Dramas with Expiring Licenses :(

I just got a message saying this:
However, important important news. These dramas licenses are expiring soon. We were just informed by the viki staff. All subtitles all languages will be lost. Please inform everyone, please watch these shows as well.

As for me I am so sad we are losing Can you hear my heart? And Bridal Mask. Bridal Mask was incredibly hard to sub and we are losing our 100% Hangul subs. I am so sad.

The list to watch…

Couple Fantasy
East of Eden
Jewel in the Palace
Queen of Housewives
Beethoven Virus
Dong Yi
Still, Marry Me
The Great Queen Seon Deok
Kimcheed Radish (aka Kimcheed Radish Cubes)
Assorted Gems
Can You Hear My Heart?
I Love You, Don’t Cry
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
Coffee Prince
Attic Cat
Queen of Reversals
Kanna’s Big Success
Dr. Jin
A Gentleman’s Dignity
I Do, I Do
Bridal Mask

WHYYYY!!! Most of these are my go to dramas!!!
Is there a way viki can renew them?

I’m so upset having read about this.


Wow, I had no idea that Viki even let go of dramas once they have been subbed. That is incredibly disappointing especially for those who may be watching earlier dramas. There are so many I have not seen yet. I still want to see Coffee Prince, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Oh, and I have heard tons about Beethoven Virus but have not seen it either. I am really disappointed to hear this. I hope there is a a way to save the hard work that was done on these dramas. Maybe Viki could explain why this is happening?

Also, if they are not able to keep these archived then I hope they will at least let people know what the end date for each drama is, so people can watch them before then.


I think they will be expiring in January.
I love when i come in viki and just go to those channels and watch a random episode. I love My name is Kim Sam Soon and Coffee Prince. I think this will be my weakness to not be able to go back to the dramas i love.
I just hope shining Inheritance never expires.

I like that too with the dramas I have seen. I am so surprised about Coffee Prince because that one as I understand it, is and was extremely popular.

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I was as well. butI guess its all about the license… :pensive:

Nooooooo! Not the Coffee prince and Gentleman’s dignity!!!


Viki, you guys need to re-negotiate!


Kamsamidad for the heads up. After reading this post I stayed up all night marathoning “Gentleman’s Dignity” for the 5th time. I just love this drama and will miss it.


With Viki’s permission, We just finished updating the entire 54 episodes of Jewel in the Palace between 3-4 subbers! Do you know how many hours of work I put in there to update the translation?! This is really upsetting! Had I known that it will be all deleted, I would never have spent my precious time on it! Why couldn’t they tell us that before they gave us the blessing to work on it?! I had also worked on some other dramas that are listed to expire. Now I’m losing motivation to sub for Viki anymore.


No way! Some of my most loved dramas are in this list! How can it be? Where do you find about the licences?

No, seriously, can’t we petition to re-negotiate some of the more popular and beloved dramas?

Has anybody ever heard of such a case?

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It actually demotivates me. If my work is going to be deleted someday then why should I even start. I feel like instead of subbing I can rather use my time to actually learn vocabularies or study as sad as that sounds but yeah.

I still need to see 3 period Kdrama which are on the list (Jewel in the palace, Dong Yi and The Great Queen Seon Deok) which each have so many eps… will I be able to make it?! And on the list there are also some Kdrama I want to rewatch such as Bridal Mask, Can you hear my heart?

I’m going to ask Viki when the period Kdrama will expire since there is no way I can finish them all 3 if it’s in a month.

Hello @Dudie : the original message says : “Unfortunately, our licenses for these titles is coming to an end, and they will expire between 5/20-5/29. Please reach out to your respective Channel teams and let them know.”
I’m the channel messager for The great queen Seon Deok, so I received this message too.

@ajumma2 : I’m really upset too, because I spent a lot of my time to resegment “the great queen Seon Deok”. And now I stop the french translation for jewel in the palace, and the great queen seon deok. I prefer spend my time for something else.

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I just submitted a message of complaint to Viki and frankly don’t know if I will stay around. In addition to the list above I learned that Ja Myung Go, Painter of the Wind and The Great Seer will come up for license “renegotiation” in 2015.


Thank you, so I still have about 5 months.

Along with the expire date I also asked where I can find a list with Kdrama and expire dates. I don’t think they have one yet (while they had one in the way old Viki) so hopefully they will think “hey that’s a good idea”.

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I have been asking them for years to include the license information in the video management screens somewhere so we could know what the deal was. I doubt they ever will.


@LACruiser So the list is not even complete?
And they used to have lists with expire dates years ago but somehow they quit sharing that info.

I don’t know if the first list is a “done deal” and the others aren’t, or what. I had some shows I was using for segment training just disappear one day so I asked to find out that the licenses were lost. It was around the time we finished the update on Jewel so I asked about Ja Myung Go and the other two as I was about to start working on updating it. That is when I learned about the “re-negotiations” coming up. I decided not to work on any of them.

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NOBODY in Viki actually works on any of the shows so NOBODY really has a clue as to the work really contributed. But we know!