s if you have some :heart_eyes:
I also have some aloe veras since 2 years and since one years from my aunt who had a big one but unfortunately it died because her daughter gave to much water it seems.
Now I will add photos about my venus fly trap who had also bloomed this year 2 times(!) which is the first time since…4 years I guess. Btw this was last year (the first picture above since then):

I learned this 1 year later after I bought it 4-5 years ago that carnivorous plants also bloom :joy:
Well every carnivorous plants of my bloomed I guess I have a knack for it :fist:



Top view of my aloe.


Wow! It looks really healthy! How do you water them tho? One of my has very little gel in the leaves but I don’t know what’s the problem because I don’t gave it too much water :tired_face:
(the behind which I mentioned)

The front one is healthy and I did buy it 3 years ago ^^

This is the one which my aunt gave 1-2 years ago and it’s still growing :blush:

Now back to my bromelia I will show you the periods here:
(two kindels like I mentioned and FYI if the color is white it’s withering)

Here you can see the two new one back last year. (I had two times 2 kindel’s so you know)

Last period - the bloom:

Here another Carnivorous plant which is VERY GOOD for beginner because the care is really easy & you can see how good it is really because you can see the result compared to the second picture above.


Do you trim the leaves regularly? I think I trim my aloes 3-4 times a year.
I water mine once every 2 weeks and a bit more frequent when it’s really hot.
If the leaves start to discolor at the tips, you need to water them more :slight_smile:
It also helps to stick your finger in the pot. Is it still wet? Leave it alone.

I also switched my soil to a soil that succulents like - with lots of rocks and such. That didn’t really contribute to how big they got (they were already big when I changed the soil), but it did help with their health.

Other things to consider are whether they get enough sun :sun_with_face:


Wait, trim? I have never done that o.o Is that an unwritten rule or something?

“If the leaves start to discolor at the tips, you need to water them more :slight_smile:
Thank you for the tip! Mine has indeed dry tips :open_mouth:

If I have the money I will change the soil because every pot needs it right now. I placed them in the middle of my window but they got burned because it was too much sun that’s why i placed them in the corner so they will get sun but not direct so I can protect their leaves.


Haha I don’t know. My grandma and mom used to do this, so I do it too. Usually you trim away the bottom leaves and the leaves that are dying (large sections of brown) and as the stem gets more and more exposed, you take the aloe out and plant it deeper (or add more soil to cover it up). Hope it helps :wink:

Another thing that might be helpful: if your leaves go horizontal instead of vertical, it’s an indicator that something has gone wrong. My plants also have some horizontal leaves, but that’s because they are so heavy that they can’t support them anymore, so those are the ones I’ll trim off next :blush:

If they go horizontal, but not because of the weight, I know that I have to change something, because they are letting me know that they don’t like whatever I’m doing :rofl: Aloe vera are considered “easy” plants, but I’ve noticed that they are very temperamental and vocal about what they don’t like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And here I thought only pets communicated with their boss … :joy:


Exactly my thought about the behaviour of the AV, not so easy as I though :joy:
I need to look up more information I guess because my leaves are going vertical but the leaves are to thin :thinking: I will show you a picture from above maybe you can see the reason?
PS: Earlier I cut 2-4 the thinnest leaves. I think I will try to reproduce my AV.

The oldest and thinnest Aloa Vera:

This one looks much healthier and thicker than the first one:

The third one is above (the little one) but this one is very healthy so I think I gave the right amount of water.


No, I can’t tell. Are you sure it’s not a type of Aloe with thinner leaves?


I don’t have any idea :pensive:
But the leaves were much thicker when I bought it than now that’s why I know it’s not in a very healthy condition.


I have a window full of blooming orchids that grow like weeds. :slight_smile: My outdoors plants don’t do too well, the bugs like to eat them and I won’t use pesticides.


I love all the pictures you guys have posted here! Thank you all for sharing! :heart_eyes:
And since you all seem to have some experience, I want to ask, what do you guys do with non-succulent plants when you travel? :sweat_smile: Because that is my biggest problem honestly.


One of my friends lives right around the corner, so she gets the keys to the house and a thank you gift when I’m back home. In return, I do the same for her when she goes on vacation (mostly to feed her pets though, because the person who cleans her house waters her plants). If she isn’t available, I’ll ask another friend.

I know some people use self-watering systems so their plants stay alive. I mostly have plants that can stay alive without water for at least a week :sweat_smile:


I did the same with my cousin but because of her and her mom many plants died especially the carnivorous plants who needs a huge amout of water if they are small. So you must gave them the exact time and amount of water if you have someone who doesnt have any idea how to care for them. I recommend you to write it down because I made extra an video for her but it was no use…


I bought this and they work really good when I left to my Island Puerto Rico for 2 weeks. The shape was not a bird it was like a big ball on top with a long glass stick. I purchased them on line weeks before I left for vacation, and it works my plants didn’t die. I remember running to the window with my heart pounding expecting to see dead plants (The whole family went on that vacation and i had no one to check my plants) Also i added plant vitamin to the water.


You can use natural products. I remember I had one time mosquitoes in my plants that wouldn’t go away and I read that you take a spray bottle add lemon and eucalyptus and spray the leaves to keep the mosquitoes away, and it does work.

For some odd reason during spring season my plants get a ‘’ white fungus’’ and I cure that with cinnamon powder. You add the cinnamon powder to the dirt after removing the parts with the ‘‘white fungus’’ and is miraculous bc the fungus does goes away. It would be costly and so much work if I had to replace all that dirt (I buy the good one bc my plants are worth it).