Dramas are dragging


have you ever started watching a drama you thought it would be good and it slowly drags, I am and I do want to finish it? the actors& actresses. their acting is not as good as it should, and I am one that says if you cant say anything nice don’t say anything at all. but gee! this is something else. dumb and dumber, a blonde in the works, duh, and then it may just be me. not going to mention the one I am watching. but I am sure y’all know what I mean, bad endings are one thing, but just drag along type stuff! and with us not having new dramas coming on. frustration showing, guess I better stop!

y’all have a great day!



Yes! Lately the dramas especially the romantic ones drag to the point that I stop watching them, and if is fully subbed I’ll go to the end to see the ending of the drama and just end my misery. Lately, this has become so common here for dramas to go in circle that I’ve already dropped 5 dramas bc the going around in circle gets to me.

Another thing that is happening here a lot is the subbing is going at a snail pace; although they cut them to 30 minutes each episode. They have a full FLEDGE team, but you have to wait days, even a week for one 30 minutes episode to be fully subbed. Please…and if you write a comment about the slowness of the subbing in the drama they remove your comment immediately, without giving a decent explanation.


I am watching about m4 and seriously I may just stop-! thought they would get better!~


This is why I don’t really like dramas that completely focus on romance too much anymore. The back and forth relationships in some dramas is tiring to the point I fast forward through all those scenes, leaving only about five to ten minutes of real content in each hour long episode. I’d much rather watch an action or thriller.


thriller,mystery,scifi, etc. lets do vampires, witches, time travel again, why not another lord fox?

or the remake of love from the sea(wrong title) stuff like that, even in ancient times secret investigation records, why not more?? or are we just bored??

why not some scifi from ancient times, or those myths, something about them, awwww again are we just bored? hehehehehehe tired of watching those romantic stories and leave us hanging, or those school kids type shows, the school ones… like angelight, I also have dropped a few too.

oh I know why don’t we write a story and send it in to these writers? maybe something will click, note my name, the writers are fantastic, maybe they are in a slump too! well we gotta laugh about it too

mystic pop up bar has me on the edge of my seat!! watching the older dramas here too and going to other links, they have the same problem!
why can’t we get some Japanese dramas, hey other places have them so why can’t viki, even those anime(?) is that right? would be helpful, ok enough already Mary, stop it! ME
off the ole soapbox! at least for now

the key phrase BORED!!!:rofl::rofl::heart_eyes:


I’m in! :joy:

Tomorrow we will get:

And soon:


Haha, it would be interesting if the viewers wrote the script for a drama. I wonder how it would turn out.:smile::thinking:

Have you watched 365: Repeat the year? It’s a really good time travel and mystery drama, kind of reminds me of the Agatha Christie book And Then There Were None.

Fortunately, it seems like we’re getting more of the thriller genre in July. I’m looking forward to “Train” and “Flower of Evil”.


at least good to know a few new dramas coming. and no haven’t watched 365 repeat the year. or is it like the one the day repeated over & over? I think I will start watching it anyway,

and as for us to write them? mine would be terrible to be sure! maybe some of you are fantastic in writing, but I do lack the talent.


Is that where your username comes from? :slight_smile:



We can’t write dramas for the Asian population unless we have a vast knowledge of their customs, restrictions on certain ‘‘love’’ scenes, we must keep their language intact also. To do that, it takes too much time and effort, so is best we leave that to them.

We can give stories ideas like; I suggested they do a ‘‘Bodyguard’’ Korean drama style, but so far they’ve failed miserably. For once, they picked the wrong main couple, there was no action packed senes and the story was a complete mess that had a horrible ending.

The Taiwanese one, Sweet Bodyguard? was better but it dragged too much, the funny scenes weren’t funny at all. The girl like always ‘‘naive-dumb’’

The Japanese one (rich spoiled guy) was a bit too violent to watch but had a good ending (forgot the title).


365… the story doesn’t repeat again and again, it has nothing to do with that and it’s very different. Mystic Pop up Bar is awesome, and it gets better with each passing episode. People wanted to compare it to Hotel De Luna and is nothing close to that so if you have NTFLX don’t miss it, and don’t miss 365 either…:grin:


mirjam_465, yes

angelight, you are so right, If I tried the asian story, I’d probably offend big time, not intentional

oh yeah I have been watching mystic bar! now have to wait till next week for the other episodes, and looks like it isn’t very many either. and so I am sitting on the edge of my seat!
so I guess I will have to wait for the new shows coming here soon, I hope!

as for the romance, I would destroy everything we know about all the Asian dramas! hehehehehe so guess its best to let the pros do it instead of an amature like me.

today I went to hulu, I started watching an anime, called code breaker, course another one with high school , but y’know was quite interesting, even of it was animated,
I don’t watch them cause I thought cartoonish, so I might try a couple of them.

again. bored!


It’s more along the lines of " 10 people go back exactly 1 year in time to correct their lives, but they face a situation and mystery they never would have expected(butterfly effect)." It’s kind of a bad explanation and I would say more, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you because it’s very very good…you have to pay attention to every small little detail.
And you probably need to set aside time for it because it’s the kind of drama where you say you will only watch one more episode but at the end there’s a big twist, so you say I’ll just watch one more, but then you end up watching the whole drama in one day…:sweat_smile:


allrighty then! ok I will check that out. the 365 0ne,
and y’know if one thing is changed everything changes, but I still love watching these type dramas.


I recommend @helenawang5717_57 suggestion.
I really enjoyed “365” Repeat the Year". The cast was marvelous and the story was wonderful. Although, I discovered I needed to watch when I was ‘fresh’ because I found myself getting a bit lost while watching when I was tired.

As a side note. I would love to see the leads, Nam Ji-hyun and Lee Joon-hyuk, in another drama together.


I loved this ancient ‘detective’ drama. You might try it out.

Also, I’m surrently watching this detective drama and really enjoying it. Especially like it when one of the characters in in the kitchen cooking…makes me hungry just thinking about it, lol.


yes I loved both of them, and I just might watch them again!


Recently crime(+historic) dramas are really popular especially in China. It’s interesting to see that each one is somewhat similar but has it’s own color which is really nice to see <3


Man Who Sets the Table. The abusive father was too much, always humiliating and manipulating his family. I had to stop watching it. Maybe others enjoyed it.


Regarding abuse in dramas or movies I think there is a big difference in how the abuse is presented and with which goal. If the show glorifies abuse I’m of course against it. But if it raises awareness for certain situations, it’s a different matter.