Emergency man and woman

You gusy dont have ( emergency man and woman ) drama right. That one is not to bad, that drama is so funny. I hope you guys have it in Viki.

Finally ! A thread on this super cool drama. Unfortunately Viki couldn^t det the licence so it not here :-/

In my opinion, it is N0T that great a drama/comedy. There are some BIG names but… only a few worthy scenes, and overall I would only rate it a 7 maybe.
Highly overrated like Heirs was.

Emergency Couple doesn’t (didn’t?) nearly have the same amount of hype that Heirs had - and despite tvN’s growth, it’s still cable. The names in EC aren’t really all that either, imo. The cast of Heirs was essentially all the up and coming young stars and idols, and their screenwriter is pretty lauded as well.

That said, I agree that Emergency Couple isn’t that amazing or special, though it has its fair share of cute and comical. Enough for me to check out each new episode anyway :3

Anywho, on the topic of EC. So while it’s pretty obvious Chang-min still cares about Jin-hee, there’s been less action on her end. So I wonder when (or even, if) Jin-hee will really start reciprocating those feelings. I mean, she has to like him back (again?) at least a little, right?

I sort of assumed the two had gotten married and divorced with this “in the moment” mentality. They were young, in love, didn’t necessarily plan for all the stuff that can happen along the way. It was rash.
The thing that I’d been wanting from the show was more backstory. (I think we get some more in upcoming episodes?) I’d be rooting so much more for them getting back together if I saw why they fell in love (and apart) in the first place.

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Heirs was extremely disappointing…I was expecting way too much with all the built up hype…


This was one of those dramas where I watched the first ep and was undecided I will eventually come back to it and probably love it no doubt…

Im watching Emergency Couple now and its a pretty good drama.

i also think it is great
it makes me laugh

Oh give it a shot… by episode 9 I was squealing/screaming at the screen. (And I am currently going through withdrawal while waiting for a new episode.)

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LOL I will probably start it tomorrow than!! :smiley: With MLFTS ending and only really getting into Bride of the Century so far of the new ones I’m going to going through alot of withdrawal!! LOL

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Yes watch it, it us funny and cute you’ll see its gonna be the perfect cure against MLFTS withdrawals syndrom

It is adorable. I love episode 10, it is full of cute jealous and pouting.

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I dont know what kind of movie can make you laugh. I think you should be easy to your self and dont too much fastidious about that drama. I can feel that is a comedy drama and it has emotional also.

Man, same to me. That drama was good by the famous young idols and I feel that main character Leeminho didnt have any different perform compare with his past drama. The good one from him made me enjoy that is BOF and City Hunter.

OMG!!! kk I re watched ep 1 and I’m Loving this drama now!!!LOL

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-_- being in the medical field as much as I love this show I’m just like OMG!!! Come on!!! Every one of the patients would of DIED 0 Medical or Surgical Asepsis being performed and yeas it’s only a drama but if you are going to do it based on a ER setting for the love of God at least have them wear GLOVES all the staff would of also died from body fluid transmitted diseases…it’s like having a drama based on a cooking and dropping everything on the floor adding in some pubs and serving the meal…driving me nuts!!!LOL


Okay, so the one thing I’m having to suspend my imagination about, is the copious amounts of drinking before a shift.
Performing medicine drunk or hungover sounds like a bad idea.


LOL. a fastidious colleague. i <3 u!! as much as i want to watch medical dramas, they frustrate me more than the others, and i wonder about the caliber of the show consultants; however, this particular one i find is better than most. Of course, them standing around the nursing station and discussing what Creutzfeld-Jacob disease is…that’s done purely for the audience’s benefit. :stuck_out_tongue:

So happy that I don’t know anything about that stuff ^^ i can enjoy watching without any thoughts

Yeah I love the drama except for when they go to perform anything medical than I just shudder…can’t believe it’s almost over last 2 eps I was crying my eyes out!! T_T.