Enemies to lovers/bad boy falls for good girl recommandations PLEASE!


ahhh I feel so bad I just CANNOT watch that drama again - and I’ve almost completely flushed it out of my mind - because the FL looks EXACTLY like my chemistry teacher :sob::sob::joy: I’d be almost fine while watching the drama, but then I just cannot keep a straight face in online classes or when I meet her :flushed: they look like twins!


OHH NOO :disappointed_relieved: This is such a great drama, what a shame :worried:
I can just image how hilarious it must be in class with her as a teacher haha.
Maybe some day you can watch this drama in peace again, without any thought about your chemistry teacher :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
As we would say in Germany: “Toi, Toi, Toi” or “Viel Glück” (good luck)


This is one of my favorites too, I’m glad you’re enjoying it

My Suggestions, I’m sure some have been suggested.

Hello Monster (aka - I Remember You) one of my all time favorites
Love Rain - This one is old and a melodrama, way too much drama for me to ever rewatch, but I loved it once I got through it.
Marriage Not Dating
Master’s Sun - one of my favorites
Lie to Me
Murphy’s Law of Romance
Radio Romance
Suspicious Partner - I don’t know that it really fits the enemies to lovers trope, it’s good though
Falling for Innocence
Marriage Contract

Here’s an MDL list of enemies to lovers Enemies to Lovers (57 shows) - MyDramaList


So glad you are enjoying 1% of Something. It really is one of the best rom coms, in my opinion.

Just Between Lovers is a special drama for me too. It’s really in a class by itself.
Another drama that has a similar vibe of 2 broken people finding love/healing with each other is Forest.
The leads in Forest are also dealing with trauma. Forest also fits the Bad Boy/Good Girl and the leads start out clashing with one another.

There are several Chinese dramas with the same type of plotline of doctor/first responder couples.
The Flaming Heart
You Are My Hero


Wow thank you! :star_struck:
I don’t know half of them, so I added them to my watchlist.

And thank you for the list, they also help very much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I have Forest on my watchlist, but just haven’t watched it yet…but it sounds really good. So I will definitely watch it anytime soon!

Also thank you for the Cdramas. I have not much experience with them, I only watched “Falling into your smile” and “Go Go Squid” but I really liked them. So I added them onto my list.


I am so glad you are enjoying it. You also mentioned ‘Just Between Lovers’, and that is also one of my favorites. Both of those dramas are as close to ideal for me as one can get.

I’m sorry you are unable to watch ‘1%’ @vivi_1485. What an unfortunate trigger to have. :sweat_smile:

It looks like your watch list is growing by leaps and bounds, @leah3005. Happy watching!


Type in Hover your mouse/finger over any thumbnail that strikes your fancy. Hit play. You’re good to go. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :sweat_smile:


This is a Taiwanese drama. I don’t know how I finished it but I ended up liking it a lot afterwards.

ml wants revenge against fl.

It’s got Marcus Chang in it! He’s enough to just jump right into a drama.


Ohh I have not watched any Taiwanese drama yet, but I am willing to do it!
So thank you very much. :relaxed:

I guess he is also the actor in Lost Romance which was mentioned earlier in this thread…and if so, then yes he is really handsome and worth jumping right into the drama


There are a lot of really good Taiwanese dramas. Take your time. :smile:


Exactly! The problem is with the people that, while knowing that it’s duplicate, chose to answer anyway.


[quote=“lutra, post:20, topic:41174”]
How about this thread instead:

Recommendation (comedy/romance) K-Dramas

Now the Original Poster has changed her topic title to specify a romantic theme (the original title was more generic), so yes, the thread you suggest is even more appropriate.


Gender Bender and so much fun - I love Baron Chen


This one is young boy in love - girl doesn’t notice - finds her later
just like My Fated Boy

also love
Fated to Love You
Another Oh Hae
Her Private Life
Secret Garden
Wok of Love
Devlish Joy
Roommate is a Gumiho

not necessarily enemies to friends but some of the bad boy vibes are there - in some of these
most are Romantic Comedies (some with melodrama)

Just Between Lovers -
I loved it
Another healing drama is
Spring Is Green


You are amazing, Thank you! :hearts::hearts:
A lot of them I didn’t even knew before!


I loved that one


Just finished it within 2 days…I loved it soo much


Two more!

I re-watch this one often - he is a comic bad boy!!! bahahahahahaha!

Wow you are a binge watcher -
My first binge until 6 am
Coffee Prince


Oh I heard of these two but have not watched them yet, so thank you!
W is going to be remastered by the US I think?

Hahaha its like an addiction. I cannot stop when it is a good drama. But my university schedule allows it, so long nights are not so bad


Neither in Bride of the Water God nor in W was the main guy a “bad boy” in any way, and the main leads were not enemies at all with each other.