Dramas are dragging


Especially since there is a lot of abuse among chaebol families in SK whether it’s to their children or other people. I think Sky Castle showed a lot of that.


That’s great. Glad to hear.


I hope we can see more of this genre.


Me too! Them 2 have such great chemistry together. But I don’t want an all mellow- romantic drama. I want a more like action packed from both (detective-police officer competition?) Hate turns into love thing?


I have finally started watching that 35, will let yu know later what I thought


sorry not able to handle abuse, too many memories,

mirjam you may be right, and I should let it go, and what you said is right, “depends on how you/me look at it”
365 is what I meant.


heres a drama movie, y’all might like,(antique bakery)
he guys are some of ut favorite actors of today.

there’s a mystery that’s 20 years old and due t the head baker, and he has forgotten a lot of what happened, ( he was kidnapped)now 3 children are missing. um not going to say anymore, will give stuff away. a lot of mystery, and can watch baking cake, would love to get some of the recipes! anyway a terrific drama can watch in one setting too.


SOLVED :hugs:


@frustratedwriter Please consider how hurtful your choice of words could be to another person. Your words come across as very pointed and cruel: “Just a warning” “Has some “gay” scenes” “Pass that by”. I believe that was not your intention and I hope one day you will reconsider your stance.

Frankly speaking, (regarding another Viki discussion topic of late - Viki monitoring potentially heated-posts), in my opinion, this type of judgmental and intolerant statement is a another example of WHY the necessity exists that Viki determines to delete posts in discussions and even had to rewrite new guidelines specific to the problems.

Please, let’s keep Viki Discussions all-inclusive! :heart:


now I have deleted my response.



Thank you, Mary. Then I will do the same. :sunflower:


I know when @mary wrote [pass that by] she meant she skipped that part. She’s a senior in her late 70’s for what I read in her post. We need to respect our elders. It’s obvious she didn’t do that intentionally. Would you like someone to write that way to your mother or grandmother? How can we judge someone that doesn’t know any better? You could have PM her instead.


thank you!