Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


So he did this drama before leaving? amazing.


Yes - Right After Gumiho! I love him


Eps 11
He holds paper umbrella over her in the rain!
Cute show with short eps


Umbrella EARLY on!!!


Although, if I’m not mistaken he left right after [WE ARE BREAKING UP] bc he gave the farewell ending back in August bc by November he would be doing his Military Duties.

BY the way @kdrama2020ali Like you, that actress is not my CUP OF TEA and the guy neither (except one drama). I have avoided all her dramas except one (with Ji Sung) anyway, the thing is that this drama is likeable and it ‘‘reel me in’’ and I hope it stays just as good. The kisses at the beginning with two cute ppl were very enjoyable and so romantic.


I won’t be watching it - I just don’t like the FL - but I’m glad you like it! :sunny:

I love Jang Ki Yong and wish him well in his service - so glad he was busy before he left! Hope he does well and comes back safe!


A new melodrama Melancholia with young actor from 18 Again… there is no kdrama without an umbrella scene :rofl:



Added to my umbrella collection - thank you :umbrella:



kdrama diary

Red Sky Eps 8 - There was an Umbrella - and a save from the rain and the Prince!




I am up to 148 shows and counting!!! :umbrella:


Red Sleeves and this “Jealous” umbrella scene was Priceless!

Ode to the Umbrella Troups

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1 a dream of splendor

2 love like the galaxy

3 alchimers of lost souls think thats how you spell it

4 the young lawyer w alchimers

shraddhasingh umbrellas of dramaland about those “darn” umbrellas, thanks I refreshed my reading just now. interesting


They should add “Melancholia”, “Yumi’s Cells” (part 1) and of course the classic “Love Rain” (maybe the mother of them all).


Color green is the new yellow umbrella. Gosh! ![:green_heart:|16x16]

thne #4 in other message [#ExtraordinaryAttorneyWoo]


well this isnt a drama, but thought it was quite interesting

Umbrella sky😍☂🌂💜💜 Metsä, Hanno, Japan

is it a painting or real?


It looks real. I looked it up, it’s a real place. At the same time, there are artists renditions.


That’s so pretty!


yes I thought it was pretty too, and with us talking about “those darn umbrellas” thought it would be a nice touch