Do you use a fake name for your account? What do you think, about revealing personal informations on web?


Hello! This is my fist post and I’m very excited.

So, I recently saw a post, where the owner said, that we should be aware of ourselfs, when we are revealing informations about us on the internet. And I totallly agree with that. But what do you think? I mean, it’s true; Viki is so comforting, like you are all my friends, but here can still be weird people, which are just here, to collect personal informations about us. (Do you think so too? Or did I watched to many horror movies?)

And another question: Do you use fake identities? I heard, it’s the best way, because nowadays, we have to give almost every app/website some informations, so that we can communicate with each other. And I saw some people, who are probably using their real names/Identities. And I’m using a fake identitiy. If I tell you, what my name is, its for sure not even 1% true. So what do you think about things like this? Do you agree? Do you use fake Identities, like me?

Some replys would be nice. :slight_smile:
Have a beautiful day, and stay safe. :sunny:


Hi @chueen :raising_hand_woman:t5:‍♀ :blush:
I don’t use fake identity, and I don’t like others using a fake identity. I consider my online user name a reflection of my real name.


Hi @leerla73 :smile:

Thank you so much for your reply, and your opinion on this topic. I can totally understand you, and I accept your opinion to this. :blush: :heart:


One of my siblings had two different user names online, and I did not realize I was conversing with the same person. I found it very upsetting, I felt betrayed.



I know, I shouldn’t find it funny, but for me and my broken humor it is! :sob: I’m sorry.
But then I can understand you, and how you felt. I think, if I would have been in the same situation as you, I think I would’ve feel the same way.
I’m sorry for finding it funny, and for you.:disappointed_relieved::purple_heart:


No apologies needed, my sibling found it even funnier. I got over it. :smile:
@chueen, you’ve thought out a good first topic for a post up, I think you’ll get many replies.

btw, I’m currently in :heartpulse:ja!l, and won’t be out for another 12hours.



Ok, great to hear that. :laughing: :heart:


Hello, and welcome aboard!

What can I tell you… Everyone is fake and weird too. :joy_cat::scream_cat: I strongly recommend that you protect your innocence by refusing to disclose personal information. But I would not worry too much. Websites are only interested in one thing. No, not that! Your credit card numbers, of course. :credit_card:


What a jerk! But also pretty funny. :joy_cat:
Anyway, worry not. This one time, I replied to my own comment, forgetting I was the original poster. How nuts is that? :woozy_face:



oh, okay. I’m happy for every single reply and like, since I’m not very active in things like social media. :laughing:



:joy::joy::joy: You’re so funny! But thank you for the advises and tips.:joy:



Lmaoo that sounds like something I could also do. :joy:


I agree with all you’ve said, in both post. :grinning: replying to your own post, funny :smile: At least you know who you’re talking to is not fake :smile:

Please note: I am currently in :heartpulse:ja!l. I have another 12 hours of :heartpulse: time.



You guys are so funny! Let’s be friends. :joy: (And of course real ones :smile:)



and btw: what is :heart:ja!l ? I’m sorry if that sounds dumb, but it feels like I’m living under a rock. :sweat_smile:


You’ll experience it, the more you are active.
Maybe this will explain better, a picture is worth a thousand words.Screenshots_2021-05-09-05-07-55



Oh, okay. :sweat_smile: Thank you, for explaining it to me. Because I thought it means jail, and I was like: “What? Are you a criminal?” :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl:
But now I know it better. :laughing:


I am also about to go to jail.



See you when you get here :heartpulse::joy: you’ll get out before I do. No tofu for you!