Drama Reccs: Heartwarming Families - Unexpected or Not

I know the title is a little confusing because I don’t know how to put it in one line. Basically, I just want dramas with heartwarming families in them. Watching Thirty But Seventeen made me realize how much I LOVE this “trope”. It doesn’t matter if it’s a real family or one that just “happens”(like the ones in Thirty But Seventeen/ Oh My Venus). You know, people who get together around a table and share their lives. Open homes. Since most of you have watched tons of dramas, I hope you get what I’m saying.
I’d like to make a collection… and probably a video. It breaks my heart to see the amount of broken-family/abusive-family videos on YouTube but I couldn’t find many loving family videos at all.

And as the saying goes “If you want to read something you can’t find, write it yourself.”(or something like that… I can’t remember :sweat_smile:) So give me your reccs!

I’ll start it with my own collection(This is my favorite genre so I have quite a lot already):

  1. Thirty But Seventeen
  2. 18 Again
  3. Oh My Venus
  4. Dr. Romantic
  5. Go Ahead
  6. He is Psychometric
  7. Goblin
  8. I’m Not a Robot
  9. The Player
  10. Lawless Lawyer
  11. Octogenarians and the 90s
  12. Suspicious Partner
  13. Terrius Behind Me
  14. The Great Show
  15. The Legend of the Blue Sea
  16. Go Back Couple
  17. Touch Your Heart
  18. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Right now I remember:

Five Enough
Marriage Contract
Glorious Day
Bad Family - it fits your wishes, but it has never been on Viki, it’s an old one.
Gloria - the drama might have had his up and downs but the “family feels” were just good. No longer at Viki


Oh, I’m watching one of those right now:
Somewhat Family (also called “Unexpected Family” (어떻게 든 가족)
The story of a married couple, Sung Dong-il and Jin Hee-kyung, who run a boarding house near the airport and live with various people who work at said airport.
And another one on my watch list:
Be My Dream Family (Other names: Dreams Even if Behind; Dream Even though Tricked; A Fool’s Dream; Dreams of Belief; Sokado Ggumgyeol; In My Wildest Dreams)
The story of two families of different cultures meeting in the twilight of their parents and becoming one family.
And one shouldn’t forget
It’s okay, that’s Love


Interesting thread, but you mention a lot of good ones. I have to think about it hehe


Kimchi Family
Heard it Through the Grapevine
Best Wedding - not at Viki
Beyond the Clouds - no longer at Viki
Family’s Honor - an old one, no longer at Viki
Fantastic - one I love especially because of the mood it gives you is just so good, at least for me, but it’s not an easy watch.


What happens to my family? - It starts out not so heartwarming, because the father sues his adult children for never paying attention to him/taking him for granted, but you’ll soon find out why and his children do change for the better.

My father is strange - A seemingly typical family consisting of parents and 4 children. One day, an idol-turned-actor shows up and claims he is the biological son of the father.


Wow, thanks for all the reccs! :heart_eyes: A lot of them seem like weekend dramas, though… are they all worth the loooong watch?

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Well, the dramas I recommend are :wink:
Plus I also really liked It’s okay, that’s loved and Fantastic. (I was the Dutch mod for both What happens to my family and Fantastic)
If you’re not sure you could check out the trailer on MDL and then decide if you want to watch it.

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Well, about weekend dramas that’s the trope of them - being heartwarming, most of them at least.
There was also
Legendary Witch - I think it’s also no longer on Viki


You know I think “Wok of Love” with the Bromance and Gangsta “family” I love it.
Coffee Prince - The “family” of guys at the coffee shop were so Awesome
A Gentleman’s Dignity (but that is older guys) they are a group of friends I love their interactions
probably not one you would like
Crash Landing on You - of course the “Squad” was the best family ever
Goblin - Of course the friendship Bromance and the nephew
Oh My Venus - the three guy friends and her together
Oh My Ghostess - the “restaurant” family and the chef takes care of them
Another Oh Hae Young - All kinds of misfits
Beauty Inside - I loved the family/friend dynamic with supernatural going on
DOOM - I love how they all made up a family together - including co workers
And yes - Your 30 but 17 because I loved the housekeeper so much!!!

These probably aren’t what you are talking about but I guess I don’t watch a lot of family drama more like misfits that become a family.

Quess who is in Another Oh Hae Young!!!
More of an adult role but I love her.

I don’t watch very many young shows. I love “Spring Is Green” and the friendships that are growing, the family of the main lead is AWFUL just AWFUL - he needs his friendship family

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So many already got mentioned. Let me think…
Move to heaven :slight_smile:


Off the top of my head: Racket Boys on Ntflx. I just finished it. So much better than I ever could have anticipated. There’s a whole combination of an actual family who take in a whole bunch of other kids that they are coaching on a rural badminton team, and then the whole rural town also plays a ‘family role’ with these kids.

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When I started to think about this, and peruse my collections for more ideas, I realized that I must be drawn to this ‘trope’ as well, because there is an element of this ‘found family’, to some extent, in nearly all of my favorite dramas.

Some of the more obvious that haven’t already been mentioned:
Melo is My Nature
Flower Boy Next Door
The Imperial Coroner and Maiden Holmes with their sleuthing teams
Happy Once Again

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Bromance - Both their families are lovely
Best Lover (not on Viki) - contract marriage trope
Love Now - long, definite angst, bittersweet ending
Inborn Pair - another very long one, arranged marriage, they live with his family.

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31 Dec 2017
I Honestly Loved This Drama I’ve Rewatched it Maybe three Or Two Times I Only watched it only becuase of iu but I love the romatic story Lines Between the Couples i love IU’s acting i think she should be acting in more roles shes so enjoyable to watch in my Opinion i Just Love Everything. i love how it slowly draws you in theres somethings that annoys me about the drama but it was mostly little things like(Sometimes slowpaste i sometimes hated iu’s real mom but then i wished there mother -daughter relationship grow more) i loved how iu and her Real-LIfe best friend Played Sister Are on here. i think i liked how he liked her first thats what i liked most i hate when the girl is so desprate as the female lead i like it when the guy gives into hes feelings first it just shows how much he really likes here idk maybe just me any way yeah thats it. (sorry for missed spelled words for all those spelling correcters out there im currently sleepy and excited from finishing yet another all day nighter till next day drama yall get it anyway thats my review :slight_smile: :frowning: :slight_smile:

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You asked, :rofl: and we answered! Now get yourself some snax, and snacks. Settle in for the ride in drama land!

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Ok, this is my first list for this:

  • Angel eyes, I love how his family “adopts” her and treats her like a part of the family.

  • Another Miss Oh, not just with his siblings but with his team.


  • Go Ahead, if we talk about families, the list will always include this drama.

  • Hospital playlist, they look like a family for me

  • Lovestruck in the city

  • Mystic pop up bar they are a family indeed, but they didn’t know it

  • Taxi driver, I love their friendship and supportive relationship


YES! This is also what I wanted! I just didn’t know how to explain it so I wrote “unexpected family” :sweat_smile: Thank you!

Thank you! I forgot all about Imperial Coroner! :grimacing: Thank you!

:joy::joy: I’ll have to learn not to binge and just… enjoooooy the ride :sweat_smile:

This one is on my watchlist!

All right, I’ll start on a weekend drama. I can’t choose, though:

  1. My Father is Strange
  2. What Happens to my Family
  3. Fantastic