Do you use a fake name for your account? What do you think, about revealing personal informations on web?

Scared ya! ♪(┌・。・)┌


ahh I remember being in the same place as you and @padmalayag :joy::joy: I was so frustrated when I got that popup! I’m glad I don’t have that problem anymore and can like all of your amazing posts! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To answer your question, @chueen… I think there’s a limit to it. Don’t disclose your name if you want to, but don’t ever let people have misunderstandings about you. I was once in a group chat where a guy pretended to be a girl and had everyone fooled. That feels like a total betrayal and I was kinda scared and weirded out.
I do use a fake name when I sign in to websites I’m not completely sure of. I wasn’t even sure of Viki at one point of time, so I gave my fake name instead. I gave my real first name on my Viki home profile recently because I volunteer here^^
Viki still calls me by the nickname it has made of my fake name though :joy::flushed:

First names don’t really matter all that much, just be careful when disclosing your full name and DON’T disclose phone numbers, addresses, and other private info… I’m sure you already know that :blush:

You don’t really have to disclose your name here on Discussions, though…everyone here calls me Vivi because that’s my username. Most people here will call you “Chueen” or just tag you, though I did see that you said your name was Yang Suah on the introductions thread…


Not only to them.
You can also read completely without registration.
I do when I am not at the laptop.



Hi!:blush: So, I need to explain this: I’m not stealing/copying your idea! I’m sorry, if you misunderstood this.:cry: I read your post, and I totally agree with you. I’m glad, that you shared this and warned other users. But when I was first scrolling through Viki-profiles from teammates, I saw that many probably used their real names, since my name is a fake identity. So I was wondering, if I’m “overprotective” of my informations.
That’s the main reason, I started this thread.

I also wrote “what do you think of revealing personal informations on web?” Because I hoped, that people who haven’t found your thread yet, that they find it, because your thread is truly amazing!:upside_down_face:

I’m deeply sorry, if you thought, that I was copying your post :cry:



Hi! Thank you, for your tips and advice. :blush:

As you can maybe see on my Viki-profile,(@chueen) Viki will tell you, that my name is Yang Suah. I also answered, that my name is Yang Suah on the introduction thread. That’s my “fake identity”. I always say this. It’s because when I was first scrolling through Viki profiles from teammates, I saw that many people probably used their real name, and then I was wondering, if I’m the only one who uses an fake identity, so I made this thread. :upside_down_face::purple_heart:



Omg, I think I can finally write replies again! Yay!:laughing: But yes, you scared me very much. (@_@:wink:


I have no problem with anybody having a fake identity until and unless, they use their identity to harm others. I tend to show my name and age on some websites but only when I have to be a professional. I have my real name on many websites, including Viki, most of them are related to my study and work. But yes, if you don’t feel really comfortable with a website getting to know your name and information, you are completely free to have a alias.
In your case, I don’t find it a fake identity, but more sort of an alias because you’re open about your profile.


You are not being overprotective.

This (as well as all other public websites) is an open forum where not only people from all over the world can read, but it can also be easily be discoverable by search engines, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other big data mining processes that can be used by hackers and criminals as well as other marketing and spamming sites. So you are doing it right by not revealing your personal information. Once I get to know some of them well enough to become more than just online friends, then I would let them know my real name and share other private information privately with them, but I would not display them online in public.


I have a problem with the term “fake identity”. It somehow always leaves me with a bad feeling.
For me, it is an alias, or like some of us say our Viki ID.
Anyway I am no longer on any other platforms. I used one a long time ago, that was user-friendly with not too much advertisement, then the number of people using it grew and grew and the people managing it said it was too much for them. They got an offer from a private broadcaster, saying they would manage it the same. It was sold, and after a year they changed terms in a way I didn’t like, so I quit and a year later or 2 that platform was dead.
Because people were sick of all the advertisement and all the data they wanted you to share.
Another platform had almost the same fate, but since the originators didn’t want to sell it like the other one they just terminated it, to spare it heading into the same direction as the other platform.
Would I use my real name here?
I originally wanted to use my first name, but there was already an account with it, it was dead back then, over the year I looked at it, and it seemed abandoned to me. Anyway, now my Viki ID is the old name of the town I am living in. Only some of my Viki contacts know my full name most of them I knew either from the start for 10 years, or had an interaction over the years. I do exchange some of my private life in PMs but expect from the other to keep it private.
If I were to tell my family name openly it would be easy to track me down, since this name is really rare in the town I live. So no, I would not openly share it, but I do not fake other information, it’s just that I do not give it all away.


I never said I thought you were copying my post! It was written a long time ago and you couldn’t have found it without searching. I just wanted you to see at a glance what other people had to say on this, without having to repeat myself.


I am an honest, naive person who still believes in the good in people… In fact, I think it doesn’t matter whether my whole name is there or not…
When someone has evil in mind, Does a hacker get all the data he needs :smiling_imp:
I continue to hope for me that I am right and there is good in man :blush: :heart:



I saw you already on the thread “What does your Viki-username mean?”. So I know that you are from Germany. (Don’t worry, I won’t do anything with that information. Germany is a nice place…but you’ll never know if I live there hihi🤓)

Maybe I’m faking informations, but my “name” Yang Suah is not stolen from a real person. I just made it as my “Korean name” because my friend is Korean, and said once, it’s fun, to have a non-korean friend, but with a Korean nickname.

But thank you for commenting!:upside_down_face:



Oh, okay. I’m sorry(yes again) that I didn’t see that. :upside_down_face:


Well, actually thanks to my Viki ID I got to know another Viki member having the same hometown as I do.


I’m all for the freedom to use your real or a made up name. Once a transgender person was outed by Facebook when they cracked down on ‘fake’ names, this person had been using a pseudonym and was forced to reveal their birth name despite this person’s plea not to.

My wife, despite using her real name also had her account suspended and challenged to provide a scan of a passport or drivers licence by Facebook because ‘someone had claimed’ her name was a fake account! Who the hell did Facebook think they were to be demanding that level of personal details just to have the privilege of being on “social” media?
The missus told them to go sit on this Fekbook and promptly deleted her account.

have you ever ego-surfed that name? (Googling your ‘own’ name) I found 2 Yang Suah and lots of Suah Yang.


I’m not as protective of my info as I am of my kids, I post stuff on facebook (friend setting) because almost all my friends there I know irl, but on twitter or ig I don’t mention their names or ages and no pictures with their faces. When I mention them on twitter I call them kid #1 & kid #2, the youngest doesn’t like being #2 though, lol.



Well, the reason you found 2 Yang Suah’s is, because it’s a “popular” name. As I said, I’ve got a Korean friend, and she said, it could be funny, when I make a Korean name for me, even if I’m not Korean. So she send me a video that was called: Make your Korean name in 5 minutes. And because I really like my friend, (we know each other for almost 12 years) I made my name.

The dude in the video said, that we need a last name.(logical, isn’t it?)So he viewed the most POPULAR last names in Korea, and I thought that “Yang” sounds good. He did the same thing with the first names. There I saw “Suah”, and I know ofc that there’s a girl, named “Sua” In the band Dreamcatcher. (The guy also said, we can use the name from celebrities we like, so I was like: why not?)

So my name is created out of 2 very common names in Korea, so I knew that there’s at least one person, with this name.

But still I didn’t stole it. Before this, I didn’t know, that there were mor than one Yang Suah’s and so many Suah’s Yang. And if I didn’t know about them, how could I steal their names? And I’m honest, and don’t deny that my name is NOT Yang suah.


It’s not stealing :grin: You can have whatever Korean name you want…I made one for myself too!^^


Bonjour et bienvenue dans la communauté Viki,
personnellement j’utilise ma vraie identité, car j’aurais l’impression de mentir.
Je ne vois pas l’intérêt de cacher qui je suis, ne faisant rien de répréhensible, je ne me préoccupe pas de l’utilisation qu’internet peut faire de mes coordonnées. :clin d’œil:

Bon amusement sur Viki.
Hello and welcome to the Viki community,
I personally use my real identity because I would feel like I am lying.
I don’t see the point in hiding who I am, not doing anything wrong, I don’t care about how the internet can use my contact details.