Dramas you wouldn't recommend?

Rosy Lovers -complete waste of time to watch all the episodes. You can watch the first 3 episodes (skip majority of the segments) and just skip to the last two. The plot is cyclical and mediocre which quite resonates with the characters having the same qualities and interactions. It makes light of violence against women (through playful music while its happening) There is not a single strong character in this series, male or female. This show should not have had 50 episodes (extended to 52). 30 episodes (at most) would have been more than enough to cover essential plot (which would still have been terrible in my opinion).

Jang BoRi is nowhere to be found… -just terrible as a whole but the ending wasn’t too bad (so just watch the ending).
Fall in love with me: Tia Li’s lack of facial expressions bothered me the most about the show, from one mood to the next she has just about the same face. Also the title is taken literally by the writer/director both of whom take it upon themselves to show the female lead awkwardly trying to fall down.

edit: watch Wonderful Life if you’re really into the plot-line of Rosy Lovers

MARRY HIM IF YOU DARE: I watched it for Younghwa but gave up of episode 3. It honestly could’ve been a good drama with it’s storyline but that didn’t look like it was gonna happen.

Got7 Dream Knight: Not to be taken seriously. I watched it for the boys and wasn’t expecting much but the female lead really needs to grow a backbone. Hated her character so much! She couldn’t do anything by herself and honestly, wouldn’t survive a day without her dream knights.

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For me Dream Knight was more an ode for JYP artists than a true drama.

Although, it is not on my do not recommend list have had a difficult time finishing MHIYD. I adore Yonghwa and wanted to finish it but I have not done it yet. I am at episode 7. I was watching for him and Yoon Eun Hye but I just really became removed from the story because of the second female lead and it was dragging a bit for me.

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the same here but i watch it till the end maybe there will be anything new or happy moments for younghwa but all in vain really tey could make great drama but stupid story messed everything , so sad

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I know! It was so boring, I had to skip to the last episode… hahaa

Can we talk about Goong?! It took me like 1 month and i hated every single second of that kdrama, i am so sorry the storyline was…quite good but the actors and the attitude of some characters ugh. I’ll try Goong S with Park Shin Hye but i’m afraid that it’d be a failure too.

I have heard mixed reviews on both of these. Most of what I have heard is they like Yoon Eun Hye in Goong but the rest is spotty. I know that people are hit or miss with Goong S too. Mainly, I think people watch because Park Shin Hye. I have not seen either and plan on seeing them both as Yoon Eun Hye is one of my favorites and Park Shin Hye grows on me with each role.


Very good idea to make this topic and I wasn’t suprised of the others’ choices^^ it’s quite the same for me

  • Love Rain (even though every actor is usually good, I guess it’s the story line and there wasn’t very much passion between the 2 main characters)
  • You are the only one (sooo long and slow)
  • 2 mothers (same)
  • Melody of love (starring Sistar Dasom who just can’t act…)
  • Blood (sorry I know some may like it but I just can’t stand it >< too stereotyped)
  • Emergency couple ( I started but didn’t have the faith to go on^^)
  • High School Love on (Sae Ron is too young she can’t do this kind of role for now, she’s just a good childactress)
  • Flower boy next door (sorry sorry)
    I’m sure there are others but I can’t remember right now :confused:

I have another one to add to this list, Goddess of Marriage. One of the worst dramas I’ve ever seen. Spoiler:

The main girl suffers soooo much because of her in-laws, she doenst like her husband and she only finds happiness in the last minute of a 50 ep drama. Big no for me.

Yeah I agree with this one ! Any of them are Goddess of Marriage… I just watched for Lee Sang Woo !

I don’t really remember the details but these are the dramas that I couldn’t finish:

Myungwol the Spy

  • A north korean spy kidnapping a hallyu star?? Just by reading the synopsis, I raised my eyebrows!


  • many people likes it; possible fans of the two lead stars, but it was boring, the plot was unexistent. I can’t believed I watched it till ep 10.

Boys over Flowers

  • did not finish either, I like LMH but the jandi girl ruined it for me with her unattractive pouty lips that she seems to think is cute. The most horrifying drama adaptation, the only reason why most people deemed it as the best compared to Japanese and Taiwanese is because the characters are all visually good looking. They made the female character so weak, rarely fights back to the demonic male lead’s mother. She even had to depend on the second male lead which did not happen in any of the former versions. She was like the weakest Jandi/Makino/Sancai when the male lead is supposed to fall for her for her courage :persevere:

You’re beautiful

  • I loved all the BGM played in every episodes. I think it was okay, but the ending really disappointed me. It kind of just ended - leaving the viewers dissatisfied. I just dislike how the Hong Sisters end every dramas they’ve written and directed. It feels incomplete imho.

Full House. Most over-hyped K-drama in my opinion. I tried watching it because it is considered a classic. I watched 8 episodes, but I could not force myself to finish it.

i know a lot of ppl r going to kill me but here is a list of dramas that i regretted wasting my time on them

  1. to the beautiful you
  2. emergency couple
    3)my girl friend is a nine tailed fox
  3. secret love affair
    5)the 7th level civil servant
    6)city hall
    7)heard it through the grapevine
    8)9 ends two outs
    9)padam padam
  4. deep love (Japanese drama)
  5. blade man
    12)devil beside you ( i couldn’t stand the lead female voice, acting and mustache :smiley:
  6. thinking of you lu xiang bei (Chinese drama)

Cain and Abel.
I didn´t understand the plot line and the ending was weird.

i loved queen of ambition…

paradise ranch was very widhekcjskcbsjx

@tcruz empress ki was so well done… do it!!! but I loved queen seon duk. Kim Nam Gil and Go Hyun Jung :heart:

but I hated Jang Ok Jeong. I tried for Yoo Ah In :frowning:

@catchlight I loved Golden Time and Hwang Jeong Eum

@chizzygirl I couldn’t finish ripley too slow.

I have this drama I think it’s 그 여름의 태풍? I really really liked it. Couldn’t find it anywhere to finish. :frowning: Just like Queen Myeongsong hahaha I seriously did watch every historical back in the day.

Thirty Something (Boring Taiwanese drama on people working for insurance company, with unsympathetic leads you don’t care about, and an inconclusive ending)
Typically Women (Sexist and extremely boring, predictable and badly acted Korean drama)
To me Love (Stupid Chinese mini drama, with incomprehensible story and over-the-board acting)
Cinderella and Four Knights (Extremely stupid and démodé rom com about a plain and uninteresting girl who supposedly seduces all the hot young males of a household)
My Little Baby (An Italian moderator tricked me into watching this, telling me I was going to be co-mod. I watched it cringing from embarrassment at the awkward script and bored to death. There were a couple of good actors though, completely wasted. Let me note the name of the director so that I take care never to watch anything else by him).
Playful Kiss (Cringe-worthy plot, extremely bad acting. I liked the Japanese version better, at least part 1)
Second to Last Love Korean Version. It was very predictable and cliché in the beginning, got pretty good in the middle, but it went downhill from there, more and more boring. And, just as the Japanese version (which was superior in every way), it had an infuriating open ending.
Spark (2016) 12-episode web drama. The less said, the better.
The Magic Cellphone (2016) A fluffy, ridiculous and awkwardly made 10-ep. Web drama. I kept watching because of the mesmerizing eyes of Jin Woo, but that wasn’t enough. Fortunately everything was over in about 50 minutes, but still a major waste of time. Also, for a fluffy candy floss romantic comedy to have a sad ending, it is too much!
Witch Yoo Hee. Boring and embarrassing.
Art of seduction. This is a film. Very boring. Two dry characters who are con-artists and professional seducers and have difficulty recognizing when their feelings for each other become sincere. I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it, because I was not interested in those two people and I couldn’t care less about what happened to them
How to keep my love. Boring and annoying film.
Lie to me (2011 K-drama) A main lead with a puffy face, slightly overweight and non-fit body, not to mention zero charisma. Overacting female. Farcical situations which remind one of the ‘60s. Sung Joon as the little brother (2nd lead) is nice. But I could see only 4 episodes, it was too cringe – worthy and I really, really thought it was a waste of time.

On the flip side, I really, really liked Love Rain. I cried buckets and I enjoyed the excellent acting from everyone, even the idol girl, in their double roles. The music was fantastic. The only thing I didn’t like was that the makers were too timid to make the ending happy for both couples, as could so easily be done, because they were thinking of the conservative portion of Korean viewers.

I really liked Witch Yoo Hee! Particularly the ost. You mean the one featuring Han Gain?


I don’t remember the actor who played the cringe-worthy pushover guy, but if it has that title, it must be it. As “witches” go, I vastly preferred A Witch’s Romance.

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Marry Him If You Dare. Mostly because of that horrible ending. Cheese in the trap was good too but was ruined by a horrible ending.

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