Drama Love is Like "Fireworks" Let the SPARKS Fly! 💜


Bring on the SPARKS!

Firework Scenes in Drama!!!



This is like a treasure hunt - it is hard to find the scenes!!! Good luck!




Kill Me Heal Me - Fireworks kissing Shin Se Gi


Sometimes I would rather see more firework sparkling

And sometimes it is better the camera is not that close

There is a certain kind of C-drama that doesn’t miss the fireworks

Unfortunately didn’t find a Dr. Cutie firework, and there is more than one.

I really like this drama for several reasons

Not the lead couple but anyway - firework

I will leave the rest to you


Seems to be a theme - fireworks WITH kisses.


Well - I’ll be making another collection to go with my umbrella one!!!


Here we go! Help me out to fill it up!!!


Isn’t there fireworks in Hyde Jekyll Me at the amusement park??? I can’t find it.


I love this song!!!

40 sec in Fireworks
Bromance T- Drama


oooooh hoW could I forget… the BOMB-FIREWORKS in SWDBS! I had been crying all through the scene as suddenly the “bomb” turns into fireworks… made me laugh so hard!!

and there’s the new years’ fireworks in My Little Happiness!


Start Up…it was a beautiful scene when Jipyeong and Dalmi were looking at that fireworks…


LOL okay, after leaving the topic and coming back it dawned on me, Strong Woman … Abbreviations will be the death of me … Someday …


I have 13 shows in the Collection!

Now I know there is more out there we just have to think!


The abbreviations throw me for a loop sometimes. Once I was watching a drama and in the timed comments (TC :stuck_out_tongue:) people kept mentioning something reminded them ot DOTS, for the longest time I was thinking I don’t know what show that is, then, I don’t know what DOTS is but it sure reminds me of Descendants of the :woman_facepalming:. It took me ages to realize what CLOY was too lol.


Heart Jail!


You can guess what the German word Feuerwerk means …

Maybe a German hottie for your collection, the video was shot where, as an Asian drama lover … You will know, right?


I was learning German after I visited in 2018 - Now I’m trying to learn Korean - German is SO much EASIER!!!


I think I posted this before???

so another one on top


Do You Like the “Fireworks” trope! Kind of romantic most of the time!!! :blush:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t Notice

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… and I can add, if it is done nicely and doesn’t look too fake.

Since in reality because of the fine dust there are fewer fireworks I like to see some on the screen.


The fireworks in Scent of a Woman were so sweet but I can’t find a gif or a video! DRATS!