Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


So he did this drama before leaving? amazing.


Yes - Right After Gumiho! I love him


Eps 11
He holds paper umbrella over her in the rain!
Cute show with short eps


Umbrella EARLY on!!!


Although, if I’m not mistaken he left right after [WE ARE BREAKING UP] bc he gave the farewell ending back in August bc by November he would be doing his Military Duties.

BY the way @kdrama2020ali Like you, that actress is not my CUP OF TEA and the guy neither (except one drama). I have avoided all her dramas except one (with Ji Sung) anyway, the thing is that this drama is likeable and it ‘‘reel me in’’ and I hope it stays just as good. The kisses at the beginning with two cute ppl were very enjoyable and so romantic.


I won’t be watching it - I just don’t like the FL - but I’m glad you like it! :sunny:

I love Jang Ki Yong and wish him well in his service - so glad he was busy before he left! Hope he does well and comes back safe!


A new melodrama Melancholia with young actor from 18 Again… there is no kdrama without an umbrella scene :rofl:



Added to my umbrella collection - thank you :umbrella:



kdrama diary

Red Sky Eps 8 - There was an Umbrella - and a save from the rain and the Prince!




I am up to 148 shows and counting!!! :umbrella:


Red Sleeves and this “Jealous” umbrella scene was Priceless!