Done with viki

The only reason why I started using viki was cause i was irritated with Dramafever with all the excessive ads and having to pay for HD then and there Viki turned into paradise

but I guess now viki has turned into the ways of Dramafever
I will miss you Viki I shall now turn to Good Drama


I agree is very sad this whole situation…Goodbye viki :’(


Good Drama…is that site good? Free users there get 720P?

I have been using Hulu for dramas that Viki doesn’t have. And am going there exclusively from now on. Hulu’s drama list is the same huge list that DF has but free users get 720P.

Anyhow, I’ll be checking out Good Drama. Thanks for the heads up on this site. Didn’t even know about it til now.


But because you will leave the viki now?
The advertisements are normal, it will happen on any site …

The difference DramaEver is that you will now have to pay to watch …
I believe in Viki you will not need to do this …


No one in their right minds will head over to Dramafever. We ALL HATE THAT PLACE!

So far it’s Hulu or Good Drama.

Second, I’ll stay at VIki if free users get access to 720P. But we don’t. Hulu free users get 720P. Why would we stay here at Viki?

Commercials…can’t escape it. Great video quality is a must.


Right now I will not leave the Viki …
Compared with what went on DramaEver …
Here is much better …

Please (do not judge me) is what I think of.


Hi what she means is that VIKI is now offering an Ads Free service if you pay a certain amount just like DF. So this really sucks!


Now I really understood.

Thanks <3

Viki hasn’t added more ads with the addition of the Viki Pass though. And sure, they’ve taken away HD for free users, but 480p is still available, which is good enough (in my opinion) if you’re watching on your computer or laptop.

By the way, Gooddrama doesn’t even look like it streams in HD. And they essentially post copyright material because none of the subs on their site belong to them, as they come from Viki, DF, and other fansub groups.
So much as you may dislike how the legal sites work now, without them, you wouldn’t have your dramas at all.


I’m currently very disappointed with viki as well. I guess it’s understandable if they want to charge a fee for ad-free videos, but what about the people who use chrome (like me) with ad-block installed? Now we can’t watch the videos unless we 1) buy the membership - no thanks or 2) uninstall ad-block - sorry viki, you’re not worth it for that.


You can disable adblock for certain sites or domains. You’ll have to deal with the ads on this site obviously, but it’s an idea if you’d like to use Viki still.


I thought Viki was above Dramafever. I guess I was wrong. Folks, do NOT pay a dime of your money to this site when there are FREE drama websites out there. Good riddance Viki!


I used to remember the annoying ads on Viki until I found out about Adblocker. It was like a life saver. Now Viki won’t let it run unless you disable it. :confused:
I’ve been using Viki way since '09 and I’m not going to leave just because of a small problem. You guys have to understand that Viki is a big site; every business needs money.

IMO, a few ads won’t kill. At least I get to watch it for free :slight_smile:


What I do not get is everyone mentions other drama sources, that is against Viki policy, but well …
The next you mention HULU and surprise it’s as well a partner of Viki.
Don’t believe it?
And sorry this is the German version but there should be something equal in your language, if you check out the net.
If you would have bought Viki for 200 million, wouldn’t you want some of that money back?
I am living in Germany so I did not have that much adds anyway, and I even watch in 240, since I have a rather old pc and screen. Viki for me is the only legal choice out there. I am a QC, so I get the Viki Pass on top, but there is not that much difference for me, 'cause aside from not getting adds now, I can’t use HD anyway as long as I don’t change my pc…


I understand why you might change and make us pay, but shouldn’t that also allow us to view dramas that aren’t available in our regions? I don’t think its worth it to pay if we can’t view dramas that aren’t licensed in some regions, like I Miss You, or Heirs


I think it’s shameful that Viki has now made a HUGE profit (200 million investment from a Japanese Corp.) off the sweat and labor of translators and segmentors.

I ask any person who has translated and segmented dramas this question? Would you have done it or continue to do it knowing that Viki is profiting from your FREE labor and hardwork. It’s the translaters and segmenters who MADE THIS SITE IT IS TODAY. Only to see the creators of Viki profit from their free labor.

Now that Viki is charging people, they in turn should PAY the translators and segmenters for their hard work.

Frankly, I am not sure if people would have helped Viki in this way had they known that their free work would lead to Viki becoming another Dramafever.


I didn’t even think about that. That must be horrible for those who work so hard for us. They must feel used right now. Shame on you Viki!


I don’t think that’s how it works. It’s not like Rakuten handed the owner (?) of Viki a giant sum of money for his personal use or something.

The investment is to help further expand Viki (if even that), which is something I’m behind. The money has to come from somewhere, for Viki to get access to all the shows it’s made available. And if users want more content, available in more places, don’t you think Viki needs money for that too?

Viki isn’t the only thing profiting. All the content that they’ll be able to make available is great for me too.

And anyway, no one’s denying that the contributors make this site. We get free Viki Pass access, which isn’t a bad deal, considering I wasn’t expecting anything. I help out because I like to, and I also get to help give other people the chance to enjoy this stuff.

I can understand the comparisons to DF, especially with the new arrival of Viki Pass. But at least, imo, Viki isn’t as far gone as DF. I’m sure I wouldn’t still be here if it was.


But doesn’t dramafever use hulu for most of its dramas?

I love the fact that most of the people complaining aren’t even/are barely volunteers over here, i find it funny actually.
For me i feel it’s fair that viki made the viki pass, because i think people who work everyday on the site should be privileged over those who don’t even bother.
It’s not that hard to do 2000 segment or 3000 subs really, you can all do it and get all the videos for free.
Personally i don’t live in the states so Hulu is not available, and drama fever only shows the first 5 episodes of some, not all dramas, with a massive amount of ads, i don’t really mind that though, i just care about the availability.
So Viki is the best site ever in my case, i don’t mind helping out in return for good quality sub and availability for all dramas for free, in fact i would and i am doing that everyday. Viki is the only site that gives you the option for worldwide view of dramas, even if it means working a bit for it, nothing in this world is free so…
I think Viki will always be the best site between them, and legal one, you’re free to quit yourself if you don’t like the change and are not interested in contributing but i don’t think you should be convincing others to do so that’s bad manners especially here on the discussion of the site:),
If there was not the QC option i would understand where you are coming from, but it’s not like there is no way at all to view contents for free.
I’m sorry if my words may seem hard but that’s how i see things.