Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


So guess what???
My Umbrella He Saved Me from The Rain :umbrella::closed_umbrella:
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100 Days My Prince


He’s not liking his umbrella. Did his courtier whack him with it accidentally?




Gourmet in Tang Dynasty - even has my rare ‘here, carry the umbrella while I give you a piggyback’ scene


I love Chinese historical dramas. They don’t do male wigs and hairlines and beards as well as saeguks, but they certainly do sweet encounters well . . . and they make great use of umbrellas.

In fact, just like the “back hug,” I think the umbrella coming into play is a strong visual clue that (yay) protection and commitment are soon to follow.

If ML and FL end up doing a back hug after both end up doing a front hug, I sit up and take notice. An umbrella in a scene does the same for me.


If you knew D.O, you’d know he usually looks annoyed at everything in general :joy:


This show is SUPER Weird but I actually binged it in a day and a half. Fast forwarded a little. I ended up liking the PET actor Jun Shison he is crazy weird sexy like RENN! The life lessons are actually pretty good about being your true self around others and having good self esteem. If you can get past the PET concept there are some pretty sensual scenes in this and the ending is really good. Give it a try on a RAINY day! Kinda quirky and Weird and Fun in a Weird sort of Japanese Manga Way!

Umbrella Eps 16 and Rain


Eps 7 - She holds an umbrella over him while they are stuck in the mud :open_umbrella:


Umbrella last Eps! :umbrella:



Have you caught up in Red Sky? There’s an umbrella *said in a sing/song tone *


What episode so I can add it to the collection?


One of the last 2, I think it was 8


video converter


that defeats the purpose of a small umbrella, with that option or a large umbrella you don’t have to stand close together, but a small one…
from the drama Was It Love


Ep 9 Until We Meet Again (Only watch 10:40 - 11:00)


But with a big, heavy umbrella, there are opportunities for some lovely skinship.

“Here, let me help you hold that.”

“Here, let me help you fold that.”

“Here, let me give you my jacket to keep you from being cold.”

“Here, let me hand you a hot cup of coffee after standing in the rain.”

Works for me!


Coming soon for our delight
Upcoming drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” (literal title) released its first glimpse of Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong!


Not sure If I will watch this one - But I love Jang Ki Yong! Love the Umbrella thanks for posting.


I also don’t like the actress acting, but will like to see if this girl finally awakens him bc so far I can’t stand him in romantic dramas. He should do action like Kill it.

I can’t believe they matched two actors that give such weird vibe (to me personally) when it comes to romance scenes. Like Hyun Bin was so good in the drama with her and she was so out of it…lol

I’ll check it out anyway IF they put it here.


I loved Gumiho - So I love him - Hope he is doing well off in SERVICE! :wink: