Do you like Lee Min ho?


Minho Minho Minho


I have to confess that I don’t like Lee Min Ho as an actor I feel that he’s famous bc of his ‘‘looks’’ I honestly hate the way he slurs some sentence during the scenes I wonder if he has a speech problem.

He also does something that turns my stomach all the time, and it has to do with the noise he makes with his nose I get nauseous all the time. Like he has a runny nose all the time.

It’s like he always has a ‘‘cold’’ :nauseated_face:

Park Shin Hye, was another one I could never see any dramas she was in, but she has improved as an actress so much that I have seen ALIVE/ SISSYPHUS/I only saw bits and pieces of THE HEIR and I loved the forced kiss so she could stop playing ‘‘the nun role’’ and leave the eyes opened like saucers.

Her bulging eyes during a kiss use to drive me BONKERS :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: so her improvement in acting has helped me to start liking her acting. She has improved in the kissing scenes a WHOLE LOT.

LEE SEUNG GI is growing thin on me bc he has changed a lot, and he no longers is the guy that made me wish I was born in SK. Now I can really say ASIAN guys will never enter my world, and believe me they have tried, but I can’t give them the time of the day.

Don’t get me wrong in K drama world they are the cutest and I enjoy watching them through that fantasy world, but in real life we are way two world apart. I can say they are cute, handsome, sweet bc they really are but that’s as far as it goes. I only liked Lee Min Ho acting in [The Legend of the blue sea] except his ‘‘slurpy noise’’:nauseated_face::nauseated_face::crazy_face: PAY ATTENTION and you’ll see what I mean.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@sweetybirdtoo we have a whole love of the “slurp” with Choi Jin Hyuk!!! bahahahahahah!

I love Minho’s voice! LOVE! So I’m PRO-Minho


Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh CJH has ‘‘slurpy’’ nose too? Gotta pay attention to see. THINK not:::nauseated_face:


It’s more like a pulling in of his breath - we find it SEXY @sweetybirdtoo
we are a hit on google if you do a search you find our thread about Choi Sexy Slurp noise


OMG that sounds nasty…:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



It’s a 'sssssssssss" sound as pulls in his breath - when he wants someone to do something


@kdrama2020ali & I may be a bit weird for that. lol

It’s really more of a sharp inhale than a slurp, but it’s so hard to describe. Panda & Hedghog, E1 ~21:35

I haven’t rewatched enough dramas yet to find a really good example, he tends to do it when he’s scolding someone.




I never noticed anything like that; can you find the clip for me, please? You think is possible? Well, I haven’t watched a lot of dramas of CJH except for TUNNEL/ZOMBIE DETECTIVE that’s about it. I have seen trailers but they didn’t catch my attention.


44 sec in he slurps in his breath - it isn’t a good example but he does it in ALL his dramas! I love Devilish Joy he does it in the 1st Eps! He is in Fated to Love You which is a fabulous tear jerker drama

I love him! OK this is about MINHO


Considering that she’s in no way single, these guys did well for their craft, in this kissing scene. It’s so easy to make up that they are cheating, for those in the tabloid business. In this scene, they did not leave their audience short changed. :wink:


OMG I never noticed that before! is like an SSSSSSSS (electrical sound, right?) lmao
I started watching this drama, but I have never finished watching all the episodes I’m gonna watch next since right now, I’m re-watching start up with the God guy that I realized I can’t recognized bc he looks way too young in this drama. Hope you can watch it some day.

Thanks for the preview of the sound; my dirty mind thought it was a different kind of sound. hahahahaha. CJK he’s so cute.

I love Minho’s voice! LOVE! So I’m PRO-Minho

Do you consider MIN HO a good actor?


Yes, I do! I think he has a certain style! I have loved him so far in both KTEM and Legend of the Deep Blue Sea! I love his character as the con-man with a heart. I think he does action well and also period.

@angelight313_168 I think he’s really smart! Have you watched his Lee Minho Film where he is now directing and producing…I have some other k-friends who let me have him because he’s one of my favorites - it’s ok for us to have different lead guys we love mine are:

Junho, Gong Yoo, Kim Jae Wook, Minho, Ji Chang Wook, Seo Kang Joon, Park Hyung Sik, Choi Jim Hyuk, Woo Do Hwan and I have a couple others! :heart_eyes: The Hottie POSSE


You know you’ll have to fight me for a couple of these guys, especially Park Hyung Sik. :wink:


Are you in his fandom?

I am - which reminds me I need to go do my hearts today


No, I must be a bad fan. :rofl:


Do you know about his new drama? Happiness!


I know he’s filming something, but I hardly have energy to watch dramas, so I only pay attention once things are released.


I sent you a private message!