Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


This plot seems super interesting to me! I guess most endings you could see as tragic or happy depending on your view point right?


Yes, they could! Especially if the viewer isn’t in the mood to interpret hope or happiness in the ending.


It is a Minho kinda day!


Episode 1, at around 18:53


Episode 1, at around 18:53. I just edited my post.

  • Dt. Appledog’s Time

  • Scarlet Heart

  • Scarlet Heart 2


OHHHHH that Scarlet Heart looks REALLY good! I have added all three of those to the umbrella collection.


how is this one? Is it as good as season 1?




Lots of Rain in “W” Two Worlds!


I thought season 1 was a mess with plenty to be critical of but when I saw Li Yi Tong, my fav C actress was female lead, I was willing to forgive and forget S1 and give S2 a chance :stuck_out_tongue: Just as well really since S2 is in no way a continuation of 1, more like a T branch sideways with a few short cameos and reference to S1.
I’m up to Ep20 and I’m pausing for more episodes to be release and get subbed before I binge the rest.
So far it’s been really heavily focused on the ‘it’s complicated’ romance/relationship of the main leads. (and her sister character’s annoying on-off romance)
As much as I’m a fan of LYT even I’m beginning to find there’s waaaay too much gazing across the room into each others eyes and actually yearn for more lumps of metal bashing the crap out of each other just to balance the show out a bit! :robot::tornado::zap::boom::anger::fire::robot:


Lots of rain! And an umbrella but not necessarily what you think. I really liked this drama!


Unfortunately, no, it is not. Inevitably, I have compared the two couples and it’s hard to compete with the original squid couple.



Beautiful Paper Umbrella to shield her from the sun. This one looks so Romantic!


Umbrella: He Saved Me From the Rain


I’ve seen Love Rain mentioned a couple times and sometimes when I’m searching for a drama, the dated image has always turned me off. I started watching it yesterday, wow I’m hooked, it’s so much better than I expected.



Rain scene at the very end! Such a sweet fluffy show to watch. This leading man is so handsome! His facial expressions are so awesome!

Loved it, not too much melodrama and no tears for me!


I have been curious about Love Rain! But I have watched other older dramas like Kill Me Heal Me but still loved them. I will put it on my watchlist that is getting bigger and bigger!


Eps 1 Umbrella (ladies in waiting) hold over the Queen (who has a man in her body) ToTALLY weird but I’m into it! Let’s see what happens!

Umbrella He Saved Me from The Rain
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Yes, it’s an interesting drama, also a bit food for the thought, you can’t always go by the picture or even ratings, every one thinks and looks at a drama or movie differently. Enjoy it well :wink: