Do you like Lee Min ho?


But But But But ----- Um I CANT

This is so hilarious and you know you wanna watch it! His mom interrupts at one point so CUTE
1:36 in his mom starts talking to him

I wanna facetime HIM


Watched it many times i love it!!! And how to link a youtube video here?


When you go to the video- hit share - and copy the link. Or you can copy the link in your browser above and paste

I always just copy and paste! Easy

Ok I love the way he messes with his LIPS all the time!!!


Yeah mee too


Quick! Someone throw some
🧊 :ocean::droplet: Ice Cold Water 🧊 :ocean::droplet:
This thread might get :smoking: :hotsprings::fire::thermometer:
:laughing::rofl: threads :yarn::thread: on :fire::joy:



Good Nite Sweetheart Goodnight :fire::fire::fire: Those EYES! OH HELP ME NOW
Not even gonna say what I’m thinking…

Sorry @padmalayag - Your Welcome @leerla73


Fire :rofl::fire::fire::fire::rofl:


I will be out of the discussions until Friday! You guys have fun! I’ll check in if I can!



So long farewell I’ll see you guys soon! Don’t miss me too much!


I am really missing his updates on all his SNS.As today is his 15th debut anniversary. I hope he updates something.
And @kdrama2020ali will not disturb me until Friday
Right!? @leerla73


:rofl:That’s what it’s looking like! :smile:

Uhmmm . . I really enjoyed them singing at the front of the vid, nice post up! That looked like some freezing weather🥶


I saw he posted on his utube channe


That is his last update


Im hving to use my tablet so no photos til SAT boo hoo


I’m here I’m just lurking & I love the camping Minho let him set up everything then wanted his tent to face the water. Lee said this is not your house haha


Hahahah yes but the all episodes are feast for our eyes.


They are hilarious


@padmalayag what is your favorite Minho Feature


At one point I’m confused.minho or seung gi ? Whom should i look at? And i watched the videos twice. First time only watching minho(as minho comes first) and second watching only seung gi.


Lee voice is amazing and he is funny too