Do you have plants? If yes which one and how do you care it for?


Good story. The same happened to my second aunt lol
She regretted it after a few months, believe me, even a plant is easier to care for :sweat_smile:


You have always heard you cant kil a snake plant, well guess who did just that! so embaressing! I left mine out in the rain, and I had this for years! anyway I do have succulents, cacti, peace lily. devils ivy iron plant, I care for them gently not over water and place in light sun


Recently my green succulent (looks kinda like a snake plant but is not)
I don’t know the name of it is beginning to drying. Has someone a good tip here what I do make wrong?


clean the leaves, spray mist them, cause they are a tropical plant, find a stick insert in your dirt, that will help you know if they need water or not. cleaning the leaves, gets the dirt off and helps them breathe. don’t put in direct sun

Nionja, I want more plants, so you can cut pieces off a plant and regrow it, that also saves money.


Oh, I’ve never heard of that. How does it work exactly?:thinking:


I am really bad at remembering to water my plants so I got a mini cactus… long story short, It died… I feel really bad for forgetting to water it :pensive:


when you add a stick, and when you water plants, its like a gauge, you pull it out of the dirt checking the stick if plant needs watering ou not. you check your oil to see if you need oil, right? same thing for the plants that need or don’t need water

mist your plants ois a big help esp. for cactus! aqnd other leaved plants


I already one but it was too big. Now I will buy some smaller ones so I can check my Aloe Vera and other succulent plants, thanks for the hint :blush:


I am going to try and regrow what I have and get some more


Please share their growth :blush:
I also try to regrowth right now and I think it’s a bit risky because the winter is coming BUT I have a fake sunlight so my plants can also can sunbathe with the “fake sun” lol I will make a picture the coming days ^^


here is a hint, cut you a few pieces place in water, and you are doing hydrophonics, wanted to try my hand at this, so pothos and peace lily is my guinnie pig so to speak. supposed to really grow too. don’t do with aloe vera


I also had an accident where I saw something green besides my succulent which was breaked off and it was due a leaf which was under the soil. Nice suprise to see that ^^

@frustratedwriter: Can you show me a picture of the new plant? I am really interested to see this but don’t know if it’s possible my my plants as well.


Hydrophonics? I’m growing my orchids in water and they are doing really well. One year ago I started to grow them in water and many of them bloomed so beautifully.

Since winter is approaching, I cut some stems from my tomato plants and I want to grow them indoor as hydroponics. They develop roots very quickly and even startet to build buds and startet blooming. Let’s wait, if they have some fruits, too. :grinning:


They look beautiful! What kind of orchids are they? I know that it’s possible with some orchids but didnt researched it.


These are simple phalaenopsis orchids. You can grow many orchids just in water, but they are little divas. Some like just a bit water on the tip of the roots, some half dunked, some love water, the more the better. Whenever I buy a new one or get one from my mother-in-law (she loves them, but almost kills them and gives me the half dead plants back) I immediately re-pot them. I cut the dead roots and put them into water with just a drop of hydroponics fertilizer. I lost some of the almost dead ones of my mother-in-law, but I saved one with just the roots and not a single leaf. :grinning:


So beautiful :heart_eyes:. My orchids has not bloomed again since I got them last year maybe I’ll try hydrophonic - how often do you change the water?

I love plants but I am so bad at keeping them alive though :anguished:


Usually I just fill up the missing water and every 5-6 weeks I change the water completely and clean the glass vases. In summer there may grow some algae, but they don’t bother the orchids, they only disturb the nice optic :grinning: I have a special hydrophonics fertilizer and use it very frugal. Depending on the hardness of your water and if it contains chlorids, you can use tap water or bottled water.


thats why I am wanting to try hydrophonics… I have a chinese evergreen, I am going to try with this method, got peace lily in water at the time as well

I guess I am boring everyone


These are the layers of my tomatoes, I’m growing orange and black cocktail tomatoes, red ones and black “Black Krim” tomatoes outside and made layers. I put them into simple glass containers and kept them indoors for around a week. One has developed long roots, 3 are blooming and one has a cute, little mini tomato. :heart_eyes:


well looks like one word isn’t allowed, so that is amazing, a black tomato??