Do you think transcribing (besides translating) from the original language would be useful to someone?

Even though my English is good enough (I hope so!) for translating from English to Spanish (I am Mexican, living in Spain), I don´t feel confident translating from Spanish to English; I guess I lack skills yet. But I have been wondering if transcribing the exact dialogs in a show, I still could help some people here whose Spanish level is so they have a general understanding of what’s happening in the telenovelas but are missing some parts because they can’t figure out some particular words or phrases. I am trying to learn Korean myself and I would love to have the dialogues written in Hagul, also… Should I give it a try?


Yes of course that’s useful. As you said yourself, it’s a great way to help someone to learn a language. As far as I know there are also a few hearing impaired people on Viki and for them those would be a great help too :slight_smile:
So yes give it a try if you want :slight_smile:

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Yes, please do so. Captioning is a great service for people who want to learn the language and as Dudie said it would benefit the hearing impaired people on viki. Good luck!