Drama Love is Like "Fireworks" Let the SPARKS Fly! πŸ’œ


at 1:46 Fireworks kiss


Gangnam Beauty
31 sec


Not on Viki but Boss & Me (2014) - MyDramaList had at least 2 scenes with fireworks, but I think there was one more.


Last Eps Fireworks


Global Granary

Love Script Eps 9 - Birthday and Prayer/Wish with fireworks

Fireworks Collection

This show is so SWEET


I don’t want to start another thread - But if you guys have any dramas with AWESOME
Cinematography - PLEASE LET ME KNOW So I can add-
I’m an artist and love photography so I love some of the ways some of these dramas are Shot!



Oooh I love this!! I’m an artist at heart, too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from rewinding or taking screenshots because the scenes are just so week done!


Some of the film work is so amazing like in Just Between Lovers and Long Ballad amazing camera work in a lot of dramas!!!


Right now, I can think of:

  • Tomorrow With You: I loooved the autumn color palette they used. it was perfect for the time travel-melodrama theme. The very first shot of the entire drama was also really creative… I remember it vividly even now. The special effects were done very nicely, too.

Another striking thing was the difference in the pallete and filters to distinguish between the future world and the present world. The present world had a warm, cozy, autumn palette with a soft filter, while the future world had a darker, grey-ish, mode depressing tone with a sharp filter. They even changed the screen dimensions. After a few episodes, I could easily tell immediately where So Joon was.


Yes that was gorgeous and between worlds was definitely very different feel! Love it! :fallen_leaf:


Is there a thread for this? I don’t think so


I was looking for this one!! I just love it!


Just say it, I just want to add Sanny to this thread! lol


All day everyday


I thought the movie β€˜Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned’ had some really good frozen time sequences.

These may already be in your collection
Hotel De Luna
W:Two Worlds
Descendants of the Sun
Bride of the Water God
Hwayugi (aka - A Korean Odyssey)


A few are yes Ill add these others Thx


U should add that movie to Hidden Gems!


Such pretty fireworks!! The editing on A Business Proposal is REALLY good!


Is this not on VIKI???


Nope it’s on Ntfx.