Do you like Lee Min ho?



This costume - the purple - is one of my favorite period costumes!


Then are you out of the fight! Really !


Stoppppp! Describing!!!


Me too🥰 but I haven’t watched great doctor yet



Even though we have 99+ oppas we love we still wait for the 100th one



Hey? Didn’t your heart stopped beating 7h ago? Lol



He’s on a horse! I’m still HERE!


Oh then Minho saved you anyway please post his photos everyday if you have enough time.I would love to see them every morning.


I will give you as much MINHO as you want!


Then I will have 2 vitaMinho every day.


(Photos) CTTO

Good Morning! Minho Good Night Minho! It’s 12 am here

Photos CTTO


I can’t with you guys, so :rofl: :joy: dying over here :joy: :joy:

I’m always in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Viki’s :heartpulse: ja!l on account of posts I :sparkling_heart:


image Bahahahahahahah! I’m BAAAAACK!


He is my honeytoo


That blue - oh he looks so good! He has such beautiful everything


What can i do, i cant post those,so i should keep calm.


I’m teasing you!

He is perfect though!

Oh those EYES!


I know :weary::cry:
Thanks for posting good morning!:sleepy: