Dramas that you watched till the end that weren't worth it

There are many, many, and still many dramas that I started to watch, just to waste my time on them. It isn’t to be considered literal. I loved them in the beginning. Later on, they got on my nerves, and I just had to ask myself “What am I watching even?”.

There are many. And, some people may have actually liked a lot of them too. But, I guess I can never get over how many hours I wasted on them.

So, here is the list:

  1. Backstreet Rookie: Alright, I liked it in the beginning. But, I guess it was sometimes too cringe for me to continue for it. I like mature dramas. I loved Ji Chang Wook in The K2 and Healer. But, this drama just…

  2. Yumi’s Cells: I don’t know. I loved it. I loved the Cells. But, at the ending, I just thought, “And…”. I don’t know; it wasn’t for me.

And the list goes on…


i really didn’t like the FL in Playful Kiss & how the ML was treating her.
there is also:
Three Bold Siblings, it was so long for no good reason & the main lead had no chemistry whatsoever, also most of the parents were annoying.