Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


Viki should do an original sort of “reboot” of My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho called My Girlfriend is a Gummy Bear. They could scare the crap out of people, get lots and lots of dessert porn, and do lots of Haribo product placement.


(Don’t thank me; thank my sugar addiction . . .)


I have a whole jar of the Haribo Cherries on my counter right now! And I buy the sour gummy bears weekly! Love Haribo


I have a German neighbor who is a strength training coach at a local gym. She says her mom sends her monthly shipments of the German version of Haribo. That’s a good mom . . .


And RitterSport is my favorite candy bar also German! Love those things

Totally off topic but YUMMY :umbrella::umbrella::umbrella: Chocolate for a RAINY DAY


I think you added the drama Fantastic already, but I didn’t want to let you miss this scene:

I finally remembered how you can start the videos at a later point!


Have not watched the drama but algorithm found me …

Should be this one, right?


Why you could easily fall in love with My Love Eun Dong …
Rain is an element that had a huge factor in their story …

But most influence came from the young actors,
their first encounter was in the rain he ran her over with a bike, after that they had a special bond, they lost contact and yes you get where he found her again … Under his umbrella!

… no umbrella but a telephone booth

Think before you watch it this drama will pull on your heart, wring it out and stuff it back in its place with no regards of your feelings.


Did you like the drama? I had a friend drop it!


I liked it but couldn’t get over the end LOL I didn’t throw my keyboard at that time I had no laptop, but still, in my mind I gave it another ending.


I thought “My Love Eun Dong” had a happy ending as they walk together.

I don’t think the umbrella trope is in every show, but it is memorable in many shows.:wink:


We have found a lot of them though haven’t we!!!


It had a happy ending but spend too much time on her husband and her family, for a real happy ending the viewer could feel cheated, so it was a bit unsatisfying.


Ditto!! My Love Eundong!!
Watch at your own risk!!
I took in new celebrities from this show, that year :blush::blush::blush:


Okay, it bugged me a bit, that is why I am back. This story goes over 20 years, so after 20 years, first getting to know her she barely a teenager and liking her, then loosing her, 10 years later finding her again starting a relationship (I won’t tell more), loosing her a 2nd time and another 10 years later finding her again under bad circumstances, finding a way to be together - and they are walking together at the end - is that what you would call a satisfying ending after all that time that has passed?

That is almost as the ending of President & I … Handshake, please! Why can’t it even be a hug? And that was a happy ending as well!


Yes - It is in the Umbrella Collection! What is he drinking in the RAIN???


Alcohol, don’t know which kind, maybe Soju?


In a Box - hahahahahahaha!


As they were walking together, I saw it as their new start. I find most Asian dramas don’t wrap things neatly in a bow with a kiss ending. I got used to it by now. I’m glad to have a happy ending where one of the main leads doesn’t die! It’s rare to get a stupendous, satisfactory ending. I find if a drama has a totally blissful ending, there was something in the show that really irked me.

It’s really like life. Nothing is as we expect or can predict. On my “Happy Ending Romances” collections, I state the ending for people to be prepared. I feel if I know a little of what to expect, I’m not as disappointed.


Definitely Not - Lots of endings I have noticed make you “think” about what could happen next - just happened with “Must You Go”

Hey - @worthyromance - Good to see you


Hey, there’s an idea for a new collection, ha ha: Endings that Make You Ponder. I guess it could be called cliffhangers, but most of us demand a second season to find out what happens. “Pretty Man” left me hanging but when I watched the preview for Season Two, I thought it was way too much angst! These days, my heart just can’t take all that wringing out and being left to dry!