Do you like Lee Min ho?


Hellooo guys, I’m a big fan of Lee Min ho.

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Lee Min Ho Obsession lol

Same here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: , what is your favorite drama staring Lee Min-ho? Mine are heirs , boys over flowers and legend of the blue sea.


Yeah, he’s a cutie and pretty good actor. Funny story (for me anyway). I watched the whole Heirs saga thinking the ML was Ji Chang Wook. Ooops! :thinking::roll_eyes: I love their eyes and to me, they do kinda look alike. :blush:


I like all his drama but my favorite is the king, great doctor , the legend of the blue sea
City Hunter(the best). When did you start watching k-drama ? Me is in 2016, the first drama was playful kiss, I has a crush with KIM HYUN JOONG. XD


LOL :rofl:


I haven’t watched the Great Doctor yet but it sounded interesting.

Lol XD , I started watching k drama in 2015 and the first dramas were She was Pretty and Playful Kiss was one of the first dramas I ever watched too :hugs::open_mouth: and Mischievous Kiss & Full House.


Which one? There are two.
Love both their talents!! :sparkles::wink:

And famously known Min-ho:


This one XD


Ha! I figured it was, that was easy, as he’s more popular. :blush::blush::blush:


King the Eternal Monarch - Love Minho and Maximus! I follow Minho on his utube channel he has been putting up great short films! Can’t wait for his new drama he just finished in Canada!

It’s his eyes and his voice!

Badges: Who thought they were a good idea, and where do you go to earn some of them?

and his nose. I’m obsessed with the man’s nose. :see_no_evil:


RIGHT! TOTALLY - kinda obsessed with his EVERYTHING


You guys have me King the Eternal Monarch-ing

(I love Woo Do too)


Hey stop looking at #myman


I surrender!
goes back to scrolling through Lee Do Hyun and Lee Joon Gi’s Instagram feeds :joy:


Yes do that but stay away from leeminho he is mine :joy:


Where is my popcorn :popcorn: it’s on now :laughing: turfs been breached!! :rofl:


We have a WAR going on!


Swoons :star_struck::ok_woman:t5:‍♀ :heart_eyes: at the post up.
Passions are running high :rofl::joy::laughing::rofl:


My favorite photo! I love his eyes so much! He is 6’2" he would hate my 5’1" ness