Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


I love the music!!! I need that to play when I pull up my collection for the umbrella! hahaha

I have not even tried to watch Scarlett Heart Reyo because I know it is heart and soul crushing but him putting his robe over her…awwwwwwwww!scarlet%20heart


In Bloody Romance, umbrellas are central to the drama too. One of the main story arc is about a secret society of female assassins, they’re each given a plain white silk umbrella and when they get sent on a mission to kill someone, if successful the blood of the target is magically painted on the umbrella in a beautiful decorative red pattern, the more decorated the umbrella the more senior the assassin.
They collect patterns like we collect badges here and although it has ‘Romance’ in the title, I don’t think it was quite what @kdrama2020ali was looking for in terms of umbrellas and romance! :rofl:


SAME. I’ll watch all the romantic/ funny little clips but I WILL NOT watch that drama, NEVER :sob::sob:


:sob::disappointed_relieved::sleepy:I wanna watch it because of Lee Joon Gi


I can add bada$% assassin women into my umbrella collection


Wanted to watch for the entire star cast…IU, Baekhyun, Lee Joon Gi, Nam Joo Hyuk, Ji Soo, Jin Ki Joo…but I’m dEF not watching :tired_face:


Aw Ji Soo is in that and Nam Joo Hyuk - AW I have to watch it now! But I have heard people have been sad for like a year after…and I can’t even finish Empress Ki - I cry too much


@vivi_1485 and @kdrama2020ali, get a box of tissue and just watch Scarlett Heart Ryo. It is good.


I cried like on the floor cried with Guardian the Lonely and Great God. I might need resuscitation with Scarlet Heart Ryeoscarlet%20heart%201


And Lee Joon Gi is a master when it comes to tug-at-your-heart kind of role.


He is so mysterious and gorgeous!:blue_heart:Lee Joon Gi


Oh and he is a bad#$# fighter! Oh, my goodness! Lee Joon Gi


DON’T TEMPT ME do you know how much of a temptation Lee Joon Gi is??!!
but even resuscitation won’t work if I watch Scarlet Heart…this is a girl whose heart has been forever scarred by Goblin and School 2015 I am NOT watching Baekhyun and all the others die please NO :sob::sob:


Totally Goblin On the FLOOR Sobbing! I had to make my son pause it I swear I think the bromance got me even more! And the Rooftop! Oh geez!

I have to say Another Oh Hae Young I was bawling at 2 am. Totally shocking ending for me!

I have to watch Scarlet Heart Ryeo after I get through Empress Ki! But I might have to wait a year in-between. Think about it this way! Lee Joon Gi wants you to watch his works! Or he wouldn’t do
I love Kim Shin!:blue_heart:


Oh, but it’s so worth it. Just make sure to have someone at home while you watch it, ready to pick up the shattered pieces of you off the floor.:wink:


*whimpers on the floor * andwaeeee :confounded:


I was bawling before I got out of bed watching them talk about this - Goblin! Oh my gosh, who does not love these TWO, Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook! They get emotional over that scene!


The Collection made the Viki Fan Collection on the Home Page! Go check it out! I’m kinda geeking out over here. Please continue to give me dramas with umbrellas!


Forgot there was at least one scene in ep 12 Flower of Evil

Talking about dramas that can make you cry at the same time.

Funny behind the scene footage starting 2.35 of LL


for once a hilarious umbrella scene
Let’s Eat 2