Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


Ok I couldn’t help myself! What a fun collection of dramas where those guys just have to save the girl with an umbrella, or honorable mention with a coat, or his hand sheltering from the rain! See if you guys can think of any more!


Something in the rain. I saw it here at


Cheat On Me, If You Can, Episode 15, starting at time stamp 44:25.


Spoiler alert! It is the FL who saves the ML, in a setting where you’d least expect an umbrella to be used.


Did you ever realize how often this umbrella is yellow?


When you say the word umbrella, I immediately think of Born Again and Amensalism. But they don’t really seem to fit in here.


Yes, umbrellas are very common in Asian dramas, is it because of all the sudden rain :wink: and yes as @lutra says I too have seen them in yellow color, it’s a cheerful color when it’s daylight. - Sharing umbrella or giving it to a girl relates to a romantic gest of “I care for you”, or often it’s like feeling pity for a girl/woman who is struggling and on top of it it’s now raining like the last straw :wink:

I’ve seen more dramas with umbrellas, can’t just remember… (the aftermath when you watch too many asian dramas)


Dito! Dito! (Those 10 didgits LOL)

I even think I saw some, where the guy grabbed the girl and threw away the umbrella. Or an often used scene leaving school the guy gives the girl the umbrella and uses his school bag for cover.


or jacket to cover both of them

here it is again :sweat_smile: but for real, this one has a LOT of rain scenes with umbrellas and jackets and sacrifice. FL saves ML too once.

i think most k-dramas have rain scenes though…its a verrrry common occurence so 95% of dramas have one…


If the new copyright law passes in Germany I wonder if such videos will just be gone or blocked …

and the infamous yellow umbrella


Or… won’t like to miss Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo?


You REALLY love this one don’t you! It’s not available right now on Viki for me! I hope it will be soon


I saw an article about why they are Yellow but I need to find it again! I know Foxy in 9T had a RED umbrella. I think the yellow is bright maybe brings happiness!

I also have seen the umbrella be dropped when they kiss and yes the guy goes and buys and umbrella to give the girl or buys only one so they have to snuggle under it. I just find it fascinating!


I love in Guardian the Lonely and Great God where the umbrella is down and he SLOWLY reveals his face, well Gong Yoo, who better! I think it is a folklore item also. I need to do more research


This one should already be in the collection!


Okay in Ever Night Sang Sang uses her umbrella as a magic weapon and the umbrella is an important item in EV 2 as well :wink:


The FL of Hwayugi did that as well. The magic umbrella had been given her by Woo Ma Wang when she was little, to keep away evil spirits.


And more about umbrellas, lol, there is no drama without an umbrella :rofl:


The famous umbrella scene from Temptation of Wolves

*just the first few scenes of this video

And here is a recreation/reference to that famous ToW umbrella scene in the drama About Time.

*umbrella scene starts at 0:56

I actually found out about ToW because of the translator’s note in the translation of About Time that the umbrella scene was from ToW. Thank goodness for T/N!


Oh the Girl with the Umbrella is the GREATEST
I like you!

I don't! hahahahahaha!