Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!


I see him in W as a Bad Boy with her in the beginning - He is quite the comic bad boy when he comes back into her time!

Bride of the Water God - He is quite the obnoxious God at first - More of a Bad Boy vibe than a sweet comforting ML!

Just trying to give her some of my favorites as that is what she is looking for.

Of course my opinion!!! I tend to like ML that are STOIC but Squishy inside!

(and I was more talking to her BINGE watching - these were some that I binge and rewatch)

while conversing in the thread!



It is suppose to be re-mastered -
I’m not sure they could ever make another “W” that is not Lee Jong Suk!!!

Resident Bad Boy Lover

Now I want to re-watch “W” for the 4th time!!! :heart:


Yup…I mean W with other actors than Lee Jong Suk is unimaginable! :eyes:
He is just perfect for roles like this. I loved him in While you were sleeping

I guess “W” is now going to be one of my next dramas…and I’m hyped



I hope you love it as much as I do!!! @leah3005
Some people don’t like the comic fantasy parts but I swear this is one couple with the best chemistry in dramaland -I am watching her in Happiness!

I bought something that was in this drama - once you watch it I will show you what it is!!!

I so want to live with him in his WORLD! :earth_americas:


Oh Im soo excited about it! I will hurry with my current drama and directly hop onto “W”. I think that I will like the comic fantasy parts, its like diving into another world :woman_astronaut:


Watching this one tonight in a watch party - so GOOD!!!

Definitely hate to love!!!


I hope you like it, personally it’s my favorite Lee Jong Suk drama, actually I vacillate between it and While You Were Sleeping, depending on my mood. lol


Never watched a Jdrama, but this looks interesting.
Ive heard that Jdramas are different when it comes to enemies to lovers? Kdramas are way too kind when you’ve watched a Jdrama??
Thank you!


J-dramas definitely are a different “breed.” I’ve watched about seven or eight shows till now, and they all feel very different from k-dramas and c-dramas. Most of them have very quick relationship development, which makes it hard for me to “feel” the characters’ emotions or care about them. They’re very cutesy and you’ll find a lot of dramas with more skinship than you’ve ever seen in k-dramas. Because most of them are live-action remakes of mangas, they tend to be either cartoonish or more animated than usual. But they’re quite fun. I call k-dramas my “home,” c-dramas my “looooooong journeys of craziness and fluff,” and j-dramas “quick bites of cutesy fluff”


They make the FLs especially cartoonish :rofl:

I’ve even scene a clip from a J-Drama in a random YT channel where after a girl cracked a joke, all the other people fell down in anime style.


Oh wow I really like this sentence! :heart_eyes: Idk Asian dramas, especially Kdramas just give me this warm, homelike feeling in contrast to western series/movies. I really love the chemistry in dramas and not the rushed relationships in most western plots. Its like I can really feel the emotions in most dramas.


Well - Watch Love is Phantom - that is a SIZZLE! Not as cute!!! LOL
Mysterious LOVE (although Chinese not long) - another SIZZLE


did this one get posted???


No, I was thinking about posting it!
It looks sooo good!!



SIG is going to be a ‘‘bad?’’ boy on this one, and one of my fave FL (I have a few…) Is going to be a great couple. They both can be goofy and hilariously funny if the role demands it and I hope so!


“she often insults people regardless of status and even uses her firsts” [sic]
I’m guessing that’s fists. I hope they don’t make her too violent, that will completely ruin it for me. They can write a strong woman without resorting to violence.


You better believe she can be like that without falling into the vulgar type of tough girl. I personally feel that she won’t accept a role that would make her a violent woman.
She was tough cookie on this one. Hope you check it out. I have re-watched this drama too.


I hope so, I think it’s a cheep trick either the writer or director uses to show a strong woman, I don’t blame the actresses. There are a few dramas I just can’t finish because of how the FL was given a violent personality to show her strength.


I heard about it, and here so far I saw a Japanese one; that it turned my stomach when I saw the girl hitting the good guy so hard. It was such a disgusting beating to the guy that I actually wanted to beat her up for doing that (and I came back to reality that it was a role she was playing) lol

The Japanese have this gift to make beating up a person noise so real, it can really get to you. That is why I can’t see many of their violent dramas.


I did forget how this drama started