Drama and Anime recommendations (PLS HELP)

Pls help me!!! I’m very bored during quarantine and need something to watch. I watch all genres from comedy to thriller and even horror. Anything will be helpful. You all have my thanks. (The image is from Toradora!) mYHGpYy

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If you like no romance and more of a biology / slightly horror and creepy / calm and slow anime, I recommend Mushishi (season 1 on Funimation and season 2 on Cruncyroll), if you haven’t already seen it. I watched both seasons and the live action, and I am currently reading the manga. I am not an anime watcher per say, but I absolutely love Mushishi!

–Summary: A Mushi-Shi named Ginko travels through 19th Century Japan, helping the villagers with their problems with mushi, mostly invisible creatures like bugs or animals. Each episode features a different problem with the mushi. What the show mostly explores is human nature, how humans behave towards each other, towards animals, and towards nature. Plus, the mushi are cool!

I also recommend Girls und Panzer (on Netflix) if you want a lighthearted yet rather suspenseful anime. It’s short and doesn’t require a lot of emotional investment. The different types of tanks and the battle strategies were well done.

–Summary: A high school girl gets pressured into joining the Tankery Club at school with her friends. They then join a Tankery competition against other high schools with the prize being prestige. However, as she competes in the matches, she eventually finds out that there is more to Tankery than just winning and prestige.

Leiji Matsumoto’s OZMA (on Viki) is super short but the world that it explores is really cool! I wish there were more episodes, or maybe a manga. Instead of water battles and submarines, there are sand battles and sand submarines.

–Summary: In a world without water and filled only with seas of sand, a young boy named Sam tries to avenge his brother’s disappearance by ‘hunting’ the sand-whale called Ozma. While doing so, he saves a woman named Maya from her pursuers and brings her back to his sand ship. What ensues next is a hunt by the pursuers to bring her back. Sam and the entire crew learn that Maya is no ordinary human…


Thank you :sob:
I will be sure to check them out. They seem like a real treat.

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If you would like drama recommendations from several different genres, there are many discussion posts on them :smiley:

Looking for a bit more ehh 'mature' Kdrama

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Can’t recommend anime but drama …

Since I don’t know anything about you, it’s really random …


Woah! :open_mouth: Thanks for giving me so many amazing dramas to watch. They all seem very nice to binge.

Thx again. I will be sure to check them out.

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All Viki’s animes are restricted in my area, so I don’t know about them, but maybe you’d like:


Have you watched ‘Azumanga daioh’? It’s random and I watched it many years ago, but for some reason I can still remember the opening song :laughing:

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hi, @luna_9x10 you seem to be new here… welcome!
I dunno, but I’m more of the rom-com type, so here are my faves…all happy endings :slight_smile:

One of THE most legendary dramas ever to exist… bet you’ll fall in love with Song Joong Ki in no time:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The funniest, fluffiest, cutest watch ever. The action part is also awesome, and the OTP is the BESTTT

Another epic…though I hate the ending. But it’s worth watching for the beautiful cinematography, the bromance and the amazing actors. You haven’t watched kdrama if you haven’t watched this :slight_smile:

And if you loved Goblin, but hated the ending like me, this is sure to get you up in no time–the second main lead couple in Goblin star as the main couple in this office/law drama.

Everybody needs to see Ji Chang Wook in his prosecutor outfit before they die. EVERYONE.

One of the best saeguks(historical dramas) out there. Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung are two of the best actors ever.

I had made collection of my favorites…

Yeah, so those are my top ones. All mostly light, fluffy, heartwarming dramas with stellar acting. Hope you enjoy your time in KdramaLand!!

Fey, I am happy to find another old-school Azumanga Daioh fan. :two_hearts: Although, I might be a crazed super fan from back in the early 00s. :joy: To this day, I still laugh until I cry when reading the manga or watching the anime. Love the wacky humor, all the characters, the art style, snippet storytelling, random absurdities, and especially the Seiyuu! Back then I collected many Azumanga Daioh goods, I still love them… By chance, would you like to meet super-jumbo, UFO Catcher grand prize, Chiyo-chichi plushie? He is my treasure :heart_eyes_cat:



OMG :heart_eyes: How adorable! I like all the different ones :smile:

I think AD was one of the first animes I saw in that genre back in the 00’s. Laughed so much watching this anime. Seriously, should watch it again one of these days - it’s been a while :blush: I don’t think I’ve ever read the manga for this one. Did the anime deviate a lot from it?

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I guess I missed out, cause I’ve never even heard of Azumanga Daioh, but when I saw that orange cat above, for a moment I thought it was Dikkie Dik! :rofl:


Hahaha Dikkie Dik, what a throwback :rofl:
I bet I still have some Dikkie Dik books at my parents’ house.

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Just a snippet if you are curious. It’s really random haha.


Hahaha, it seems fun. :sunglasses:

I also really like animes connected to food, so let me recommend some:

  • Toriko (fantastic food scenes)
  • Yumeiro patissiere (about pastries)
  • Yakitate!! Japan (about mainly bread)
  • Cooking Master Boy (they are remaking this one, I’ve seen the older version)
  • Bartender

If other people want to recommend other food animes to me, be my guest :wink: I’ve watched a few other ones, food wars is still on my list though :blush:

How about this one?


@luna_9x10 did you find anything interesting?

I just finished watching the anime Monster. I recommend it very much if you are into slight horror, thriller, mystery, and suspense animes. It has violence in it due to the plot revolving around a serial killer, though. It’s an older series, so the drawings aren’t new and fancy, but if art style doesn’t bother you, then that’s no problem. Towards the middle, the episodes are a little repetitive in their content because they involve characters sharing information that the viewer already knows, but the story picks up near the end.

Plot: A young Japanese doctor living in 1980s Germany quickly rises to medical fame for his exceptional surgery skills. One fateful day, he performs surgery on a young boy who was shot in the head and saves the boy. Years later, the boy grows up to be a serial killer. The doctor, distraught over this turn of events, sets out to kill the young man he once saved. Along the way, he discovers true humanity and true monstrosity…



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