Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


This looks really good!!! I will look this up if I can find this on amazon, thank you :heart_eyes:


Those were the ones I used, the ball goes on top and you put the stick part in the dirt.



You need a bigger pot for this type of plant or it it will restrict the growth. I put bamboo stick to give it support and tie it with red satin ribbon to bring good luck into the house.

When I changed the pot my plant grew so much. On YT they have videos how to replant and make another plant from a single aloe vera. Mine was dying bc I was over watering it. This is a good video.


The info with smaller pots is new to me “with” Aloe Vera. I know this infos from Sansevieria because I have three of them and they are much easier to water the AV xD Also very good for beginners ^^

Thank you for the video! This will help me to buy a smaller pot if I have the money for that (because the pandemic u know)


@rose_shn I got some pots from thrift stores and lately at the recycling center, there were like new… Do they recycle at your place pottery and ceramic?


Don’t know. I only buy my pots mainly from :blush:
I can recommend this page because they wrap every plant so that there are no broken parts.


I buy the pots in the dollars store and they are ceramic or plastic. Whether they small or big they cost a dollar. The colors and designs are gorgeous.

Your aloe vera are very different from mine. My Aloe Vera grows very big and has to be in bigger pots. I dread if it keeps growing because they take a lot of space lol


Interesting. I alrady searched in the web which kind of AV it is but I didn’t find anything so far :sweat_smile:
You have a very cheap and good way to but your pots. Maybe I should check out the DIY store so I can find cheap one.


If you see the gorgeous Chinese pots they throw out in the garbage here in US. But I never take them because in my country (PR), we are very superstitious, and you don’t take anything they throw out. in the street. Where you live they don’t throw them out?


In Germany you see this nowhere lol unless someone moves and “puts” old & unwanted furniture and other things in front of the door to be taken by others, but these things will be removed from the household waste after one week at the latest


In Germany you can donate your pots and unwanted, but still useful things to the “Neighbourhood-Help” these are charity shops, who sell those things for a very cheap price. Just use google :slight_smile:

And we have so many 1-Euro-shops, where you can buy pots for a very cheap price. Even flower soil is not that expensive, garden shops sell small 10 or 20l sacks for around 2 Euro. Even discounter have special offers for pots and soil, just look them up online.


We used to have a shop that originally was called Knaakland (knaak being a nickname for a rijksdaalder, ƒ2.50). Everything there used to cost ƒ2.50. When the euro came, they changed their name to Euroland and soon after that the pricing system changed as well and everything just had its own price. And 3 years ago they went bankrupt.


In my neighbourhood we have only pensioner and it seems that it always different where you live even in Germany. ^^ Right now I don’t even need pots tho. Why did the disscussion take it’s course in that direction? :rofl:


I am the reluctant “Gardner” in my household. The title of chief plant caretaker bestowed upon me by my wife’s inability to keep a plant alive beyond a week yet impulsive buying of plants from the local supermarket, the prettiness (but cheapness) of which also dictates what unknown species of plant we have at any given time.
Take this sorry looking individual as an example. (next to a ripening Avocado, not a prop from “Aliens”)

This plant appeared without my knowledge in a south facing bay window for a week where it baked and gasped for water to near death before the wife mentioned that the plant didn’t look too good (!) and that she thinks it was supposed to be a ‘cactusy’ plant from the now missing labelling, so should be like desert cactus’ need very little water.
Exhibit 1 the dried flowers towards the back of the picture and the slight yellowing of the lower leaves.
Moving to the north side kitchen window ICU and regular sips of water and it seems to have recovered some what with new appearance of shoots and flowers.
Hence the no pets rule in our household.

I do know what you meant but every time I read this my dark humour thinks “well you shouldn’t have given your aunt tap water!” :rofl:


Beautiful Gladioli also known as Sword Lilies :hibiscus:


I even said extra: Don’t use tap water! Well… she must have forgotten this lol


At least pets actively let you know when they need something from you. In that way they’re less complicated than plants. Maybe let your wife first practise with a dog, and then gradually progress to cat, parrot, hamster, goldfish and then maybe an easily satisfied plant. :joy::joy::joy:


Defiantly not! Once the novelty of plant purchase wares off and the responsibilities foisted onto me, these things fade into their background, leaving me to keep things going for ghosts.
Case in point. it was suggested we keep an aquarium and have some calming fishes for our first child. I set up said aquarium with five calming orandas and lionheads, maintained pH levels, regular clean outs, changing filters and feed the fishes the correct amount of food daily.
Successfully running the aquarium, over time the aquarium became background noise. Anyway, as the fishes grew and one by one passed away, the day came some two or three years later when the last fish passed away, but feeling that it was all for ghosts, I did a little experiment after the nautical burial, I stopped the pumps, stop my routine feeds but left the water in the tank.
The wife asked “what’s happened to the fish?” when she noticed.
I replied as if not listening to her “Oh, it died two and a half weeks ago.”
Yes, it took that long before anyone even noticed!
Oh how we laughed…:expressionless:


That proves my point. :rofl: A dog would make its presence noticed by barking, howling, running around the house, hopping on your lap, licking your face, eating the furniture or whatever. It’s hard to ignore its needs.
Plants and fish on the otherhand can be easily overlooked …


Though we have a no pets ownership rule, we are hotelier to a local “stray” cat. We know how she came to be and she is super friendly to anyone for a cat. We do let her enter the house occasionally to
feed her then allowed to sleep on the sofa for hours, after which she leaves never actively staying in our house. In return the cat allows our youngest daughter to pet her for a while, this bare minimum level of pet ownership is just fine with her, us and the cat.
We do not own this cat, or anyone else and is known to stay in any one of 5 local residences.
(there now follows a shameless insertion of flora and fauna to try and tie in to the plant subject of this thread! :smile:)
We have purposefully not mown the grass around the divet created by this cat sleeping on the front lawn on hot days, so the tall grass can provides some amount of camouflage from people walking their dogs.