Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


:rofl::rofl: He’s right next to a convenience store! Ah man, that’s a clever twist on the umbrella trope


Oh, Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Of course, I’m biased because it was the first Kdrama I finished. Can you imagine? I was a baby Kdrama watcher and I decided, because of a YouTube clip I think, to watch this emotional drama. I was a crying wreck for waaay longer than I expected. I was never that affected by a Western show/drama. It made me watch the orginial Chinese drama Scarlet Heart. Yup, I cried in that one, too.

I love Goblin, too! I had my Korean music playlist on shuffle and YT decided to play Goblin, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and Are You Human, Too? music. :sob:

I’ll be on the lookout for umbrella scenes now whenever I’m watching a kdrama!


How is the drama as a whole??


Thanks! That fun collection has 123 followers now! I need more dramas to add. I’ll be looking at these latest ones to add to the 51 shows I have already. It can also be a robe, jacket, whatever they use to keep you out of the rain…I had to add the car kiss from High Society because she was out of the rain with Park Hyung Sik,…I’m sure there was a umbrella somewhere. I just love that scene.:heart_eyes:


One of my most beloved umbrella scenes, well hidden in my memory, but finally got it.
Jealousy Incarnate or Don’t Dare to Dream

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Don’t know couldn’t watch any of the 3 seasons. Only season 3 is available, but I only went to watch a second season, when I didn’t have access to the former ones, …


Great Umbrella scene in Oh My Venus when Ji Sub opens a black umbrella for their 1st kiss. he shields them for privacy


I wanna watch this SO BAD!!!


Everyone shared great videos but anyone remembers in mischievous kiss(JP)/Playful Kiss(Korean) the ML throws the umbrella to kiss her. In mischievous kiss they did it in last episode and in Playful kiss i believe they did it in 13th episode and that moment is really beautiful…


I definitely remember that scence. It was the moment he finally noticed her!! My absolute favourite dramas both japanese and korean.


Yep, I have both of those in the fan Umbrella Collection on the Viki Homepage! Check out all the other umbrella dramas! If you think of any more, let me know!


New Drama! Umbrella in the 1st Episode! I have heard this is a good one!

Guys this one is so CUTE! and Romantic! I am so hooked on this drama guys!


I live i fear of c-dramas :joy: tell me if it’s worth it and I’ll consider


I love it! It is so romantic but a little cliché but I like that. He is a cutie neurosurgeon! What better and the 2nd lead book store guy is adorable. The cinematography is awesome. I can’t stop watching it


is the love triangle angsty??


Nope! Not at all in this one so far I am on Eps 6 I think It is two lead couples


I love Angsty do you not like Angsty?


angsty is fine but not in a love triangle I just can’t live with indecision and a triangle that lasts forever/ where you can’t even choose or decide :tired_face:


I found another she finds a diary from 1930s and I think the girl is in love with two guys but looks like a bromance and that the girl in the present ends up - has the opportunity to chose the same guy. Like choosing the same person over many lifetimes. And she’s a food critic! Even Better! Not sure if there is a umbrella yet though!!!


Oh man, the love triangle in this one was painful (for me, at least). But the storyline was super interesting! I must warn about the ending, though. Hmm, it could be seen as either happy or tragic, depends on which aspect of the ending one decides to focus on.

PS: umbrella scene in this trailer