Doctor Stranger

So here’s a topic for the new show Doctor Stranger! ^^

I hope we can discuss the episodes during its run.


i am SO gonna be on here as ive been dying to watch the episodes. i will watch them soon and come here to discuss! thanks for this topic :wink: lee jong sukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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I love it so so much <3, I can’t resist until the next episode, it was amazing in the first 4.

Oh dear now I’m curious. The new releases I had to decide which ones and chose 4, this one I didn’t start yet as I’m immersed ( as usual ) in the Angel Eyes, Witch’s Romance, Big Man, A new Leaf and just caught up with All surrounded but better look at this one as you are recommending it. Will let you know. Thanks for the new discussion.

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After watching the first four episodes, I have the feeling that the main love story will be between Oh Soo-Hyun and Park Hoon and not between him and the girl who looks like his NK fiancee.

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I thought the same. Especially after the end of ep 4…

I am really really curious what will happen next…-

@b2utybubbles @ger_o_malley No problem! I hope you’re liking the show so far if you’re watching it! ^^

I personally enjoy this show so far. Sometimes k-dramas try to cram so many different elements into a show that it doesn’t have a cohesive storyline to build upon.

This one is a rare exception in my personal k-drama watching adventures. So far, I’m a fan of:

  1. Lee Jong Suk - He can express his character and his struggle to find his first love really really well.
  2. Budapest. It’s sooo beautiful (minus the baddies). I want to go there now. ^^
  3. Anything medical related! I know there are several things tv shows fail to check for accuracy but there’s still a lot that can be learned!
  4. The instrumentals that I want to listen to when they’re released!
  5. Park Hoon’s secret power for 3D surgical imagination (around the 39:40 mark). I want it!

İ agree with you.And i wish it will be that way.I tried but i could not like han seung at all:)

omg!!! im up to episode 4!!! waaahhh so good lee jong sukkkkk

SO glad i can write in this discussion. i hope to have more time to catch up to episode 6!

@Pam720 OMGMGMGMGMGMG WUEDNWH lee jong suk is a greattt actor!!! [quote=“Pam720, post:8, topic:2332”]
The instrumentals that I want to listen to when they’re released!

YES! so goood [quote=“Pam720, post:8, topic:2332”]
Park Hoon’s secret power for 3D surgical imagination (around the 39:40 mark). I want it!
HAHAHAA ik r? xD i cant take anything medical related due to my weakness in blood and operations, but this drama is making me stronger! u was a little hesitant at first but i knew i just HAD to see it because of lee jong suk ! and kang so ra (and that guy from my love from the stars.) definitley dont regret it!
what episode are you up to?

oh damn T.T that episode 4 killed me T.T in tears…


It’s a pretty awesome power! (:

I’m on Episode 6 now but probably won’t catch up until next month.
I’m a fan of Park Hoon’s sidekick especially at the end when they find out Seung Jae is probably not a spy xD
Even if it’s not a priority of mine, I really think it is Jae Hee though!

Yes! Lee Jong Suk is one of the best actors I’ve seen! (:

im on 5 and will probably watch 5+6 tonight! [quote=“Pam720, post:12, topic:2332”]

It’s a pretty awesome power! (:

it REALLY IS. he’s amazing. i squeal every time its so cool.

aahhh so glad u agree!!!

I have watch all episodes so far and my view is this drama is crazy and confusing, but I can’t stop watching it b/c Lee Jong Suk is too hot and he is so playing this character really well. I feel for him every episode I watch.

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This topic made me start watching this drama. I wasn’t watching an airing ones before this weekend, but I got all caught up. It’s thoroughly sucked me in. It’s dark but not overly so, and it has romantic undertones, and I <3 those.

omg omg guys. did you guys SPOILER for episode 7 ending

did you guys see when lee jong suk T.T gave cpr to that baby??? aaaaaaaaaaaah!!! <333

That was soooo cute! <3

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i love love love love this series so much !!!

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OMG! im glad you had the feels as well xDDDD that was the cutest

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its soooo good! very different from allot of dramas and also intense moments.