Does R-Rakuten VIKI really think this is a good deal?


I know a good volunteer is best in volunteering and to be quietly volunteering, but …

The whole issue about licenses is totally making me angry.

This is no way of treating neither volunteers nor costumers, I warmly recommand VIKI to reconsider the business practise of:

a, not openly let people know, in which regions the videos are available
b. not telling people, when license end, I mean a timely manner, not what you are doing right now

Please do convey this to the content owner, there is no loss in changing to a more transparent practice.
Your costumers and volunteers would surely appreciate it.


This is so sad and I really agree with you. Not making an official statement at least a month before a license expires is quite… wrong? Some people are paying to watch some dramas and when a lot are disappering around the same time I really don’t understand how Viki could think it was acceptable to do towards their users (especially those who pay for vikipass). They might loose quite a lot of costumors if something like this happens again - if it has not already happened.
If they really have to let the license expire, I would personally prefer them to let us know what expires when - just a list of dates, shows and regions. That would make it easier for us users to know which shows we should start watching quite soon or finish watching rather than feeling forced to binge watch shows when not having any time for doing so (work and school being big factors here).


Yes - the word is consideration - and it loses out in many way these days.

I often wonder how Rakuten can talk about ecosystem. I can not sense any of it.
In an ecosystem you can not only think of the working climate.
Dramas are about emotion and if there are so many licenses are lost it’s a huge blow.
People can handle a blow better, when being prepaired.
I mean prepaired not taken by surprise a few days before the light goes out.
That is why it fails on me, when firms are writing in the company profile, that the sun is practically shining wherever they go, but expose their customers in the heavy rain.
Through some of the customers they raise money through advertisment or through the viki pass.
Volunteers do have a give and take situation with them but …
All is based on trust, and this trust once harmed is not easily restored.

And true viewers alike volunteers sometimes need to leave the “screen” and are taking care of other things.

I do think about rewatching some, but I am also cutting my wishlist on what I wanted to see, and maybe I won’t be able to ever see, just because I don’t want to rush through someones production that took weeks to create and at least the same time to subtitle. Out of respect I rather don’t watch then later not being able to give a justified opinion.


Yes, Viki has a lot of users and while they might not see this as something special it certainly affects a lot of people. There is quite the possibility of users choosing not to buy VikiPass any more caused by this (of course this would not be the only reason, but it would certainly weight a lot if most of the shows on their ‘to watch list’ suddenly disappears within a few days).

The feeling of “I need to rush through this drama if I want to watch all the episodes” seems to be one of the worst. I am already about to give up on some because a have a lot to catch up on (a 2-3 weeks vacation without watching a drama and then put it on hold because I need to watch a drama before the license ends? in that case I would probably forget most of the drama I was watching before the binge watch rush). Again, a lot of people have things to deal with which cannot be postponed. And this time of the year, many of the users might be traveling or having a part-time job in their summer break etc. If we were better prepared for this, it would be much easier to accept things like “I will never be able to watch this drama till the end” and so on.