Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!


I was reminded of natural umbrellas while pulling weeds in the garden this afternoon. I have gotten a late, late start on weeding this year, and when I went out to pull weeds which weren’t very big two weeks ago, I discovered three huge burdock plants had taken over one corner of a flowerbed.

Several of the leaves were big enough for me to use as an emergency umbrella.

Not quite My Neighbor Totoro but if a big protective bear of a man stepped out of an ancient forest and offered me a burdock leaf on a wet night, why, thank you so much!


(from Deviant Art)


Umbrella He Saved Me from The Rain Collection CLICK for more shows with umbrellas

Just Added He Saves Her From the Rain Eps 3 at the End!
I love this Romance - Comedy - Fantasy


doesn’t all dramas have umbrellas ???


We like finding them (especially if the guy is rescuing the girl) - and I’m ok with rain, snow, coats etc - It’s just a fun Trope!


ikrrrrr its like the core part of the show


How do you start videos at a later point?? :scream:


At yt there is the share function underneath the video, it’s the easiest way you stop the video at the point you want it to start and then go to “share” it will open a window and if you chose “start at” it is already stating the seconds it is into the video. You just need to copy the link and place it here. That’s all.


Thank you so much! I learned a new thing today!^^


I can’t think of a single K-drama . . . or any other Asian drama for that matter, that does not include umbrellas.

Whether the issue is plain rain, typhoons, hot and skin-baking sun, snow that needs to be kept off carefully lacquered hair and sumptuous garments, a need to display status by having a bee-zillion lackeys running to and fro with umbrellas . . . umbrellas are EVERYWHERE.


And we love finding them - let me know if you do - I also like rain, snow, people using cloaks - jackets - their hand to shield the girl - It’s fun to put them in my collection


I hope you saved the roots, they are medicinal, if not next time…


There is one still standing in a flowerbed growing over an azalea. It will have to come out. It is about to flower. Should I wait for that to happen?


You can always replant the burdock in a place that won’t bother you and has enough sun.

Burdock is a biennial plant and the best time to harvest the root is during the fall of the first year, when the plant has large leaves that are green on top and grayish underneath, or during the spring of the second year.
During burdock’s second year, the plant will produce purple flowers from summer to early fall.
Burdock roots grow very deep into the ground and usually as much as two feet. This makes the herb rich in minerals.
When to harvest
This is what sb commented on YT
Burdock root is a staple vegetable here in Korea. the roots are 2-3 ft long at the store usually and are included in kimbab and various side dishes./


Are the leaves edible?

I actually think that, because I live in a city environment, it would probably be best for me to get burdock root from a reliable source. I have amended the soil in my yard quite a bit over the past seven years or so, but the quality of the soil plus rain coursing down the streets from a thousand oily driveways and side streets . . . I have never planted edible things directly in the soil, except for a patch of chives under a linden tree.

I will tie this to the topic by saying I had to go out under an umbrella yesterday to view my burdock . . .


You are right… I assumed you had a garden away from streets or so, so just put it in yardwaste. Sorry for the trouble.


you said it all literally


Your Honor - Yoon Shi Yoon

Hyun Bin - Crash Landing On You

Gong Yoo - Goblin

He is Psychometric - Park Jin Young

We love them - that’s why my collection is SO much fun!


18 Again has a lovely line about love and umbrellas

Ep 3 - 1:03:52
“You can measure the size of your love on a rainy day. Even when you’re sharing an umbrella, depending on how closely you lean in reveals the size of the love so clearly. That’s how love comes down with the rain”


Happy Birthday Gong Yoo! :purple_heart:


awww this was one of my favorite scenes from the drama!! Love how they show all those people huddling together under on umbrella, a couple holding each other close under one umbrella, some sharing an umbrella but keeping space between each other, a dad covering his daughter while his shoulder got a little wet… and then there’s this dad— holding the umbrella fully over his two treasures and reminding them to stay under it or they’ll get a cold🥰 It really warmed my heart so much and got me thinking about umbrellas and people!