Expiring Licenses

Thread started July 13, 2017. Updated July 22, 2017.
I am starting this thread so both viewers and active contributors who may have worked on the dramas listed will know that the licenses for certain dramas at viki are expiring soon. I am updating this post as I receive information either from viki or on this forum.
Expiring End of July, 2017
Bap Mokja
Secret Garden
I Hear Your Voice
Angel Eyes
City Hunter
KARA Secret Love
Tree with Deep Roots
Will It Snow For Christmas
“Soon” to exprie
Warrior Baek Dong Soo
Doctor X (2013)
Doctor X(2014)

Expiring July 17, 2017
All About My Romance
Beyond the Clouds
Cheomgdamdong Alice
Doctor Stranger
Good Doctor
Hope for Dating
Incarnation of Money
Ja Myung Go
Jang Ok Jeong
King of Dramas
Live in Style
Loving you A Thousand Times
Madly in Love
Master’s Sun
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
My Love from a Star
My Love, Madame Butterfly
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Painter of the Wind
Prime Minister is Dating
Prosecutor Princess
Protect the Boss
Queen of Ambition
Rooftop Prince
Running Man
Scent of a Woman
School 2013
Smile, Mom
Tenptation of Wife
The Suspicous Housemaid
The Woman Who Married Three Times
Trot Lovers
You’re All Surrounded
Please add to the thread if you have received information directly from viki staff!

Update July 22, 2017
It is an extremely confusing situation. I am a QC in the US. Without using any vpn service, when I go to “To the Beautiful You” there is a message that “This title is currently unavailable. The team is always working on ways to get more content up on viki.” But If I click on any episode, it starts running just fine.
The same is true for several other dramas scheduled for removal on July 17.
So look on this as an opportunity: if you wanted to save the subs in your respective license, do it now!!! PM me if you need instructions! Or if you want to watch, marathon NOW


Add “Great Doctor” to the list. :’(

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You mean FAITH, that’s my “bandage” on really bad days. Oh, no!


Such good dramas ! What’s a pity !


Yes. Unfortunately, is going away. I’m so beyond sad. :frowning:

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If I may, I suggest the thread OP adds each licence mentioned in the comments in the original post, or we’re going to lose track very soon.


Running Man expires at the end of this month too.

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NO WAY! :frowning:

I need to watch it again. :frowning: it;s why I watched SHR! he’s awesome! :frowning:


I know. Gotta watch one more time before it’s gone. :frowning:

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oh no >_______________________<

secret garden ;_;
i wanted to watch it again -.-


all the good dramas and we are getting some old insignificant ones… or not? bumping the post (are these the changes)
Plus people, is anyone worrying about Net Neutrality in US where streaming might become a costly thing??Google it and call your congress reps or write a letter, I think it’s till 7/20.

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So I must quickly rewatch quite a few Kdrama :smirk:


What about we start a campaign requesting licenses to be renewed with the usual form?


I just filled in the form for all Kdama listed here that I want Viki to keep.


I just finished watching ´Faith, the great doctor´ last week! I´m really glad I watched it just in time, but I´m also sad that a lot of good dramas willl expire :frowning:

By the way, I got a message from the CM that 'Tree with deep Roots’also will expire end of July.


you are glad that you get a massage.
i subbed episodes of the Interpreter and two days later nothing didnt work, cause the licence was gone

Oh, that sucks. Did you follow the channel though? I got the messagess because I follow alot of channels.
I watched a few episodes of the Interpreter and I was planning on watching the rest later, but I guess no.

Es ist wirklich schade. :frowning:

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yah really sucks v.v
and no i dont follow channels, i never knew why this Options is there xD

sehr schade.

Wait. TREE with Deep roots? Seriously?

Is someone…not aware that this is PART OF A TRILOGY And the LAST ONE IS COMING OUT SOON?

This is the first part of the trilogy that includes SIX FLYING DRAGONS and the new one, WATER from a DEEP SPRING!

Wow. :frowning:

This is disheartening. :frowning: the list is getting long and …(shaking head).

well…we can work…or we can put our tools down and watch the dramas we and our friends have worked on before they leave us.

Moa Desaym


Yeah, I’m also sad about it. It was the first historical I watched and I completed the subs on my own when I hadn’t subbed for a long time yet and I learnt a lot from it.

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