Drama Love is Like "Fireworks" Let the SPARKS Fly! πŸ’œ



Yippie you found it!


When I think about fireworks in dramas, I always think about Love Me If You Dare

I loved that scene.



Oh found another one


I love that! And her smile! Added to the collection! I think the fireworks thing is so sweet because most men would NEVER take the time to do that (well most men don’t have the money - hahahahaha!)
And the guys reaction to her reaction AW AW AW

We Heart It



Weightlifting Fairy


How could I have forgotten about this one

β€œKids, continue what you were doing.” :joy:

Their confession scene also includes fireworks, but I didn’t really want to include the video because it’s kind of spoilery.


A Love So Beautiful


Aw - Can’t forget My Minho @padmalayag
Legend of the Blue Sea


Fated to Love You - One of my ALL time favorites!



I have a new trope for you to look out for…look at what we posted and help me out and give us some more I have 19 shows in my collection so far - Can you think of more shows???