Dramas you wouldn't recommend?

Uhmmmm… maybe these two:
1- Cunning single lady (Its not that i hate it, i watched it till the end but i was wondering whats the point of this drama, she married him twice n thats all? kinda boring :frowning: but it was nice n it had funny scenes too)
2- Shut up flower boy band (Its the worst, srsly no point of this drama BUT HEY, ALL OF THE GUYS WERE HOT including infinite L)****

This thread is huuuuge so pardon me if I repeat what others have already not recommended but I’d like to give my two cents.

The Heirs, I have to say was a huge disappointment. My first drama was Flower Boy Next Door and my second one was Personal Taste. The first is with Park Shin Hye and the second with Lee Min Ho, both are the starts of The Heirs. You can understand how excited I was for this. And then it turned out to be a huge mess, it makes no sense and Park Shin Hye’s character is like a toy being tossed constantly between the two male leads.

Trot Lovers, I heard a lot about this one. I tried to watch it twice but couldn’t go through with it. On the first episode there were constant shots where you could barely see the character’s face as they spoke. To me, that is utterly distracting and pointless. Plus, story itself wasn’t any better.

I started “Goddess of Marriage” but I couldn’t stomach any more from about 1/2 way through. I got so exasperated with it, I looked online for spoilers so that I wouldn’t waste any time for an ending I’d hate. I don’t think I’ll bother to return to it.

Hooray!! They are my choice too. So glad I’m not alone.

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I didn’t like Goddess of Marriage… I couldn’t understant the choices of the characters…it was very frustrating !

Your choice is really interesting. I like both of them and Shut Up Flower Boy is one of my favorites, but everyone has his own taste.
Since you didn’t like them, which one would you recommend? :blush:

Ok… as from tonight Tuesday the 16th of September I have a drama that has to be avoided at all costs.
Don’t go near ‘Temptation’ it’s woeful, not one bit of sense in it at all. It is now top of the list of ‘would not recommend’ A complete waste of precious hours.

That’s why you are my boo, you understand my taste lol, I really liked mary me mary, protect the boss I didn’t finish the drama cause I got bored but…I enjoyed it so is a weird love/hate thing, and big yeaahh the end is not the best thing but I wouldn’t say is the worst.

For my list of the worst updated version I will say:

The Heirs, Trot Lovers (started good but was soooo cliche that I just couldn’t) , Prime Mister and I, Marry Him if you Dare, Panda and H. (So boring)…and trust me I’m a devoted Elf…oohhhh Doctor Stranger god that was disappointing!

Hohoho yep people are all about tastes ! :smile:
And i’ve been watching these ongoing dramas at the moment, i think they are sooooo good so far, i hope they dont ruin it on the last episode lol :stuck_out_tongue: :

  1. Surplus Princess (like omg shes so funny n silly from the first episode, so i rly like it :smiley:)
  2. High school love on **(**Infinite woohyun & sungyeol r the main cast, its so damm good!! its about school and love, i just cant wait till the next episode airs oh n theres a love triangle :wedding: )
  3. Plus Nine Boys **(**Theyre all unlucky theyre 3 brothers their ages are 9,19,29 & they’re always unlucky )
  4. Discovery of love (its epic too :D)

All of these are ongoing, and all of them are romance and comedy, oh and surplus princess is about a mermaid, so its fictional but its soooo funny, maybe u should try to watch the first episode of each one and tell me which one u like, i promise u will like at least one of those drama’s & sorry for writing a lot lol :smile:

I’m also currently watching High School love on, it’s really sweet, but I think the acting isn’t that great. But it’s nonetheless touching.
I watched the first episode of Surplus Princess a time ago and somehow I didn’t watched more. It turned me off that it wasn’t in a chronologically order.
Plus Nine Boys is great :slight_smile: I watched some episodes, but didn’t have the time for more.
The only drama I haven’t watched is Discovery of Love. I’m a bit sceptical since currently there are so many dramas with the “ex theme”.

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Oh I looked in on ‘Discovery of Love’ last night and watched 3 so I’ll continue to catch up on you. It is a bit like "Fated’ one girl two guys. One looking for a lost sister left behind in the orphanage. Methinks the writer wants to cash in on the laters success. Hope it gives me many laughs and ends up all sorted out. Too much DRAMA of late. I’ve overdone it in the tragic dept.

wouldn’t recommend “Fall in Love With Me” I like Aaron Yan, but Tia Lia is depressing to watch, she shouldn’t be acting!

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I wouldn’t recommend Fall in love with me

Yeah i agree abt high school love on :hand:
Awww i dunno but i liked surplus since the first minute it started LOL :yum:
Wowzah ! Your taste is unique :octocat:
And yah i agree with you about the “ex theme” Actually, most of the korean dramas have either a love triangle or the “rich guy and poor girl theme” like secret’s garden xD
Now dont tell me u dont like secret garden? :open_mouth:

I LOVED IT, but tia , STOP CRYING !! she seriously cries after each 10 mins lol :smiley:

Its funny though, at first i wanted to translate it on viki, i started with episode 2 i saw the first 20 minutes then it got interesting so i stopped translating and started to watch the first episode till the episode 10, you should continue to watch it ! :wink:

Yes I have up to E8 now. Nice and light just what I needed.

Continue watching :smiley: its kewwwwwwwwwwl :smiley:

the night watchman

Yes. SO true :smiley: